Review: “Adrian’s Bodyguard” by Shelby Rhodes

TITLE: Adrian’s Bodyguard
AUTHOR: Shelby Rhodes
SERIES: Vampires of Vadin
PUBLISHER: Siren-BookStrand
COVER ARTIST: Harris Channing
GENRE: Paranormal; Shapeshifters
LENGTH: 144 pages
RELEASE DATE: Sept ember 13, 2017
PRICE: $4.50 –e-book


Vampire King Adrian Bloodhart has faced many challenges in the thousands of years he’s been reigning. However, he had thought he’d moved past the stage of his life that was littered with assassination attempts. And, as if the attacks weren’t irritating enough, he finds himself saddled with a personal bodyguard he doesn’t feel he needs or even wants.

When Xavier Dayden had agreed to guard King Adrian, he had expected to be guarding a mature adult, but what he got was a petulant child. Adrian is odd as hell and too sexy for Xavier’s peace of mind. When Xavier finds his control slipping, he’s conflicted. Giving in could lead to so much more than a one night stand, but was it worth the possible heartbreak?

The choice is made when tragedy strikes where it is least expected and, as Adrian’s walls crack and fall, Xavier is there to pick up the pieces. Through the heartache, love is finally in their grasps.

Adrian is the king of the kingdom of Vadin. Since he succeeded his cruel father, Adrian tries his best to bring peace and wealth to his kingdom and subjects. When several attempted assassinations against him failed, he has no choice but to have a bodyguard.

Xavier is the personal bodyguard of his kings, the twins Elves, close friends to Adrian. When they hear about the attacks against their friend, they asked Xavier to protect him no matter what and at any cost.
Xavier and Adrian have no choice but to “work” together. What they didn’t expect was to be attracted and more to each other.

It’s the first book from Shelby Rhodes, and I can tell you that she has a real talent and lot of potential.

I liked this book, it was a good read, fresh, light, funny, I’ve laughed out loud a lot of time.

Adrian is adorable, strong (like very very strong), funny with a big sassy mouth (my favorite characters).
Xavier is a strong, dark, tall, man, he’s also very fierce and protective, that’s why he’s the perfect match for Adrian.
The secondary characters are all very interesting, and I look forward to learning more about them.

This book is also the first one of the series, it set the plot, the universe, and the characters.

For me, it’s a 3.5 OptimuMM’s, because even if it was good, it wasn’t perfect either. The thing that was missing the most was that it just scratched the surface.
The characters aren’t deeply developed, we just scratch them on the surface.

The universe where the story takes place and the plot aren’t deeply developed as well. Besides, the rhythmic of the book isn’t well adjusted in my opinion.
But like I said, it’s the first book of the author and of the series, and I can see the potential and the talent here. It was pretty good with a flawless editing and good writing, dynamic and fluid. The first time isn’t always perfect, but I’m sure with time, everything will be improving positively.

So it’s a 3.5 OptimuMM’s for me, and I will follow this series, Can’t wait to read the next book.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book***


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