Review of: Mauled by Espen Arcadia

TITLE: Mauled
AUTHOR: Espen Arcadia
SERIES: Urban Jungle #1
PUBLISHER: Books Unite People
GENRE: Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: Jul 7th 2019


In true enemies to lovers’ style, when the fox touches the jaguar with his spirit, the big cat touches the fox’s soul with his heart.
Trent, powerful jaguar shifter, and one of the biggest business names in Chicago, has a lot on his plate. He’s taken on the role as leader of the urban shifters and finds himself at odds with the surrounding rural community. His latest plan to buy land from the country shifters, with the promise of a better future for them, has them up in arms.
When they grow desperate enough, the rural leaders call on Ash, a fox shifter with ‘skills’. His job is to take the high and mighty and bring them crashing down from their own hubris and corruption. Born and raised in Chicago, Ash returns to his home city, with his crafty gaze set on destroying Trent’s career.
When the two meet, personalities and intentions will bounce and crash off of one another. Sparks will fly, and secrets will come pouring out of the shadows. Ash and Trent will deal with not only with their growing attraction to one another, but getting caught in the middle of a deadly scheme.

Trent is a powerful Jaguar shifter, a talented businessman and the leader of the urban community. He’s at war with the rural community who refuse to let him buy their land. In order to ruin his plan, they hired Ash, a fox shifter, with a special talent to fight against Trent.
When Trent and Ash meet, it was explosive between them, they didn’t realize how explosive it can be.

Mauled by Espen Arcadia is the first book of the Urban Jungle series and my first book from the author.
Trent is a powerful man and shifter; he leads his life and his business with a firm hand. He has ideas and makes everything come to realization without taking into consideration what others think or feel. He doesn’t understand why the rural community is against his project about their land and fights hard against Ash, both his attraction then his ideas. I liked Trent, he knows what he wants but doesn’t realize that sometimes, even if he has the best intentions, he can hurt people. That’s when Ash comes in his life.

Ash is a fox, he’s smart and ingenious. He knows how to deal with people like Trent, he’s dealt with them his whole life. Ash has a solid plan to defeat Trent’s plan, but he didn’t expect to be attracted to this man and to understand his motives. Ash needs to make Trent understand how wrong he is, but first, they must stay alive.

I loved them both…they’re a good match. They’re funny, hot and very smart. They’re also complementary to each other, and when they decide to trust each other, they’re indestructible.

Espen Arcadia created a good world, well built, and consistent. Her writing is good and dynamic. Her MCs aren’t superficial and fit perfectly in the plot.

I had a good time with them, it was a good start in this series that I will enjoy following and read.

3.5 stars for them.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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