Review: “Made to Measure” by Viva Gold

TITLE: Made to Measure
AUTHOR: Viva Gold
SERIES: Under the Uniform
PUBLISHER: Aubergine Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; MMM; BDSM;
LENGTH: 84 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 24, 2018
PRICE: $0.99 – e-book


Me, Viva Gold, plus Megs Pritchard, JJ Harper, T.a. McKay, L.J. Harris, Ann Grech, Lou Watton and Brad Tanner have collaborated to write under the banner ‘Aubergine Publishing’. We decided to create a series of MM stories around the theme of UNIFORMS. We have called it Under the Uniform.
It’s a loose theme – but the main ingredients are sexy men who love men!
Made to Measure takes the idea of uniforms being used to boost the profile of the London Metropolitan Police. A special ops squad have been chosen to become insta-fame celebs in order to make the Met seem more ‘with it’ and to dispel negative opinion.
The main character who tells the story from his perspective, is Sergeant Rob Ross. He’s a big man but a natural submissive. One of his team; the rookie, Liam Ryan, is built like an oak tree and also happens to be a Dom. Another man features – his name is Sanjay and he isn’t with the police but seems to fit right in the middle of the other two!
This novella, is the story of how they met and what occurs afterwards… it’s short, sharp, sweet and sexy!
If you have read my books, Izzy’s Boy and Good Lord, this novella will hold special treats for you…

Viva Gold, Megs Pritchard, JJ Harper, T.a. McKay, L.J. Harris, Ann Grech, Lou Watton, and Brad Tanner have collaborated to write under the banner Aubergine Publishing. They decided to create a series of MM stories around the theme of UNIFORMS. They have called it Under the Uniform. I had the pleasure of reading Made to Measure by Viva Gold, but I can’t wait to read the other books in the Under the Uniform series. The book is a standalone, but there are cameos from the characters in her previous books, Izzy Boy and Good Lord. You don’t have to have read Izzy Boy or Good Lord to enjoy Made to Measure, but it will only enhance the reading experience. The book’s well written and the characters are vivid, and so is the storyline. The book is on the short side at only 84 pages, but for those 84 pages, I was locked to that book and transported into the lives of Viva Gold’s characters. Oh and do her characters get to have so much fun. This book has men in yummy form-fitting uniforms. There’s a sergeant looking for a Dom, a police rookie looking for a sub, a meddling host, and an Indian butler that brings them all together.

The story is told through Sergeant Rob Ross’ POV. Rob’s the boss of a special ops squad in the London Metropolitan Police department. The Met’s been having a problem with negative opinions, and to seem more with it, they’ve decided to update the uniforms of the special ops squad. The team’s invited to Greenall Manor, which is the home of Jason and Angel from Good Lord, and Remi, from Izzy Boy, is currently visiting while Izzy’s away, for a three-week intensive residential course to get fit for their new kits. While they are there, they’re under the care of Greenall Manor’s Indian butler, Sanjay, who just so happens to be single.

Rob’s a born leader with the heart of a natural submissive. He’s a big muscular man, who’s attracted to ginger-haired men bigger than he is who are in the Dom/sub lifestyle. So he finds himself powerfully attracted to his new rookie officer, Liam Ryan. Liam oozes alpha dominance even if he is the lowest man on the totem pole. Being Liam’s boss though puts a monkey wrench in him being able to pursue that attraction, much to Rob and Liam’s frustration. And since Rob can’t relieve his frustrated desires with Liam, he turns to Sanjay instead who’s equally attractive but in a different way.

Liam Ryan had just relocated to the special ops squad before they go for their new uniforms. He’s a Dom who has been training under Izzy and so he knows Jason, Angel, and Remi already from the lifestyle. He asks for advice on what to do about his attraction to his boss and how to get Rob to give them a chance even though they work together. In the meantime, he also ends up fooling around with Sanjay.

Sanjay’s been the long-time butler for the Greenall Manor. He loves his job, but he’s lonely and seeing how happy his master is, makes him long for a loving relationship of his own. So with a little encouragement from his boss, he seduces both Rob and Liam separately and then later helps bring Rob and Liam together to make a threesome relationship. And oh do they have some sexy times. The way the author describes Sanjay having his turban removed to reveal his long beautiful hair was beyond sexy, especially when you know that the only people that know what his hair looks like at all are the people that he sleeps with.

