Review: ” Drama Queens with Love Scenes” By Kevin Klehr

TITLE: Drama Queens with Love Scenes
AUTHOR: Kevin Klehr
SERIES: Actors and Angels
PUBLISHER: NineStar Press
COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow
GENRE: Fantasy; Paranormal
LENGTH: 302 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2017
PRICE: $5.49 –e-book


Close friends Allan and Warwick are dead. They’re not crazy about the idea, so to help them deal with this dilemma are Samantha, a blond bombshell from the 1950s, and Guy, an insecure angel.

Allan also has a secret. He has a romantic crush on his friend, Warwick, but shortly after confiding in his new angel pal, his love interest falls for the cock-sure playwright, Pedro.

Not only does Allan have to win the heart of his companion, he also has to grapple with the faded memory of how he actually died.

This title definitely fits this book as there are a few drama queens and some love scenes. I wouldn’t consider this your typical MM read. I have mixed feelings—I think this is well written and will be loved by some. I was lost for a while from the get-go.

I mean, I understood Allan and Warwick were dead, but I felt it took forever to understand why they went through so much. I understood by the end, but it just took a long time to get there. There were times I wanted to punch them both. Allen for not letting him go and Warwick for not giving in to him.

Samantha and Guy were wonderful characters that helped them in their afterlife and unfinished business. Samantha is a 1950’s exuberant angel, and Guy is just an adorable angel that needs to work on his self-esteem. They help Allan get into the theater and direct which really fits into this whole concept. It’s a play, and it reads as one.

My major problem is all the judgment. I mean, this is the afterlife and I would like to think that I will leave all judgment behind when I go. The biggest offense was against bisexuality. I mean, common on, we can’t make our minds and are selfish. This was a big turn off of the book for me. When I get to hang out with angels, they need to be that, angels. Maybe I’m just over sensitive about this subject, but it is how I feel.

Like I said earlier, this is well written and there are lots of laughs and love. If you like the theater and drama queens, this is the book for you.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


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