Review: “Cozzi Cove: Happy Endings” by Joe Cosentino

TITLE: Cozzi Cove: Happy Endings
AUTHOR: Joe Cosentino
SERIES: Cozzi Cove
PUBLISHER: Joe Cosentino
COVER ARTIST: Fred Wolinsky
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 225 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 1, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 -e-book $4.99 / $14.99 -paperback


It’s summertime, the perfect season for another trip to Cozzi Cove: the magical place where nothing is what it seems, and romance is always in the sea air.
Welcome back to hunky Cal Cozzi’s seven guest bungalows on the New Jersey Shore. This summer Cal is visited by Kevin Donovan, a handsome man from his past who makes Cal a tempting offer to buy Cozzi Cove and provide financial security to Cal and Michael’s baby. Cal’s Wall Street sister, Taylor, has hopped aboard Kevin’s green wagon. However, Cal’s husband, Michael, and Taylor’s wife, Carla, sense something much deeper in Kevin’s offer than meets the roving eye. Cal’s exhibitionist new houseboy, Carlos, is smitten with Cal’s sweet-faced nanny, Alfred, who carries a shocking secret in his magic Mormon underwear. Middle-aged Matchmaker Gilead has matched guests Marine Master Sergeant Matt Pummel and much younger businessman Keone Paoa to the chagrin of cute young lawyer Luis Lui. As skeletons come out of their closets, the bears and cubs search for their true honey. Woodsy guest Nyx Oberon meets a sexy werewolf at the cove and they share a howling moonlit night. Nyx believes his newfound lover could be part of a much larger plan that would change his life and the world forever.
Will Cal, his family, and his guests have happy endings? It’s Cozzi Cove after all.

This book takes place in Cozzi Cove on the New Jersey shore. It has quite a few different characters that all have their time in the spotlight. With so many different characters it’s hard to keep up with them all at times. The chapters are also told from different character’s POVs. There’s a little bit of everything in this book, and normally I wouldn’t find this to be a problem, but with this book, it’s a little overwhelming.

The story takes place at Cal Cozzi and his husband Michael Rodgers’ vacation bungalows on the Jersey Shore. Cal and Michael are the main characters of the series, and even though I’ve not read any of the other books in this series, I do find this couple delightful. Together they have a one-year-old son, C.J. I enjoyed the flirting back and forth and how they engaged with their son. When the summer starts, they bring in a nanny to assist with the toddler while Cal runs the retreat. They also have a “houseboy” who is something else. When the guests start arriving that’s where things get a bit overwhelming.

Before we get into the guests, I’d like to tackle a couple of things first. I have a few issues with the descriptions of the characters. The descriptions are very basic and more about esthetics than who the person actually is. It’s important to describe how a person looks, but it is also important to go beyond that. I didn’t feel as though I knew the characters beyond the vague outside appearance and a description of their jobs, and where they’re from like a dating site checklist.

Like I mentioned above, quite a few characters are contending for the spotlight in this book. There are a few who are coming together in hopes of finding their match from this self-imposed love guru. He swears by his methods, but things become awkward rather quickly. Along with the looking for love cast, there are a couple guests thrown together by fate for lack of a better term. A few more characters are thrown in for good measure, and they all have a part to play in this fantasy soap opera.

I did enjoy this book. The author has some great storylines and characters, but I just found this to be a little overwhelming. Too many things going on and it didn’t quite come full circle for me. I ended it with more questions than answers. I found a few of the characters endearing. I do recommend that you read the other books in the series before tackling this one. I definitely plan on it in the future. If you like a dysfunctional cast of misfits and a little paranormal mystery thrown in, then you will definitely appreciate this story.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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