Overall a very entertaining short story that I would recommend reading if you liked reading Izzy’s Boy and Good Lord. I can’t wait to read the other books in the Under the Uniform series.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Three Bears” by A. Nybo

TITLE: Three Bears
SERIES: World of Love-Western Australia
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Alexandria Corza
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; M/M/M
LENGTH: 82 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2018
PRICE: $3.99 -e-book


At Three Bears surf break, the attraction between a group of friends is anything but “Luke warm….”
Dan goes to stay with his best friend Josh in Margaret River, the surfing capital of Western Australia, to sort out his sexual confusion. But his best friend is the source of that confusion. Having never been attracted to a man other than Josh, Dan fears risking their friendship just to discover men aren’t his thing.
Within the first few days, Dan meets Luke, a local barista who offers him surf lessons. Dan soon finds himself emotionally coveting not one, but two men. When they go to Three Bears, his hidden desires begin to emerge. As the ambiguity of Dan’s mixed signals clears, it becomes apparent both of his surfing companions want him—badly.
It is only when Luke and Josh hook up that they formulate “Operation Three Bears,” an adventurous plan that might lead to a satisfying outcome for all of them.

This was a fun and enjoyable read. This author did a great job building up each of the three characters and putting me right in their heads. This is the first book I’ve read from this author, and I love the whole opposites attract. We are our own worst enemy, and this is proven here. As well as the fear of coming out as gay, lusting for your best friend and new surfer guy and the fear of losing the relationships. What a combination for a stressful guy but these two guys pull him out of his shell very, very slowly.

Dan has been best friends with Josh since they were younger. Josh is openly gay, but Dan just ended an engagement with a woman and has come to stay with Josh. Josh has been in love with Dan for years, but Dan has no clue. Dan thinks he’s gay and wants Josh but he’s to chicken to tell him. He doesn’t want to lose him as his best friend. They’re both struggling with their feelings towards the other but damn if either will do anything about it.

Dan meets Luke, the hot surfer, when getting coffee one day. Luke is his barista, and the moment Luke touched his skin, tingles went through his body. This confuses Dan even further, but he agrees to surfing lessons with Luke. Dan introduces Josh and Luke, and they hook up. As Dan watches this, his poor brain can’t handle everything. Josh and Luke come up with a plan to bring Dan out and enjoy each other as the three bears.

Now, I admit, there were times I wanted to reach out to Dan and strangle him or hug him. I wanted him to find happiness and quit worrying so much, but it just isn’t in his DNA. Will Josh and Luke be able to pry Dan away from his brain? Will Josh and Luke keep hiding their relationship if things don’t go their way? Will Dan be able to use his wood other than for himself? All very good questions and I had to read the rest of the book to get my answers. Enjoy this fun read and three-way love story.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Like Breathing” by Tia Fielding

TITLE: Like Breathing
AUTHOR: Tia Fielding
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Garrett Leigh
LENGTH: 240 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 10, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 – e-book/ $14.99 – paperback


A love as easy as breathing.
Life started out rocky for Devin Rice, but it’s turned out pretty well. He has adoptive parents and a brother who love him, and he works as a coder for his dad’s video game company. Romance is scarce, but a chance encounter leads to more than he ever expected.
While dropping off an assignment for his sick brother, Dev meets his mentor. Art history professor Seth Kent is brilliant and gorgeous, just what Dev has been looking for. Except that he’s in a long-term committed relationship.
Seth’s partner, Leaf, is older and sees the world differently due to his unusual upbringing. To him, the clear attraction between Seth and Dev isn’t a problem, it’s an unexpected gift. After all, Leaf is often on the road, going wherever rescue dogs need rehabilitation.
When Leaf meets Dev, all the missing pieces fall into place, and three men from different worlds and at different points in life fill each other’s empty spaces. For them, building a future together is the most natural thing in the world. But their unconventional love causes waves in their careers and family dynamics, and each man has his own doubts and fears to overcome.

Like Breathing is the first book that I’ve read by Tia Fielding but it isn’t going to be the last. I liked her style of writing and attention to details, but I also liked that I felt like I was in the book and living each of her characters’ lives with them, sharing their happiness, joy, hurts, sorrow, loneliness and at times jealousy. Oh and can’t forget about all of the hot kinky scenes. Yep definitely going to be reading more books by this author if they are like this book. I love a book with a good Daddy kink to it but with three main characters that have different needs that isn’t the only kink that’s in this book. There’s also a nice gap in age between the main characters. I loved how they all fit together and filled the holes in that needed to be filled.

