Review: “Social Sinners: In the Shadows” by TL Travis

TITLE: Social Sinners: In the Shadows
SERIES: Social Sinners
PUBLISHER: Encompass Ink
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: August 17, 2018
PRICE: $2.99 – e-book/ $ – paperback


For Ricky “Stoli” Branson, the stars were on his side. Social Sinners was headlining their first sold out US tour. Radio stations across the states were playing their songs, and he’d won the heart of the man he loved.
Everything was going great, or so he foolishly believed…
When an accident has them burying one of their own and leaves another fighting for his life, Stoli questions his beliefs. Or lack thereof.
“Have faith,” his mother tells him. But how can you have faith in something that threatens to take away your only reason for breathing?

Book two in the Social Sinners series is told from Ricky “Stoli” Branson’s POV. I highly recommend you read the first book because it does set the tone for this one. Stoli, as he prefers to be called, has been in love with his best friend for most of his life. He’s had to watch Joey from the sidelines never being able to show or tell him the depth of his feelings for fear of ruining their friendship. Joey finally wakes up and see what’s right in front of him and that he’s actually in love with Stoli. Stoli can’t believe it’s actually real. He wants to believe his best friend finally sees him as more than a brother, but he has his doubts. They have to work through the awkwardness of being first time lovers while touring with their crazy bandmates.

My heart broke for Stoli in book one, and I was cheering for him in book two. He’s such a great character to read, and I loved that this is from his point of view. He’s loved Joey most of his life and Joey is so dang oblivious I wanted to knock him upside the head. I hated seeing Stoli hurt. Stoli is such a sensitive guy, but he’s also very strong. He’s always been the glue that held the group together.

He’s a natural born leader. Stoli, as a character, is extremely well written. I felt his emotions all through book one not even told from his point of view and certainly through book two. I felt like I was taking this journey with him instead of just reading the words.

I really got to know Joey in book one, and although I was frustrated at his obliviousness to Stoli, I absolutely adored him. The moment he realized he was in love with his best friend had me in tears. I was cheering, and I wanted to hug him so hard. Joey is absolutely beautiful in this book. The love he has for the people around him just makes me love him even more. He has some adversity to overcome in this book that had my heart breaking.

These books were an absolute joy to read. I didn’t want to put either of them down. I highly recommend them, but they definitely should be read in order. The author brought so much life into these books. The characters were intriguing, and I enjoyed every minute of them. The secondary characters were interesting as well, and I can’t wait to get their stories.

The author did such a fabulous job with how she brought these two together.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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