Review: “A Little Side of Geek” by Marguerite Labbe

TITLE: A Little Side of Geek
AUTHOR: Marguerite Labbe
SERIES: Geek Life Book
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 306 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $17.99 -paperback


When opposite worlds collide, it’s anyone’s game.
Proud geek and comic book artist Morris Proctor wants nothing more than to live in semiseclusion with his devil cat and gamer friends. Despite what his well-meaning family thinks, he’s perfectly content with his status quo. The last thing he needs is to date another nongeek hell-bent on changing him.
Then he meets his adorkable new neighbor, Theo Boarman, who doesn’t know Star Trek from Star Wars, but who tempts him like no other.
Theo has spent the last year recovering from the loss of his parents and trying to play both roles for his teenage brother, while working to keep the family restaurant afloat. Dating is the last thing on the menu, especially with a man who thinks the height of dining is shoving a packaged meal into the microwave.
But if Morris gives him one more shy smile or flaunts that kilt he wears so well, Theo will be forced to convince him that a hot summer fling is just the recipe to let off a little steam.
When that fling gets serious fast, Morris has to decide if he’s willing to give his heart to Theo on the chance that they’re a perfect mix.

This was a fun read for me. It was nice reading how two people attracted to each other, but they live very busy lives, actually have to figure out how to spend time together. It always seems that love stories go so smoothly and no one really has to work. It was refreshing for me. This author really pulled me into the geek world. I had to look up a couple of things to understand, but it was fun learning these new terms for me. The only thing I had trouble with was a chapter that didn’t really seem to belong. But this is the first book of a series, so I get trying to build up characters for future stories.

Morris is a geek with every aspect of the word. He’s recluse except for a few gaming friends, and his con shows that he does beautiful art for. I loved his crazy cat and their relationship. I found myself cheering on the cat lol. He has neighbors that he had never met until he was arguing with his cat and he was attracted to the man right away.

Theo took one look at Morris and those long legs in that kilt and knew he had to have him. Theo was raising his brother, Lincoln, since the death of their parents a year ago. He was also co-owner of the family restaurant and head cook. His life was extremely busy and knew he didn’t have time for a relationship. As he and Morris talked, he realized Morris’ life was just as busy. They decided to try a fling, but it was very difficult to hook up. But when they do, they each want more, but life has a way of getting in the way.

How will these two wonderful men find the happiness they want but don’t say? How will the family dynamics sit with Morris? Will they ever spend enough time together to realize they are for each other?

The author did a great job with all the characters, and I can hardly wait for the next book.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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