They really complimented each other. But adding another person to an already established and committed relationship isn’t without its problems and misunderstandings. Communication’s key in every relationship and even more so when there are more than two people.

I loved Devin Rice. He’s twenty-five, has anxiety issues, and writes code for his father’s gaming company. I loved how he interacts with Seth and Leaf. I also like the relationship that he has with his adoptive parents and his brother, Angel even if Angel has issues with Devin dating his mentor, Seth. Although I get it, Angel’s afraid that Devin will break-up Seth and his partner, Leaf and that it will affect the professional relationship between him and his mentor. But there were times that I wanted to smack him and tell him to get over his homophobic issues, although that one scene where the brother walks in on them all is priceless. And that’s just one scene out of many that you won’t want to miss.

I liked Seth. He’s an Art history professor that’s thirty-six. He’s a little bit of a perfectionist, and he’s in a long-term committed relationship with Leaf and has been for about ten years. He loves his partner, but Leaf is gone a lot of the time training problem dogs.

When he mentions to Leaf that it’s been over a year since they’ve had penetrative sex, he knows that something has to change. He doesn’t want to have to give his partner ultimatums, but he doesn’t want to be taken for granted also. When he meets Devin dropping off his sick brother’s paper and then later ends up having lunch with him, he’s surprised at how easy he is to talk to and how much fun it is to have somebody to talk to. They’re just friends but he can’t help that he thinks he’s attractive and they have chemistry.

I liked that Leaf is different than both Seth and Devin in how he was raised. He had an unusual upbringing, and it’s left him with a different view of relationships and monogamy. So when his partner, Seth, gushes about his protégé’s brother and how they had lunch and talked for a while, he can see how animated his partner is, and although Seth doesn’t seem to be aware of it, he can see how attracted Seth is to Devin and he’s happy about it. He thinks that Devin could be just what their relationship needs. Somebody to be with Seth when Leaf has to be gone, and it doesn’t hurt that after meeting Devin that Leaf likes him just as much as Seth. And the attraction seems to be mutual between all three of them. I also liked that Leaf is fifty and has salt-n-pepper hair and is attractive enough to make Devin drool.

All in all the book is fabulous and one that I will be rereading.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Natural Beauty” by Meraki P. Lyhne

TITLE: Natural Beauty
AUTHOR: Meraki P. Lyhne
SERIES: Cubi Series
GENRE: MMM; Paranormal; Erotica
LENGTH: 312 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 –e-book


The Cubi people have lived a secluded and quiet existence since they arrived in America. A shipment of new breeders brought two changes with it: Their next King and a mutated breeder. Those two changes set off a chain of events that the Cubi are far from ready to deal with.
Daniel aspires and works hard to find his future place as the sovereign ruler of his people. Seldon fights to rise to his new station and level of responsibilities as the right-hand Lord to a King, but the fight is also with himself. The breeders, who were freed during the upheaval in the Great House of Dahlidin, return to the human society, but not everybody finds it easy to acclimatize.
Although forced into action, Daniel’s hands are tied. Tough decisions that will either end their war or step it up have to be made. The only question is whether a Kingdom that young is even ready for that.

This is the fifth installment of the Cubi series. Meraki world of Cubi’ sharing the nation with humans continues with Daniel growing into his role as King Beaudin, that comes with responsibilities he doesn’t think he’s capable all of the time.

After the attack on the Grand House, some of the breeders were set free. One of those is Alex. We met Alex in previous books. Being home again with his radical parents and having dreams that he’s back with the Cubi’s again, confuses him to no end. It seems he’s going through of a dose of withdrawal along with the sexual fantasy that he’s taken hard. Having a homophobic faternal conditioning that a man is the penetrator, he goes into a state of depression. That state pushes him to search for the Cubi that he feels are out there.

Seldon feels insecure. After being raped, the fever slowly leaves his body, but that doesn’t mean that his mind has healed. But he is not alone…he has Daniel and Caledon who take care of their dear lover.

The Kingdom of Daniel is expanding. The coronation is near, and there is a lot of empowering going on. Daniel must dose Marca, his Fountain several times a day. They are developing a very close friendship.
There is a lot going on. Cubi are coming in for the ceremony, new natural beauties are arriving and Daniel’s goal to change the Cubi point of view on breeders who now are called feeders.

I like how their society is changing. They become more open, and we start to see that feeders are more appreciated than we thought.

