Review: “The Battle of Iron Gulch” by R.G Thomas

TITLE: The Battle of Iron Gulch
AUTHOR: R.G Thomas
SERIES: The Town of Superstition
PUBLISHER: Harmony Ink
COVER ARTIST: Anna Sikorska
GENRE: High Fantasy ; Teen Fiction
LENGTH: 230 pages
RELEASE DATE: January 10, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $14.99 paperback


Thaddeus Cane and his garden gnome boyfriend, Teofil, travel with Teofil’s mother and sister, Thaddeus’s father, and a new elf ally to Wraith Mountain, armed with the water from the Well of Tears. Thaddeus hopes to use the water to free his mother—cursed to take dragon form by the witch Isadora—and reunite her with her family. But their quest is far from over, and the party is forced to stop in the small village of Iron Gulch while they procure supplies for their trip up the mountain.
There, Thaddeus continues to gain strength in magic, and he will need it, because something is rotten beneath the idyllic facade of Iron Gulch. A new and dangerous adversary is bent on the destruction of not only Thaddeus and his friends, but everyone living in the town—unless their group can put a stop to it. The fight will be one of the hardest they’ve faced, but if they can prevail, it should prepare them to make their final stand against Isadora and put an end to her cruelty.

Thaddeus and his group of misfits are still on their quest to find the dragon aka his mother who’s been cursed by the evil Isadora. They’re on their way to Wraith Mountain and make a rest stop in the small town of Iron Gulch.

This town is strange, and Thaddeus has visions of his mother. Time is running out to save her, but nothing is easy, and this time Thaddeus will have to face the greatest danger that he will never know.
I still enjoy following Thaddeus and Teofil’s adventures.
Thaddeus is still trying to understand everything about his past, but he knows his father keeps secrets from him. He also feels something is off about this town. I admit that the reader can feel it too. It was a little bit stressful, like when you know there’s something wrong but you can’t put a name on it. It was the same thing here.

The first part of the book was, in my opinion, a little bit too long with repetitiveness, and I was sometimes a little bit bored while reading it. But the second part was amazing. A lot of action, fights, magic and more and more revelations.
It was captivating, and I couldn’t put down my kindle until I finished the book.

I’m a little sad knowing that there’s just one more book left and it will be the end of this series.

4 OptimuMM for The Wizard and The Gnome

***The ARC was provided by Harmony Ink . My review is an honest opinion of the book ***


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