Review of: Aaron by J.P. Barnaby

TITLE: Aaron
AUTHOR: J.P. Barnaby
SERIES: A Survivor Story
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: Oct 8, 2012


I can’t describe what it’s like to want to scream every minute of every day.
Two years after a terrifying night of pain destroyed his normal teenage existence, Aaron Downing still clings to the hope that one day, he will be a fully functional human being. But his life remains a constant string of nightmares, flashbacks, and fear. When, in his very first semester of college, he’s assigned Spencer Thomas as a partner for his programming project, Aaron decides that maybe “normal” is overrated. If he could just learn to control his fear, that could be enough for him to find his footing again.
With his parents’ talk of institutionalizing him—of sacrificing him for the sake of his brothers’ stability—Aaron becomes desperate to find a way to cope with his psychological damage or even fake normalcy. Can his new shrink control his own demons long enough to treat Aaron, or will he only deepen the damage?
Desperate to understand his attraction for Spencer, Aaron holds on to his sanity with both hands as it threatens to spin out of control.

Ohhh…my feelings…

Aaron is broken. He didn’t see a way out of his state of mind. After the trauma he suffers from the kidnapping of him and his best friend, Jessica, he feels his life is over.

He’s now in the second year of his hell. He doesn’t function at all. His room is his safe haven until it’s not. He can’t get out of the bed when it’s cloudy, but he tries his best when the day starts as a sunny day. And when he says he tries, what he really means is that he gets up to take a shower in the mirrorless bathroom. He can’t stand the sight of himself. He wears his scars as much on the inside as much as on the outside.

Spencer has a very healthy sexual drive. However, the problem is that his partners run out on him as soon they find out he’s deaf. So he finds some release online, where he keeps numerous chat partners. He’s also worried for his father, who finds his solace at the bottom of the bottle, lately. Spencer is helpless and desperately tries to find a way to help his beloved father.

Aaron has triggers—triggers that cause him flashbacks to that terrible night. He can’t stand others, nor crowded places, nor noises, nor smells, nor touches, not even from his lovely mother. After he listened to his parents fighting and he learns that they may institutionalize him, he gives into his mother’s insistence and signs up for college.

It’s there he mets Spencer, and they are assigned as project partners. But things are not as simple as I described for either Spencer or Aaron.

This is another tear-jerking story, and if you are easily triggered, please read it with caution, but even with that, I highly recommend it!

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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