Review of: Lover by T.M. Smith (audiobook)

TITLE: Lover (audiobook)
AUTHOR: T.M. Smith
SERIES: Survivor Series
GENRE: Contemporary Romance, MMM
RELEASE DATE: Aug 31 2018


Length: 6 hrs and 40 mins
Life has not always been kind to Shannon Dupree. On the outside he’s carefree and fun loving, but when it comes to his past he’s evasive and secretive. Running away from emotionally bereft parents at just fifteen, Shannon escapes life with them but steps into the waiting arms of the devil.
Rory Landers is a rising star at the Bureau. His personal life, however, is nothing to write home about. He hopes to take his limited relationship with Frank Moore to the next level when they finally solve the Langford murder case, but that doesn’t turn out as planned. On the plus side, he meets free-spirited college senior Shannon Dupree.
Rand Davis finds himself fortysomething and single when his partner of more than a decade is unfaithful. Taking over the Cold Case Squad frees up some of his time, and Rand welcomes newfound friendships within the Langford-Moore family circle. He thinks relationships are not in the cards for him until he meets an agent with an attitude and a vivacious blond that make him want so much more.
Past, present, pain, and suffering collide, ushering in the possibility of a life and love worth fighting for. Although their personalities couldn’t be more different, their three hearts beat the same. Shannon, Rory, and Rand learn the definition of love, commitment, and strength and if they allow themselves, the trio will find all that and more—in each other.

Narration: Another spot-on narration by Nick J. Russo. He’s wonderful to listen to, and he makes the rhythm of the book come alive. The quality is perfect, and I think he’s one of my new favorites!
Story: This is a series, and you need to read book one first!

I had to listen to book two after hearing book one. I normally stick to audiobooks at work so I don’t go through them too fast, but I had to listen to this over the weekend at home as I unpacked…I just couldn’t wait!

We meet all three characters in book one—Shannon, Rory, and Rand. I wasn’t so sure about Rory in book one. He broke FBI rules he shouldn’t have and hurt Frank’s feelings. But I think he redeemed himself here. Again, T.M. wrote the story following a long time-period showing the love building over time. I’m a big fan!
Here we have a new bad guy, but we know Shannon is running from the start. The underlying story tore at my feelings, pulling me back and forth. At one point, I was even wondering if Shannon was his real name!

Shannon seems like a lively kind of guy on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a hurt guy who just wants a normal life that has someone love him without hurting him. The story starts with him leaving the abuse that caught him at 15, three years before. Then we skip some time and Shannon goes off the rails a little, having fun and enjoying men for a bit. We learn that he’s gotten serious about life and focuses on his future with the support of his best friend Taylor (MC from Survivor 1). And that’s when he meets Rory, and finally Rand.

Rory is an FBI that we met in Survivor 1. He’s working a missing person’s case that turns out to be a lot more sinister. He met Shannon through Taylor and Frank and starts a relationship with him. There’s a slow burn from the two figuring things out. Shannon is still love-shy, and Rory is getting over his feelings for Frank. But it’s a sweet romance with a twist because they both meet Rand and start having feelings for him as well.

Rand is a local cop that was a part of the case in book one and he’s brought onto the task force for the backstory in book two with Rory. The travel and close quarters brought Rand and Rory closer to start, but Shannon is never far from both of their thoughts.

There is no real cheating in this…the thruple evolves over time and in an organic way that’s sweet and believable. The case is intriguing and keeps the reader interested in that part as well as the romance parts.

I have two weeks until my audible credit renews…yeah, book three will be what I use that for!

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of listening this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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