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levilogooptimummI remember when I joined  Goodreads I had very confusing ideas about reviewing a book. Honestly, i thought reviews are like a form of criticism, and I’m very much believing that art, be it a book, a painting, a sculpture etc. can’t be criticized. We don’t really know what makes an artist create and express her/himself the way she/he does, therefor we can’t place judgment on the art.
Than with time, and after reading amazing books, I started to leave some comments, ideas, but mostly my excitement and gratitude to the author who took the time and effort to create, giving us such a great time. And now here I am, giving you OptimuMM, hoping you’ll enjoy our reviews.

Dear authors, editors, publishers, PA’s.
Even though this blog is dedicated to the indie authors and self publishers we will always consider the requests of the publisher houses.
If you want your book to be reviewed by us, please message me or send an email to: e-mail address. We assure you that all messages will be answered.

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2 thoughts on “Here we begin …

  1. lauramcnellisedits December 27, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    So glad I made it here! Looking forward to your reviews. My name looks amazing here too lol

    Liked by 1 person

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