Review: “Bait” by Pierce Smith

AUTHOR: Pierce Smith
COVER ARTIST: Pierce Smith
LENGTH: 360 pages
RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2018
PRICE: $3 e-book / $14.99 paperback


Cody has had enough of living with his wealthy, controlling, and disapproving parents, so when the time comes to choose a university, he picks one as far away as possible from his hometown and arrives in New York. The naïve boy soon finds himself embroiled in a whirlwind affair with his tutors. Secrets abound. Will they be discovered? Will Cody ever find the happiness he is looking for or will it all end in tears?
This is a MM story which has some dark scenes.

First off, let me say how wonderfully written this book was. Pierce did a great job bringing me into this story and captivating me. At first, I was thinking how much can we really think two men are hot. Then as I continue reading, I had to get into the perspective of this young nineteen-year-old obsessed with two very hot and sexy men. Of course he is obsessed with their sexiness, and it is all he can think about. So, once I got into his mindset and not my own, I was hooked. Now, I must warn you, we don’t always get our HEA, but that doesn’t make it a bad book. I know some readers always want their HEA and if that is the case, don’t read this because the author deserves better than a bad review just because you didn’t like the ending. In my eyes, if a book gets my emotions worked up whether, for the good or bad of real life, that shouldn’t take away from the quality of a well-written book. With that being said, Pierce had me laughing, my libido on the rise, angry, on the edge of my seat and crying.

Cody is a young nineteen-year-old virgin that just moved away from home and is starting college. On his first day, he meets the very sexy and dapper, Drake. Cody can’t even believe this man is talking to him and offering him a ride. He’s so awestruck by this man’s appearance, that he can’t focus on anything Drake is talking about. He’s even in more shock later when he’s in a class and who walks in? Drake and he’s his professor.

Then, later in another class, who walks in? Max is the professor for this class. Who is Max you ask? Well, he’s an online fling that Cody has had for quite some time now. Max is also a very sexy man that’s had many online nights together with Cody. Now Cody gets so obsessed with these two professors and has no idea what to do. Cody has encounters with these two men that just send more confusion and fear into him.

I’m not going to say more just because I don’t like doing spoilers in my reviews. This book is very emotional with lots of charisma and angst and is not an HEA, so consider yourself warned. I will leave you with a quote in the book that fits so well with my review and book.

“Love allures as a bliss, heart, chocolates and wildflowers. In reality, it’s a pathetic play, which leaves you devastated and wrecked.”

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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