Review of: The Touchstone by M.C. Lee

TITLE: The Touchstone
PUBLISHER: Harmony Ink
GENRE: Teen Fiction, Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: Apr 2, 2019


It’s no surprise teens Sam and Harry are inseparable. Harry’s ability to fly manifested at age ten—when he saved Sam’s life. Since then, Sam’s made it his mission to shield Harry from danger. They’re being watched by people with an unknown agenda, and their only chance is to run.
An encounter with Jonah Clayton and the group of gifted teens he’s training means a place for Harry and insight into his powers. But is there a place for an ordinary kid like Sam, or has he reached the end of his quest to help his best friend? Jonah’s group isn’t as benign as it seems, however, and the danger is far from over. Harry still needs Sam—who is far more than anyone can imagine.

Well … I LOVED IT!!!!

When I first read the blurb, it spoke to me! Hehehe, ok I’m kidding, I’m not gifted. Not like our MC’s from The Touchstone.

The book has a slow start, easing us into the story. We go through the entire book from Sam’s POV.

Sam has known Harry for as long as he can remember. They were best friends when they were kids, and that friendship developed to something more. However, when a life-shattering accident triggers Harry’s power saving Sam’s life, their lives change.

Sam noticed someone was surveilling them, so at the ages of 15 (Sam) and 16 (Harry) they ran.
Now, one year later, struggling to survive on their own, Harry joins a team with gifted children lead by Jonah.

I need to talk about this team because you will love them!

Jonah – well he is an asshole, harsh, and rude know-it-all.
Maia – the teen version of Jonah who doesn’t hold back when she “gift’s” her audience with her opinions.
Gabriel – he’s a sweet teenager who’s very protective of Alejandro, his younger brother.
Miranda — she’s very laid back, supportive and dedicated to the cause.
Alejandro — my favorite, the youngest of all. I adore him!!!

Sam has his doubts, mostly because Jonah and Maia don’t want him in the Bunker, the house where all the gifted kids are living.

Harry doesn’t want to leave Sam alone to join the team, but after their past and possible future finds them, for the sake of Harry’s and the team safety, Sam decides that it’s time to let Harry go.
Little does he know that Harry needs Sam to keep himself safe.

Since they’re teens, there are no detailed sex scenes, but there is sex. I liked it. In this age, although it’s illegal, teenagers have sex. What I would have liked is if the author would mention how important protection is when practicing safe sex…

I hope this is becoming a series! I loved every word of it! I recommend it with everything I have, guys you need to read this!

***The ARC was provided by Ink Harmony . My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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