Review: “Nate and the New Yorker” by Kevin Klehr

TITLE: Nate and the New Yorker
AUTHOR: Kevin Klehr
SERIES: Nate and Cameron
PUBLISHER: NineStar Press
COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 85 pages
RELEASE DATE: May1, 2017
PRICE: $2.99 -e-book


Nate once had the love of his life, but he’s met Cameron, a New York millionaire with an eccentric cross-dressing butler.

Cameron is keen to share his world of classy restaurants, Broadway shows, and fabulous parties, and while Nate’s friends see the makings of a fantasy romance, it’s Nate who has to learn how to open his heart again.

But is Cameron simply second best?

I originally decided to read this book because it had a catchy blurb. The blurb promised a light comedic read, and that was what I was expecting, and so I requested an ARC copy to read and review. However, after requesting the ARC, I read the other reviews on the NineStar Press webpage, and so I was aware that this book’s actually a bait and switch. That the book isn’t a comedy like I was hoping for but instead a tear-jerker. The reviews were still raving about how excellent the book was so I gave it a chance. The story was beautiful and full of feels, and the author’s a master at making you feel everything his characters are feeling and going through. This story’s about a man (Nathan) that has his heart broken, has dealt with it and is at the point in his life where he thinks he’s ready to move on.

And yes, the reviewers were all right. Lots of ugly crying did ensue, and I would recommend reading with a box of tissues at the ready. Especially as you get toward the end of the book and the big secret reveal. And for a fun twist if you are feeling really brave and want to cry more, reread the book after finding out the big secret reveal and see how many more tissues that you go through because the book’s heart-breaking. Which I did, after finding out the big secret reveal. I wanted to see all of the little hidden details that I missed with the first read, and yep, I did go through a lot more tissues. But I also got a better insight into what Nathan was going through and his mental state after reading it the second time.

Nathan’s been through hell in the last year and a half and with his supportive friends, he’s finally ready to try dating again, or so he thinks. But he’s got some issues that he has to work through before he can open up and give Cameron a real chance. To make things more complicated, they live half a world away from each other with Cameron in New York, USA and Nathan in Sydney, Australia. Nathan works as a waiter and Cameron’s a millionaire. Nathan’s used to paying his own way and Cameron’s used to spoiling his playthings, which rubs Nathan the wrong way. And both are going to have to learn how to compromise and work through their misunderstandings. Luckily, there’s a crossdressing butler (Roger/Rowena who’s a riot) and a lesbian aunt (that tells it like it is and has no censor) that like to meddle in both of their lives and make them work through all of their relationship growing pains.

I loved the Cameron in Prague, which’s where they first met. He was fun loving and playful. I hated the Cameron in New York, as he tried to show Nathan his city and tried to wine and dine him, because he was conceited, high handed, selfish, and as he later admits to Nathan in Australia, plastic. I loved the Cameron who finally lets down his guard and shows his true self to Nathan in Australia. And it’s the Cameron in Australia that Nathan finally gives his heart to and tells him that he loves him.

I did think that Nathan should have come clean about Elliot instead of just brushing him off as being just his ex-boyfriend. Especially when Cameron starts to question how much Nathan loves him compared to how much he loved his ex, Elliot. And the only reason I can figure out that he wouldn’t come clean is that he didn’t want the pity. Which I can understand, but it will be interesting to see if it comes back to bite him in the behind.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, Nate’s Last Tango to see what happens next in their relationship. This book would have received 5 OptimuMM’s if the blurb had accurately represented the book.

*** I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***


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