Review: “Guns n’ Boys: Gilded Agony” by K.A. Merikan

TITLE: Guns n’ Boys: Gilded Agony
AUTHOR: K.A. Merikan
SERIES: Guns n’ Boys
PUBLISHER: Acerbi&Villani ltd
COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow
GENRE: Dark; Thriller
LENGTH: 370 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 24, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book


We are two halves of the same rotten apple.”
Deep in the Amazonian jungle, there is a mansion with a rose garden and a hen house where juicy tomatoes are the perfect shade of red, and marble countertops glisten.
Inside, where even the shadows don’t reach, something is rotting, and the perfect facade can only hold the stench for so long.
Domenico promised his husband that he would keep him safe, keep him away from the bloodshed and the brutal world of cartel violence. But when a guest arrives to help retrieve a stolen transport of guns, something sinister sneaks into his home, something more dangerous than his enemies. Or has it been there all along, and he just hasn’t noticed?
Seth’s life is what others dream of. Endless leisure time filled with cocktails, a kitchen stocked with anything he wishes for, and a private pool in the sunshine. What’s missing is the man he shares it with, the man he fell in love with. If being cut off from the mafia business was what he wanted, then why is it so painfully lonely in paradise?
Desperate to be the supportive husband Domenico needs, Seth buries his rage, his violent urges, and the anger that simmers inside of him. But he can only hide in plain sight for so long, and when a guest invites him to play with fire, one misstep, one wrong move, could burn their safe haven to the ground.

Themes: mafia, cartel, assassin, organized crime, family ties, domestic violence, inequality, betrayal, revenge
Genre: Dark, twisted M/M romance / crime thriller
Length: ~92,000 words (Book 7 in the series)

WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.
‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists as well as scorching hot, explicit love scenes. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.

Almost three years after the bloodbath that allowed Domenico and Seth to take over Toro’s life and property (Guns n’ Boys 6: Bloodbath), Domenico is the new Toro at El Canto. Seth has everything he wishes, a home, money, security, a beautiful family but something is missing in his sanitized life.

When a snake in the form of a beautiful man named Diego comes into their house and tempts him, Seth finds himself in a dangerous path, more dangerous than anything until now.
Sometimes wishes can be dangerous, Seth and Dom will discover that in the worst way, but this time, can they come back from that?
Oh my, my, my, our guys are back. (No, I don’t squeak, nope, I’m just making happy dance noises with tiny sounds coming from my mouth … that are NOT squeaks).

Dom kept his promise to Seth. When Seth had a meltdown 3 years ago, Dom promises him not to have to kill anyone anymore, to not have to live in fear, and not to have to live with danger around each corner. He does this for Seth, but Dom being Dom, he does this to the extreme. I love Dom, always have, this guy is batshit crazy, a sociopath, in the pure medical term, he has a temper and an ego the size of a planet, but I love him, and not because I’m crazy (maybe a little) but because of how Domenico Acerbi loves Seth Villani. That kind of loves is unique, Seth is his world, literally his whole world, and for that, I love him hard.

Seth has what he asks for, but he’s unhappy. Yes, it’s him who asked not to be involved anymore in all the killing, violence, torture, but at the end of the day, he’s alone. He’s cut off from Domenico, and they don’t share anything anymore, they don’t talk like they used to do because Dom wants to keep him safe, like a damsel in distress. So when Diego makes a move on him, Seth sees the opportunity to escape his golden cage. But Seth being Seth, he ended up in the worst situation that he ever had (worse than with Vincenzo in my opinion).

I loved this book; I loved it a lot. It’s different than the six previous books of the series. This one marks a change in the dynamic of the plot but also in Dom and Seth as a couple. For me, the book is written with two tempos. The first part is slow, a little bit calm, almost sanitized, like Seth’s new life actually, and then the second part is fast, dynamic, almost messy, like Seth’s old life, kinda. I liked it a lot. This book is also the one that puts the most to the test them as a couple, I was really scared for them, but the authors succeed brilliantly in connecting them more than ever, really after what they’ve been through together, I thought they couldn’t be more connected than what they were already, but obviously I was wrong.
This book is a good addition to the series, and it was necessary, in my opinion. With this book we reached a new level, and I can’t wait to read how they’ll evolve from here.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series, the book can’t be read as a standalone, but the journey of Domenico and Seth is worth your time. So far, this series, is my top number 1, before all my favorites books, series, movies, foods, and sometimes…. my son.

