Review: “Square One – Under the Uniform” by JJ Harper

TITLE: Square One – Under the Uniform
PUBLISHER: Aubergine Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 247 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 20, 2018
PRICE: $3.88 -e-book /9.99 $ -paperback


Xander is angry and fed up with being signed off work for something that was out of his control. He loses himself in alcohol and one-night stands, anything to dull the pain in his head.
Jonah is enjoying the freedom away from his small-town life, living life to the full in a big city. A few weeks away from starting his job as a firefighter, he embraces the nightlife and the men found in the clubs. One man, in particular, catches his eye, and not even exchanging names, they spend a night lost in each other, and then another. Still not bothering to find out any more about each other, they go their separate ways.
Until they find themselves face-to-face at work.
Unable to stay away from each other, they embark on something that soon morphs into so much more. Deeper, more intense, looking a lot like love.
But will it be enough when Jonah hears some life-changing news and he turns to Xander for support?

Square One is a 55k word standalone gay romance and a part of the multi-author Under the Uniform M/M romance book series released by Aubergine Publishing, which also includes:
Dance With Me by Ann Grech
Made to Measure by Viva Gold
Rescue Me by T.A. McKay
Isola di Fiore by Lou Watton
Hot Nurse by Brad Tanner
Long Tall Texan by L. J. Harris

JJ has done it again. This time with two smoking hot firemen and the fire is hot. I love how she
brings two men together and the chemistry is so strong from the get-go. She loves to capture my heart and not let it go and making me want more. Along with the chemistry, she always throws heartache in there and this time is no different. My heart breaks for these men that are not accepted by their families for being who they are. No one should ever feel that conditional love and should never be ashamed of who they are.
Xander has been off work since a terrible incident at a scene that was out of his control. He has to see a therapist until she releases him back to the fire department. The incident has really messed with his head, so he turns to drinking too much and one-night stands. He doesn’t sleep with the same guy twice until an extremely sexy (didn’t get his name) tells him where he can find him again. He seeks out Mr. Sexy, but he still doesn’t want his name and sneaks out before he wakes. Finally, he gets released to go back to work.

Jonah is new in town and checks out the local club and enjoys some of the locals. He can’t believe how hot this one-night stand is and tells him to come find him if he wants to hook up again. Jonah comes from a small town, and he wasn’t very welcome there when he came out
as gay. He’s very excited to start his new job at the fire department and to feel part of a team again. Mr. Hottie came, and they hooked up again without names. They were both in a hurry just to get naked.

On Xander’s first day back he’s a bit nervous. He’s heard from his best friend about the new guy and how great he is. What a shock when he walked into the station and was introduced to Mr. Sexy. They both do their best to be professional, but they can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. They both soon realize they have more than sexual chemistry together.

They are falling for each other and hard. The day Xander moves in with Jonah, Jonah gets life changing news.

Will this be too much for Jonah to handle? Will Xander be able to handle this news? Will Xander be able to support Jonah whatever the decision is? Can these two survive the heat? I would love to help you out with these questions, but you’ll have to do what I did and read this steamy love story.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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