Review: “Somewhere to Belong” by Caitlin Ricci

TITLE: Somewhere to Belong
AUTHOR: Caitlin Ricci
SERIES: Thornwood
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Caitlin Ricci
GENRE: Paul Richmond
E-BOOK: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: 200 pages
PRICE: August 7, 2017


Needy. Obsessive. Clingy. Twenty-five-year-old Eli Walker has heard it all. That’s why he doesn’t bother calling back the guys he’s been with anymore. Sex should be about fun, not a relationship, and no one has complained about him getting overly attached in years. If only he actually felt wanted for once instead of empty and used when guys are done with him.

Grayson Pendleton is a wealthy business consultant with clients all over the world. His life is often glamorous, but it leaves him no time for a relationship, and at forty-eight, he’s starting to notice the lack of romance in his life. His only romantic connection is Eli, but they’re just two guys who have sex occasionally. It took him months to get Eli’s first name, and even now they only communicate through a hookup app.

When Grayson inherits a house in Thornwood, Colorado, it’s one more thing he doesn’t need in his life, and he knows he won’t be there enough to enjoy it. Still, the old house has the potential to be a home, and more importantly, it gives Grayson a chance to save Eli when he needs it most

I liked Somewhere to Belong by Caitlin Ricci. It had a good flow to the story. It was nicely edited, and I enjoyed the characters. I liked the storyline about a horse rescue worker, Eli, and wealthy business consultant, Grayson, and how they start out as just casual hook-ups through an app and then through circumstances and persistence from Grayson they begin to be more. First friends and then boyfriends. But it’s definitely a slow process fraught with miscommunication and angst and Grayson having to show Eli how to let him in and that Eli is worthy of more than what he’s been settling for which is being used by anybody who wants him for sex, and Grayson will have to convince him that he is worthy of being loved.

Eli has only known guys from the hook-up app. He’s never had a relationship or even a date. But he’s found that the more needy and clingy he is, the faster his hook-ups stop responding to him and start ignoring him. So he’s learned over the years to go in and get what he’s there for and leave and wait for them to contact him again. He has learned to close off his emotions and not to want more to keep from getting hurt. During his days he works as a full-time assistant to a horse rescue. He gets to do home evaluations and evaluate all of the new horses that come in and decide what kind of training they have had, which results in him being thrown or kicked on a daily basis. And all I have to say to that he must have one high threshold for pain because it definitely doesn’t slow him down or keep him from hooking up.

Grayson’s always wanted more from Eli since they first started hooking up through the app but he can sense from Eli that if he pushes too hard too fast for more then he will lose him forever. But he can’t help wanting more. Eli is everything that he’s ever wanted. He is just his type, and they have awesome chemistry together. So he will just have to slowly chip away at the wall that Eli has up between them. He’s impressed with Eli’s work ethic and his passion for his job, and it inspires him to want to do something that will also matter instead of his consultant job. He isn’t perfect by any means but he is quick to learn from his mistakes, and that’s all that Eli asks for. I loved how protective Grayson is toward Eli and how he wants to help him.

My only problem with this story is a couple of things that only a person who lives, works, and trains horses would question. The part about Eli not wearing glasses because they get broken when he gets thrown is believable and a good reason to wear contact lenses. However, he wouldn’t wear contacts because the arena was too dusty and his glasses would get dusty. If anything, he would have to wear sunglasses while riding in the dusty arena with contact lenses. Dirt in the eye with contact lenses would be murder on the eyes and also dangerous while evaluating a new horse. The other part that bugged me would be that Eli went commando under his riding jeans. I have had enough boyfriends that have tried to ride in boxers while trotting a horse to understand how painful that is and have to wear briefs while riding even if they normally prefer to wear different underwear or no underwear.

So I have a hard time believing that he would willing go commando. He could get away with wearing a jock strap but not going commando, he would need some form of support. The same would be true for a woman to ride without wearing a bra or sports bra, it just wouldn’t happen. So yeah for those little things that I am sure only a rider would notice or be bothered by I gave this book 4*s.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


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