It’s 5 OptimuMMs… because crossbow

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Bait” by Pierce Smith

AUTHOR: Pierce Smith
COVER ARTIST: Pierce Smith
LENGTH: 360 pages
RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2018
PRICE: $3 e-book / $14.99 paperback


Cody has had enough of living with his wealthy, controlling, and disapproving parents, so when the time comes to choose a university, he picks one as far away as possible from his hometown and arrives in New York. The naïve boy soon finds himself embroiled in a whirlwind affair with his tutors. Secrets abound. Will they be discovered? Will Cody ever find the happiness he is looking for or will it all end in tears?
This is a MM story which has some dark scenes.

First off, let me say how wonderfully written this book was. Pierce did a great job bringing me into this story and captivating me. At first, I was thinking how much can we really think two men are hot. Then as I continue reading, I had to get into the perspective of this young nineteen-year-old obsessed with two very hot and sexy men. Of course he is obsessed with their sexiness, and it is all he can think about. So, once I got into his mindset and not my own, I was hooked. Now, I must warn you, we don’t always get our HEA, but that doesn’t make it a bad book. I know some readers always want their HEA and if that is the case, don’t read this because the author deserves better than a bad review just because you didn’t like the ending. In my eyes, if a book gets my emotions worked up whether, for the good or bad of real life, that shouldn’t take away from the quality of a well-written book. With that being said, Pierce had me laughing, my libido on the rise, angry, on the edge of my seat and crying.

Cody is a young nineteen-year-old virgin that just moved away from home and is starting college. On his first day, he meets the very sexy and dapper, Drake. Cody can’t even believe this man is talking to him and offering him a ride. He’s so awestruck by this man’s appearance, that he can’t focus on anything Drake is talking about. He’s even in more shock later when he’s in a class and who walks in? Drake and he’s his professor.

Then, later in another class, who walks in? Max is the professor for this class. Who is Max you ask? Well, he’s an online fling that Cody has had for quite some time now. Max is also a very sexy man that’s had many online nights together with Cody. Now Cody gets so obsessed with these two professors and has no idea what to do. Cody has encounters with these two men that just send more confusion and fear into him.

I’m not going to say more just because I don’t like doing spoilers in my reviews. This book is very emotional with lots of charisma and angst and is not an HEA, so consider yourself warned. I will leave you with a quote in the book that fits so well with my review and book.

“Love allures as a bliss, heart, chocolates and wildflowers. In reality, it’s a pathetic play, which leaves you devastated and wrecked.”

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “We met in Death” by K.A Merikan

TITLE: We met in Death
AUTHOR: K.A Merikan
PUBLISHER: Acerbi & Villani Ltd
COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; Dark
LENGTH: 274 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 10, 2017
PRICE: $4.39 -e-book


“This is not the night you die.”

After years of working for a loan shark, Robert is done with blood and violence. All he has to show for it is a bag of money and a lifetime of regrets. There’s no other way out of his line of work than in a body bag.

So Robert decides to die.

But on the night he chooses to seal his own fate, destiny offers him a chance at redemption. When Robert saves a handsome young escort from a terrible death, he has no idea he is setting in motion much more than one last attempt at proving that inside the hardened shell, he is a decent human being.

Charming, quick-witted, and full of smiles, Nathan is all Robert could dream of. He’s also ready to fall into the arms of his gruff protector. Robert, on the other hand, has never been with a man and will first need to fight his own demons if he is to accept that his whole being wants to make Nathan his.

With his former boss hunting them both, time is ticking, and Robert might just not get the chance to decide before it’s too late. More importantly though, Robert will stop at nothing to protect the man who’s made him feel alive again, the man who is the only thing between him and the abyss.


“I never had to think much about death before, but I did yesterday. I thought I would die. In a hole. Covered with dirt. Suffocate underground.
But then you saved me.”

Themes: enemies to lovers, protector, cruelty, homophobia, crime, self-discovery, family conflict, age gap, escort, self-hate, first time, revenge, on the run

Genre: Dark, gritty, contemporary M/M romance
Erotic content: Scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes

Length: ~90,000 words (Standalone novel, HEA)

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, torture, mentions of suicide, offensive language, morally ambiguous characters, homophobia and homophobic language

This book is AWESOME.
I love it so much.
Robert Zidane wants to die. He’s a “goon” for the crime lord of Houston, Mr. Vogel. After 20 years, to be a half-dead man, not living, just “working” (meaning beating and killing people), he decided one night to kill himself. That’s when he meets Nathan.

Nathan is a young escort boy who meets the wrong client, Mr. Vogel. After using him, the gangster decided to kill him. That’s when Robert came to save his life.
The girls are back, and they did their great show, this book is written in a pure K.A Merikan style.

Robert is awesome, he has my heart (and body if he wants). All his adult life, he lies about himself, about his sexuality. He’s so deep in the closet and in total denial about it that he can’t suffer living like that anymore. He can’t live with himself, and what he does for living is the last straw. When he meets Nathan, he doesn’t want to admit that he’s gay, and each time, he backpedals, hurting Nathan in the process. He’s strong, fierce, and would do anything for Nathan. But he’s also fragile and hurt. I love this character, hard and tender, strong and fragile…. Human, just human!

