Review of: Love Spanks by R. Cayden

TITLE: Love Spanks
AUTHOR: R. Cayden
RELEASE DATE: October 10, 2019


Back in college, Dominick was a dreamboat senior, and one of the hottest guys on campus. That’s why it was so humiliating when a game of truth or dare in the dorms brought my hidden kink right to the surface, and I had to run away like an awkward freshman before a smack on the rear from Dominick turned my world upside down.
Seven years later, and I never expected to see him again. After inheriting my father’s candy store, I had settled into a quiet life in Denver, and left my fantasies deeply hidden. Then Dominick came back from New York City to run a city redevelopment project for the year, a project that looked like it might steamroll my little candy shop. And just like that, the dreamboat senior was standing at my door, and I was out of places to hide.
I wonder if Xavier even remembers that game of truth or dare. It was before I had accepted my own dominant tendencies, and before I had made a name for myself as one of the most powerful business sharks in Manhattan.
But after the death of my grandmother brought me back to Denver, I was surprised to find that adorkably charming freshman, grown into just the kind of submissive man I loved. Following a catastrophe with my ex-boyfriend in New York, I knew not to mix business and pleasure. I knew that I couldn’t let my kinky fantasies get in the way of the city redevelopment job. And with my firm waiting back in New York and one year to pull of this project, I definitely couldn’t start thinking with my heart.
No matter how sweet that boy really was, or how good it felt to be back home.
Love Spanks is a 70K+ MM romance novel. Xavier and Dominick’s story is sweet and spicy with lots of heat on the way to an HEA! Enjoy!

I liked Love Spanks by R. Cayden. I’ve read quite a few books by R. Cayden, and I didn’t like this one as much as some of his other ones. It was a mild story for being a BDSM book. I did like the spanking scenes between Xavier and Dominick. My overall impression of the book after reading it was that it was a cute story.

I liked Xavier. I liked how the book started out with Xavier and his best friend, Georgia, going to a sex party so that Xavier can find a Dom to spank him for the first time. He interacts with two potential Doms but ultimately gets rejected. Although it wasn’t anything that he did that got him rejected. One of the Doms was monogamous, and the other one had somewhere that he needed to be and didn’t have time for the aftercare. I was kind of hoping that the rest of the book was going to be as exciting as that party. But the book shifted gears, and Xavier was reunited with someone he’d had a crush on in college. Someone that was supposed to spank him during a game of Truth or Dare. But Xavier panicked and ended up running away from the party without being spanked. Seven years later, Xavier has taken over his father’s candy store, and Dominick is a business shark that’s in Colorado to manage a city renovation job that involves the area where Xavier’s store is.

I liked Dominick. I liked his conversations with his best friend and business partner, Zachary. I also liked how he interacted with Xavier. Getting a glimpse into his dirty fantasies was a real treat. I did think it was funny that he didn’t think that his kink was masculine enough and was slightly ashamed of it and what his colleagues would think if they knew that he wanted to spank somebody. He was so ashamed and afraid that his ex-boyfriend would tell his kinky secret that he left New York to take over a job in his hometown of Colorado. He doesn’t expect to run into Xavier, the boy he had a crush on in college and wanted to spank. But in college, he hadn’t come to terms with his kink yet, so he was relieved when Xavier ran away. Seven years later, he doesn’t expect to run into his college crush or that he would share his kink.

But it isn’t all a bed of roses. There are communication problems between the renovation company and the small business association and snakes in the business world that Dominick will have to weed out. I did like what Xavier ended up doing with the Zing Pop machine in the end, but I will have to admit that I was disappointed that he never fired it up and used the machine.
Overall, I thought it was a cute story, light on the kink, with likable characters.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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