Review of: The Geek and His Bad Boys by R. Cayden

TITLE: The Geek and His Bad Boys
AUTHOR: R. Cayden
GENRE: Contemporary Romance, MMM,
RELEASE DATE: June 25, 2019


Can his tender heart handle their scorching passion?
Some people have to fight like hell for their love.
Striker and Dante? They come out swinging.
I thought I was just going to get a tattoo.
It was so out of character. All of my gaymer friends thought I was going to chicken out because I’m afraid of needles.
But I was done being scared of things. I had spent enough of my life being scared.
Scared of bullies. Of my father.
Scared of every jerk who put me down.
The thing is, Striker and Dante? The tattoo artists?
They scare me.
They scare me because of how amazing it feels when I’m with them.
They scare me because, once we get together, I’m doing things I never thought I would do.
And most of all, they scare me because of how much they love each other.
Could I dare to be loved like that, too?
To be theirs?
The Geek and His Bad Boys is a 60,000+ word standalone MMM romance. It is a high heat novel, with loads of passion between our three men. Childhood bullies get faced down, a geek gets a spicy tattoo, and the story ends HEA for all three characters. Enjoy!

I loved The Geek and His Bad Boys by R. Cayden. I read this book after finishing Out for Sugar by R. Cayden. I was a little bit disappointed in that book, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed in this book. It was scorching hot, hot, hot. I loved the plot, how the book flowed, and the chemistry between the three main characters. I also loved that Frances had scenes with Striker and Dante separately in addition to when they were all together. And the same for Striker and Dante having scenes together without Frances.

Dante and Striker are in a closed relationship and have been for a while. But Dante keeps bringing up opening their relationship. They have had many violent, passionate arguments on the subject, and Striker finally gives the go-ahead in a fit of rage. It’s something that he’s done before because, in the heat of an argument, he tends to speak first and think about what he’s said after calming down and then taking it all back. However, this time, he doesn’t take it back. They did decide that if they hooked up with someone else that neither of them wanted to know about the other’s hookup. They have major jealousy issues that they are both dealing with. And they both come from a small town where violence and yelling is the norm. So their relationship and how they deal with issues is a little bit toxic, regardless of how much they love each other. It doesn’t help that they also work together in their tattoo shop with Dante’s sister, Penelope. So they are constantly together. I also loved that their sexy scenes rarely take place in bed.

Dante ends up meeting Frances first when his motorcycle runs out of gas. Frances ends up pulling over to see if he needs help and they end up hooking up on the side of the road, and then Dante siphons enough gas to get to where he’s going. They figure they will never see each other again since no phone numbers were exchanged. Striker ends up meeting Frances when he comes in for a tattoo consultation. After getting his tattoo done, they end up hooking up in the tattoo chair since they are the only ones at the shop and are caught by Dante when he comes in. They have one of their famous fights, and Frances is gone in a second. Once they calm down, they realize how badly they frightened Frances and want to apologize to him, so they go to his apartment and do just that. And they realize that if they are seeing the same person at the same time that they aren’t jealous, they don’t have as many fights, and they are both falling for Frances.

Frances is 100 percent geek. He collects postcards, which is what he was doing when he stops to help Dante on the side of the road. He plays Dungeons and Dragons and Magic with his other gaymer friends. He also comes from a small town where he was bullied in school and by his dad until he left to go to college on a scholarship at the age of eighteen. He works with numbers for his day job. I think it was data analyses or something like that. So he’s pretty timid, but he wants to get a tattoo. His friends don’t think he will go through with it cause of the needles and pain, but Frances proves them wrong. They also don’t believe him when he tells them about his hookups with the big tattooed motorcycle type. I loved how once they’re in an established relationship, Frances integrates them with his gaymer friends and teaches them how to play their favorite games. They are clueless, of course, but it’s fun to see them try.

The only downfall to the story is that the names sometimes got mixed up during the story, especially during the first three-way scene between them. I read an arc copy of this story, so I’m hoping that it got caught and fixed before it was published. I didn’t penalize it though in my rating. I still thought it was worth five stars.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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