Introducing Taboo BooxXx


On a warm summer evening 2018 in Amsterdam, the text “turn around, I think I’m standing right behind you” became the proof that sometimes, chemistry survives the digital world.

Meraki P. Lyhne/Dark and Laura McNellis ended up in the beer garden of Schiphol Hotel, meeting for the first time at Euro Pride Con.
Meraki and Laura know each other as eXtasy author and eXtasy editor, and together, they’ve worked very well for years on many books.

During those talks, the topic zeroed in on a new fascination for a plot that did not fit eXtasy Book’s submission guidelines, thus the topic changed to the need for a niche publishing house. One that isn’t afraid of the dark tales. One that doesn’t balk at dub-con and non-con, tentacles, twincest, torture, puppy play, forced body-modification, adult diaper play, and whatever other taboo genre is out there. A publishing house who’d say, oh, something new? Something dirty? Something gritty? Yes! (still with reasonable restrictions regarding legality)

House of Taboo BooxXx was born right then and there.

They want to create a foundation for that because they know, each having years of experience on each their end of the market, that this niche needs attention.
During those talks, they turned names like Nicholas Bella, R. Phoenix, Katzy Snow, Kol Anderson, Rachel Haimowitz, and Heidi Belleau, and many more who all write gritty and dark stuff. They know that there are aspiring darksters out there who doesn’t possess the resources to make it as an indie like these authors have, but they know that there are lovely depraved readers who are gunning fore more.

That’s the market that the House of Taboo BooxXx wants to cater to. The readers who need to be shoved into the abyss of human depravities, to be moved on a human level, to be mentally challenged, to be shown the depts of the human psyche when it’s pressed to its limits.
They want to cater to the readers who peek out behind the pillow, hoping they don’t scare themselves to death while they learn how far a human can go before they break. They want to explore what makes or breaks a person. They want to delve into the delicate balances of friend and foe or when hate tips the enemy to become a lover. They want to see how far someone can be pushed to either lose or cling onto their humanity. They want to seek out what thrills can be found in edgy role playing or what taboo feelings, urges, and needs may blossom under the right (or wrong) circumstances.
Human sexuality is a powerful aspect in those equations. It’s a phenomenon so powerful that it speaks to everyone at every social level, and it will shake everyone either in horror or in orgasm.
Whether it’s one or the other, it speaks to us all.
It is that primal.
In short, authors of these genres have almost no limitations when testing what makes us human, what parts of us are still primal, and what we still need to be reminded of to let us question that balance.

Buddha once said that every idea should be tested out when drunk and sober. If it’s a good idea in both instances, then it is one to be perused.
Meraki and Laura tested that during that weekend in Amsterdam and beyond.
Once finding it sound in both states of mind, they roped Levi Read (Master of the OptimuMM Reviews) into it because he loves their deviant minds, and he has a way with visual stuff to aid the readers in finding their future favorite reads.
What was finally set in motion that late afternoon rang true to other people, thus House of Taboo BooxXx is being birthed by many people of similar vision, all donating their work to further the publishing house.

Meraki. P. Lyhne (writing under Meraki. P. Dark) is donating all royalties of Lil Harvest

Laura McNellis is donating her editorial work

Bénédicte Girault, publisher and translator for Men Over the Rainbow, is donating the cost of the covers, created by Queen Nadini. Also, Men over the Rainbow has so far contracted all Taboo BooxXx publications to be translated into French, and we look forward to a wonderful working relationship in the future

Levi Read created the logo of Taboo BooxXx and continues to come up with new visuals to please our readers when receiving our newsletter or looking around for their next thrilling read on our website

Einat Keshet, Gema Cela Rodríguez, and Sarah Jones are the newest members of the BooxXx family, each adding invaluable insight, energy, and enthusiasm to each their field.

But the true heroes are the readers. Ever reader buying books in the Lil Harvest series are donating their money to see to it that House of Taboo BooxXx can pick up another dark author. Every reader enables them to publish what dances on the fringes of what is socially acceptable.

At House of Taboo BooxXx, they all believe that it is within the spectrum of what makes up the duality of dark and light that we may find all that makes up humanity. Without one, we cannot understand the other. Without the dark, we cannot understand and appreciate the light.

So welcome to the dark side. Let’s explore what gives light purpose. And let’s have an erotically good time while doing so!

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