I specialy loved Alex’s POV. Almost half of the book is about him searching and finding his place after the attack. He’s experimenting with his desire without being dosed, and that creats pure energy.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Good Lord” by Viva Gold

TITLE: Good Lord
AUTHOR: Viva Gold
SERIES: Woolf Tales
LENGTH: 306 pages
RELEASE DATE: November 12, 2017
PRICE: $0.99 – e-book


GOOD LORD (Woolf Tales 2)
Thrilling, dark, erotic and intriguing. The new novel from Viva Gold picks up where Izzy’s Boy leaves off and we see the cast of characters embark on the next phase of their lives fraught with terror, filled with love, and quite a bit of consensual pain! This is not a BDSM story – it’s filthy in parts; utterly abhorrent in others and downright sexy throughout.
Lord Jason Greenall doesn’t have a very high opinion of himself, but one thing he does know is that he deserves to be loved just like anyone else. It is with this in mind that he separates from his boyfriends, G & T, who happen to be twins that are more in love with each other than they care to admit, and goes home to Greenall Manor to lick his wounds and ponder on life in general.
Sipping tea in the conservatory with his beloved mother, Jason gets an eyeful of his French cousin Remi, who he hasn’t seen for a few years. Oh boy, Remi grew up to be somewhat delicious. Tall, and muscly, black hair and blue eyes, olive skinned and surly – everything Jason is attracted to and trying hard not to show it.
Remi has come to live at Greenall Manor while studying at Oxford. His mother is married to Jason’s father’s first cousin Marc, which means they are not blood related. Not that that would prevent Remi from taking what he wants. And he wants Jason. And he takes him. No safe words; no limits.
Their story includes Izzy and Adam of course, and the Twins. But we also meet Angel in a set of disturbing circumstances that could easily devastate the entire family. Remi is not as bullish as he would appear but he does have tendencies that make him volatile and unpredictable. Izzy is not ok with this at all and unleashes his Dom all over the lot of them.
Jason finds himself in predicaments and situations both physical and emotional that could either make him or break him…. Oh, Good Lord.

Good Lord is the second book in the Woolf Tales series by Viva Gold. I enjoyed reading this book. It does pick up right after Izzy’s Boy, the first book in the series, and I was so hoping it was going to be about Jason, Izzy’s PA extraordinaire, and his twin boyfriends, G & T, but alas that isn’t what was in the cards for Jason.

I was proud of him for wanting to be loved just as much as G loves T and T loves G so he does the only thing that he can, he dumps them and takes vacation time and runs home to Greenall Manor to his mum to lick his wounds. What he finds is a cousin that’s staying there while he attends Oxford. Remi is Jason’s Dad’s first cousin’s stepson. Wow wasn’t that a mouth full, but what it means is that Remi isn’t blood-related to Jason. Yeah! Not that that would have been a reason not to read the book if they had been related as they would have only been second cousins.

Jason may not remember his gorgeously rugged cousin, but Remi sure remembers Jason and has had a crush on him for a long time and has been following his life or as Jason puts it, stalking him. Jason decides to use his cousin as a way to get over G & T, but he doesn’t know what he’s about to get himself into. Jason knows from being around his boss, Izzy, about the BDSM lifestyle but as Remi says he isn’t a Dom, he’s a deviant, and he doesn’t believe in safe words or stopping, or the comfort of his partner as Jason finds out. And I won’t lie, the first forty-one percent of the book was a little hard to stomach and pushed my boundaries, but I’m glad that I pushed through to the end of the book.

I started out not liking Remi and the way that he treated Jason, but Jason’s body seemed to like what Remi was doing to him even if Jason wasn’t sure that he liked what was being done to him. And as I continued to read the book and got to see into how Remi became the way that he was, I found myself sympathizing with him, and after Angel became a part of their relationship, I even found myself liking Remi. And the BDSM scene at the end of the book was hot. I absolutely loved Angel. He had a rough life, but I loved his upbeat attitude and how naturally submissive he was. He was like a super energetic puppy. Always wanting to please and be loved. I also liked that all of the characters in the book were close in age, Jason at twenty-six, Remi at twenty-one (although he acts like he is older due to experiences), and Angel at eighteen.

I can’t wait to see what Viva Gold comes up with for the next book in the series. I’m hoping for a book about G & T.

As with Izzy’s Boy, Good Lord could use another round of edits. Although it had fewer errors than the first book in the series, it did still have quite a few verb tense issues and some other grammar issues, and I was reading my purchased copy and not the arc copy.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis