Review of: Furborn by Isabelle Rowan

TITLE: Furborn
AUTHOR: Isabelle Rowan
PUBLISHER: DSP Publications
GENRE: Paranormal; YA
RELEASE DATE: Oct 15, 2019


Foxes are vermin.
Australian sheep farmers regard them as an enemy to be shot on sight and hung from the branches of an old gum tree.
But not all foxes are just foxes.
Connor Coutts could be the last surviving male Furborn in Victoria, maybe in the whole country, a heavy burden for a teenager. His life’s path is clear— protect what’s left of the Furborn line. That is until someone new arrives at the MacKenzie sheep farm. Spencer MacKenzie, with his long black hair and gothic style, is a strange sight in Connor’s forest, but Fate throws the two teenagers together to save their families.
Can Connor trust Spencer to keep his life-or-death secret, or will he hang on the tree?

YA is one of my favorite sub-genres. I like the young vibe of the books, the awkwardness when it comes to the MC’s to express their feelings. The hormones forcing them to make dumb choices. It’s entertaining.
Furborn was a surprise for me. A very good surprise! I loved it! Every part of it and I was sad when it ended. I would say it was a sudden ending, but it really wasn’t. I just wished the book would continue.

The plot of the story is captivating. The dynamics of the MacKeznies makes you want to be adopted by them all.
The story starts with the first meeting of our boys Spencer and Connor, near a tree where the farmers hang dead foxes, a sign for everybody to know that they’re deep in sheepland. The tree is a nightmare for Connor, and it disgusts Spencer as well.

Their first meeting goes without verbal acknowledgment, but they notice each other all right.

Years later, when PA MazKenzie can’t take care of the farm and his lovely sheep anymore, the younger generation of the family decides its time to move.
Spencer, being your typical emo boy, that mean no friends, well except one, find himself in this new setting of his life.

The second meeting of the boys goes…well not as Spencer would imagine. After all these years, the boys remember each other.

Regardless of all the warnings of Connor’s grandmother, and her strict manners, Connor can’t keep away from Spencer. The boy’s allure, his darkness, is just too much to resist. And during one of Connor’s rages, causing him a big injury, he ends up in the care of MacKenzies.

This book is full of secrets. If you like YA, and more, YA Paranormal, this book is for you.

I wish this will turn into a series because I need more Connor and Spencer!!!

***The ARC was provided by DSP Publication . My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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