Review: “Whisper” by Tal Bauer

TITLE: Whisper
AUTHOR: Tal Bauer
GENRE: Thriller; Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 695 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2018
PRICE: $ 6.99-e-book / Unknown yet – paperback


The truth is complicated.
On September 11th, 2001, Kris Caldera was a junior member of the CIA’s Alec Station, the unit dedicated to finding and stopping Osama Bin Laden.
They failed.

Ten days later, he was on the ground in Afghanistan with a Special Forces team, driven to avenge the ghosts that haunted him and the nation he’d let down. On the battlefield, he meets Special Forces Sergeant David Haddad. David – Arab American, Muslim, and gay – becomes the man Kris loves, the man he lives for, and the man he kills for, through the long years of the raging wars.

David Haddad thought he’d be an outsider his whole life. Too American for the Middle East, too Arab for America, and too gay to be Muslim. It took Kris to bring the parts of himself together, to make him the man he’d always wanted to be. But the War on Terror wreaks havoc on David’s soul, threatening to shatter the fragile peace he’s finally found with Kris.
When a botched mission rips David from Kris’s life, Kris’s world falls into ruin and ash. A shell of the man who once loved with the strength to shake both the CIA and the world, he marks time on the edges of his life. The days bleed together, meaningless after losing the love of his life.
After being captured, tortured to the edge of his life, and left for dead by his comrades, David doesn’t know how much of himself is left. He vanished one day in the tribal belt of Pakistan, and the man who walks out almost a decade later is someone new: Al Dakhil Al-Khorasani.
But strange rumblings are whispering through the CIA. Intelligence from multiple sources overseas points to something new. Something deadly, and moving to strike the United States. Intercepts say an army from Khorasan, the land of the dead where the Apocalypse of Islam will rise, is coming.
And, at the head of this army, a shadowy figure the US hasn’t seen before: Al Dakhil Al-Khorasani.

David is coming home.

When I first was introduced to Tal Bauer’s books downloading them I had a shiver going up my spine. I knew from the very first sentence that I met an author, a man, a human with high moral understanding when it comes to discrimination. His utopian views of the future are aligned with mine, reading him I could connect with him, sharing every emotion, every hope for mankind.

Tal’s tells stories for those who believe, believe in good, believe in God.

God is more than we think we know. God is everywhere, Has infinite aspects, and we are His reflection. As every mirror, we are not perfect, but at the core, we are made reflected in His image.

I’m a believer, a believer in God. Actually, that’s wrong; I don’t believe in God, I know that God exists. And since I was a child, I dedicated myself to study, I read the holy scriptures of every religion, I experienced many ways, I worshiped a lot of ways, and in the end, when I found myself when I found myself in God, I knew I was home. My search has ended, I was finally at peace with God, with myself.

Whisper is about Islam, the real Islam, not the Islam we were taught, and the doctrine people misunderstand. ISLAM means Enlighten, and when Mohammad Sahib told to his devotees that everyone must become Islam, he meant that every one of us must become enlightened.

David/Dawood is confused. He doesn’t understand the world. Once his faith was solid, burned in his soul, lightened his life, but after he was forced to witness his father’s execution at the age of 10 and forced to flee to the US, everything he was taught had been shattered. Until he meets Kris, who awakes him back up. Wakes his believe, his heritage. He knows that Kris is the other half of his soul—a soul broke in two before they came to this earth, and he knows that Kris is the path Alllah was setting him on.

Kris is a CIA junior, expert in Farsi and Arabic, and was approached by the CIA when he was in university. After finishing his training, he was assigned as an Afghanistan analyst when Afghanistan was on nobody’s radar, just a small insignificant spot somewhere on the planet. Then September 11th happens and suddenly Kris finds himself in the center of the nation’s attention. He’s assigned to take out the US nation’s first enemy, Osama Bin Laden. Then when he meets David, for the very first time, he can let go.

They face a lot of prejudice, so they must hide their love. Kris never could hide that he was gay, being fabulously outgoing and big mouthed. He has enemies among his colleagues, colleagues who wait for him to fail. Stubborn, he proves them wrong again and again. Until David was taken from him.

Whisper is a story that will take you apart, break you to pieces, make you cry, and shiver. Learning that this book, up until chapter 22, is based on the real events, makes it more lived or real.

The way some (billions) see Islam is wrong. Islam is about peace. When I was traveling in the Middle East, and I heard the A zan, the Muslim call to ritual prayer, from the minaret of a mosque, I felt at peace. Something inside me settled. And before you ask , no I’m not Muslim, I just believe in God, in all His/Her aspects.

Thank you, Tal Bauer, for writing this fantastic story!

La Ilaha Illa’llah. – There is no God but God.



***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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