Review of: The Colors of Love Series by F.E. Feeley Jr (audiobook)

TITLE: The Colors of Love Series (audiobook)
AUTHOR: F.E. Feeley Jr
SERIES: The Colors of Love
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: Nov 29 2019


Listening Length: 3 hours and 29 minutes.
Life after college is not what Aaron expected. Isn’t he supposed to have what he wants to do figured out by now? David never expected his marriage to be rocky, let alone about to end. How is he supposed to move on from this?
December in Detroit is normally unforgiving, but an unexpected blizzard puts David and Aaron on a course toward each other. Despite the frozen ground and battleship gray sky, these men find heat together. It’s intimate and illicit, stretching what was supposed to be a one night stand into something more. Sometimes, the touch of a stranger, however forbidden, is just what we need when we enter the gray.

Narration: Vance Bastian narrated the series that was pulled together into one larger file here. He has a nice, younger sounding voice. He seems to be new on the scene (just a couple before this year), and with time, I think he’ll be fantastic. There was some stumbling on accents, but his flow was good and kept me into the storyline easily. His cadence was fast in a few spots, but it didn’t keep me from anything. I will definitely listen to more by him in the future.

Story: Let me just say that I’m native to Detroit but haven’t lived there for years now, and it was amazing to hear all the areas F.E. used.
My first thought when the first sex scene came on was there was no condom use in the one-nightstand…turned relationship later. But that leads into an issue later, so just keep reading or listening.

I loved these two guys. The trilogy follows Aaron and David through their growing relationship. I was so invested that I continued listening even at home. Side note…F.E…Rodger while I was at work was NOT okay! (even though I wanted to do serious harm to him at some points) But that means that I was invested in the story and the characters.

Some bits were cheesy, but omg so sweet that it was perfect. This is a good look at relationships in this day and age where people get attached after meeting. It’s not really insta-love, but a building of something more when they both thought it was just a one-night stand situation. But it was realistic and flowed well. I found myself cheering for them not too far into the story.

As for the characters:
David is a lawyer that’s bi-sexual but has never ventured to that side of the fence since he married his high school sweetheart. He found out that she’d been sexting his partner at work, and he was having trouble ignoring his want for man-loving. So it seemed like the divorce would be amicable. I wasn’t sure why David called his ex-wife after her behavior when he was struggling. I thought that part just didn’t fit for me. I thought she had no place in the story after her behavior earlier…I just didn’t feel the turn-around on her part.

Aaron is a Vet and suffering from PTSD. He’s a Harvard Grad, but he isn’t ready to figure his life out just yet. He needs his home and his people to find himself again and heal. We only really met Aaron’s friends, but lol that’s okay because they’re hilarious and loving!

I will definitely be looking for more books by F.E.!

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of listening this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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