Nathan is adorable, strong, awesome, and smart. He wants Robert but refuses to take shit from him. He fights against him, he fights with him, he fights for him. Nathan isn’t the damsel in distress here, he’s a fierce warrior too, in his own way.

This book is amazing, the story and plot are captivating, we alternate between Nathan and Robert’s pov. The writing is fluid and dynamic, and the characters are well developed, especially their complex psyche.

It’s not a book about 2 guys on the run, like Bonnie and Clyde (or here Robert and Nathan). No, here we have a love story born in death, growing up in pain, fear and secrets and exploding in the light.

It’s 5 OptimuMM’s for Rob and Nathan, my Bonnie and Clyde of the MM love!

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “My Dark Knight” by K.A Merikan

TITLE: My Dark Knight
AUTHOR: K.A Merikan
SERIES: Kings of Hell MC
PUBLISHER: Acerbi & Villani Ltd
COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow
GENRE: Dark; Paranormal
LENGTH: 460 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 10, 2017
PRICE: $5.99 –e-book


Love or hate. Life or death. No inbetween. No compromise. No rules in love and war.


Knight. Party monster. Handsome Savage. Doesn’t do monogamy.
Elliot. Obsessive. Intense. Uncompromising.

Newly single, Knight is done with relationships. All he’s interested in is bringing down The Count, an Internet personality who is tarnishing his family name. An opportunity to crush him comes when the audacious clown shows up at the Kings of Hell MC clubhouse to film for his YouTube channel. But when Knight meets Elliot, the man behind The Count, he no longer knows what to do with him.

Knight has never seen a more pathetic creature than Elliot. He’s also never met anyone who needed him more. Skinny, messed up, and a bucket of trouble as thick as tar, everything Elliot does seems to be a wordless death wish. No matter how much Knight hates Elliot’s alter ego, under the makeup and theatrics hides a fragile young guy with a passion for history, and Knight can’t help but catch Elliot every time he falls.

Elliot has bad taste in men. Always hopelessly attracted to violent brutes, his favorite is a long dead serial killer. But he gets more than he’s bargained for when he seizes an opportunity to meet the man of his dreams. The ghost is manipulative and dangerous, offering Elliot all he’s always wanted, for a price he can’t possibly pay.

Elliot is faced with an impossible choice between two men.
One alive, one dead.
One carnal and honest, one drizzling sweet, poisoned promises into his ear.
One unwilling to commit, the other promising an eternity together.
And Elliot doesn’t settle for half-measures. He craves a love that is all or nothing, passion that will consume him, and desire to burn him alive.
Elliot is ready to either get that, or die trying.

Themes: enemies to lovers, protector, cruelty, motorcycle club, alternative lifestyles, demons, tattoos, impossible choices, deception, crime, self-discovery, healing, black magic, gothic, commitment, ghosts, possession

Genre: Dark, paranormal romance
Erotic content: Scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes

Length: ~145,000 words (Book 2 in the series, can be read as a standalone, but it’s recommended to read book 1 first)

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, offensive language, and morally ambiguous characters.

Knight is the VP of the Kings of Hell MC, he’s a tough biker with a big heart. He’s also passionate about the genealogy of his family the Merciers. For years, he tried to rehabilitate the name of Laurent Mercier, his ancestor accused of the murder of William Fane, a serial killer in the nineteenth century. When he met the real Laurent Mercier (Laurent and The Beast: Kings of Hell MC #1) and discovers the truth about the story, he works harder to enlighten the Genealogy’s community on the internet. Especially his personal nemesis, the Count.

Elliot is 25 years old, and he’s known as the Count on the internet. He has his own YouTube channel where he tries to rehabilitate the name of the serial killer William Fane. Elliot has an unhealthy obsession for William Fane, believing that he’s is not a serial killer but just a misunderstood lover.
When Elliot came to the club house of the MC, hoping to visit William’s manor, he wasn’t prepared to meet Knight, this gorgeous, tough biker who’s the enemy of his hero William Fane and himself.
2 dangerous men. 1 dead, 1 alive, but who’ll win Elliot’s heart.


I was intrigued by the Count in book 1 (Knight mentioned him), I didn’t expect someone like Elliot actually. I fell in love with him since the first time he appears. Elliot is crazy, completely crazy, but he is so loveable, you can’t stay cold in front of him. When I read about him, his past, I understood him, I understood where he came from and why he had this unhealthy relationship with others and especially with Fane. Elliot wears his heart on his sleeve, he only wants one thing, be loved, to be completely accepted, not partially, but fully. He is passionate, funny, smart, proud and whole. I adored this character, really, he is so full of surprises and so loveable. Even when he does something completely stupid (and trust me, he does), I couldn’t stay mad at him (ok, I just wish for him to walk barefoot on a Lego, yeah, I know I can be really violent sometimes, it’s scared me).

Knight is perfect…for Elliot. Even if at first, he didn’t love him, even if he was pissed by the Count and his accusations, Knight doesn’t hesitate to come save him…3 times. He’s the only one who knows the real Elliot and how he really is. But, Knight doesn’t do relationship, doesn’t do monogamy, doesn’t make commitments and he can’t understand why Elliot wants this. Even in his moments of doubt or stupidities, Knight wants to protect Elliot, no matter what or who. How I couldn’t love him? How I couldn’t be crazy with this sex god? I’m just human you know.
But what I love the most, (yes, it’s possible), was the story by itself. Yes, the title is “My Dark Knight”, and yes, Elliot is a kind of damsel in distress…but in fact, not. In fact, they’ll learn from each other. Elliot doesn’t need Knight to understand where he was wrong and seriously put himself in mortal danger. Even If Knight was there to protect and save Elliot, Elliot saves Knight too, in his own way. We also saw Beast and Laurent and the other members of the club, like Gray and Jake, and I loved it, I actually wanted more of them (yes, I’ll have to wait for their own books).

Besides, the occult part was really present, creepier and more intense than book 1. I loved that, I can’t wait to read more about the things living on the property. (Even if I’ll have to sleep with the light on)
The writing is brilliant, dynamic, coherent and well built. I love how K.A Merikan put 2 characters wanting things completely different from each other and ended up to be exactly what they really need.

I couldn’t put this book down until I’ve finished it (sleeping is sooo overrated).

For me, Its definitely 5 OptimuMM (and only because 5 stars are the maximum) for the Count and his Knight.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Dark Silence” by Katze Snow & Susanna Hays

TITLE: Dark Silence
AUTHOR: Katze Snow & Susanna Hays
SERIES: The Bound Subject
GENRE: Dark; Erotica; Thriller
LENGTH: 288 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 29,2017
PRICE: $2.99 -e-book


Fans of FLESH CARTEL will enjoy reading this book because it is ALL kinds of messed up. Not a romance. Humanity does not belong here.

Claude Galen was brought into this world to train slaves, not to want them.

When his latest victim, a twenty-one-year-old boy named Tristan Kade, begins to see Claude for who he truly is, only one thing can be done to stop Tristan from escaping: punish him.

Trapped in a padded white room with no windows or doors, all Tristan can do to stay alive in this world is to obey Professor Galen.

Submit to him.

Yield. Break.

But what happens when Tristan’s body is trained to work against him? When he starts to crave the pleasure instead of fear it? When he begins to see the man behind the monster?

Warning: This story is DARK. It is not intended for those who are seeking a happily ever after. This psychological, erotic MM thriller is meant for those who enjoy the darker side of life. It is NOT a romance and it contains graphic scenes of sexual torture in which some may find upsetting. Other possible triggers include abduction, torture, non con, manipulation, and enslavement. Please consider these warnings before entering the professor’s world.

WARNING. This is a very dark book about kidnapping, torture, brainwashing and this is not for everyone.

Now, with that said, if you like very dark reads with hot sex, then I recommend this book. These authors are very dark and twisted in the way they tell a story. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but let me tell you, I’m a bit twisted because I loved it.

Claude went through excruciating training by his own father to train slaves. He was raised with this theory that his father had that can change a person into someone totally different by torturing them and make them a better person in the end. Claude has known nothing else, and he does his best to impress his father. Claude has finally worked hard enough and gets his own boy to train.

Tristan is a video geek and travels to go to a gaming convention. He tells his aunt he’s going to check out a college. He was sought out for this college, so he agrees to go meet the professor, then will go to the convention. Well, when Tristan meets the professor, he doesn’t realize he will never make it to the convention. Instead, he’s kidnapped and put in a white room with no windows and is kept there for days. Tristan’s life will never be the same.

Claude knew he wanted Tristan from the first time he saw him. He has been obsessed with getting this boy and doing things right this time. Yes, this isn’t his first. Claude had another, but it ended badly as Claude let himself have feelings and dad took care of that situation after the escape attempt.

Tristan is finally released from this white room of hell, but the rest of the torture that this young man endures is unspeakable. But, after a while, Tristan craves Claude’s touch. Can this theory be true? Will Tristan ever be able to escape or, the better question, will he want to?

Can Claude keep this boy from escaping? Will Tristan submit to this evil man? Will they each accept their roles and be ok with who they are in the end? This is not a love story and does not promote happiness. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I got angry, felt empathy and want more.

***I would like to thank the authors for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book***