Review of: Wisdom’s Allegiance by M.D. Grimm

TITLE: Wisdom’s Allegiance
AUTHOR: M.D. Grimm
SERIES: The Shifter Chronicles
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: MMM, Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: May 28, 2019


The Shifter Chronicles: Book Thirteen
Can a loyal and sensual owl shifter couple woo a human mate who’s convinced he’s an ugly duckling?
When socially awkward Dexter Fortis rescues an elf owl blown off course by a storm, he has no idea the bird is a shifter named Orion. Or that his life is about to change.
Orion falls in love with the kind custodian, but he must convince his long-term partner, Talon, that Dexter is just who they’ve been searching for to establish a permanent ménage. Even if they can gently break down Dexter’s walls, they’ll have to contend with a dangerous cult rising in the shifter community and a hidden enemy determined to keep Dexter from them

Wisdom’s Allegiance is the thirteenth book in the Shifter Chronicles series by M.D. Grimm. The books are mostly standalone. Two of the books are sequels to previous books and so aren’t counted in the series numbers. Those two wouldn’t be standalone, but the others are. I loved the cover of the book and was sucked in by the blurb, and although I saw that it was the thirteenth book in the series, I decided I wanted to review it. I’m so glad that I did. I absolutely loved the book and promptly went out and bought the series bundle so I can go back and read the first nine books. The book was everything I was looking for in a paranormal shifter book. There was fated mates with a human being one of the mates, a great plot with villains from both the shifter community and the human community trying to protect their species, and for once, I found a paranormal book that I loved that didn’t have any male pregnancy in it. Usually, I love m-preg, but with this book and its plot, I found that I didn’t miss it.

I loved how bubbly Orion is. He’s this cute, cuddly elf owl that Dexter rescues from a bad snow storm on his way home from work. Orion falls in love quickly, but he’s sure that Dexter is his true mate. All he has to do is convince his long-term partner, Talon, that Dexter is who they’ve been searching for to establish a permanent ménage.

I loved Talon. He’s a great-horned owl, and he’s fierce and protective of the people he loves. And he’s as opposite as can be from his long-term mate, Orion. Hence them trying to find a third mate to bridge the gap and give them both what they are missing in their relationship.

I also loved Dexter. He’s human, painfully shy, unloved by his family because he can’t live up to their expectations even though he went to Notre Dame just like his perfect younger brother. He has two strikes against him in his family’s eyes. He’s overweight, and he’s gay. He has a couple of friends, has never had a date or a boyfriend, has a little bit of sexual experience but not much, and has enormous self-esteem and self-worth issues. He can’t believe that two handsome men are interested in him being their friend let alone their boyfriend. I love how fierce he is about protecting Orion when he believes he’s being insulted or in danger. I also loved how Orion is able to pull Dexter out of his painfully shy shell and how Talon’s steady presence and approval help also.

I also loved when Dexter spends New Year’s Eve with Talon and Orion’s family, and he was instantly accepted and found a new family to love and be loved by.

Overall, a fabulous book and if this book is any indication of what I can look forward to in the series, then I can’t recommend this book or this series enough.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis


Review of: The Enchanter’s Soul by Michele Notaro

TITLE: The Enchanter’s Soul
AUTHOR: Michele Notaro
SERIES: The Elwood Chronicles
GENRE: Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: April 15, 2019


Many fall as the last enchanter rises…
The first line of the ancient prophecy keeps playing over and over in my head, but I’m afraid to remember the rest. I don’t want to think about what’s coming for us—what’s coming for him. I’ve been keeping Brinnswick safe for years; I’ve been keeping my coven safe my whole life; and now I was responsible for keeping Sebastian safe, too. It shouldn’t have been a problem, he was my vitmea viramore, after all, and I was used to having the weight of the world on my shoulders.
What Seb doesn’t know is that everyone in the magical community is after him—even if they don’t realize it yet. They’ve been looking for him for centuries; not only for him, but for his soul. But they never counted on him having me. I will protect him with my every breath and take down anyone that gets in our way. His soul belongs with me, not in the arms of evil.
The Enchanter’s Soul is the second book in The Ellwood Chronicles and is a continuation of Sebastian and Ailin’s story. It contains explicit material and is intended for mature adults 18 years of age and older.

Seb is my new favorite character! I love everything about him! His frustration with Ailin but his inability to stay away from him! He fascinated me from the very first book. And now that they are connected and he’s also able to read the witch’s mind, his frustration grows. It’s so much fun!

This second book switches POV’s between Ailin and Seb. Finally, we’re able to understand Ailin. He doesn’t see life with normal human standards. As the oldest Elwood and being Sage, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and he has no time to waste for human nonsense.

Seb is quite the opposite. Growing up as an orphan alone, his adjustments to his new life comes harder than he thinks. Yes, he always wanted to belong, to call someone his own, to have his own family but this new world he suddenly finds himself in is overwhelming, to say the least. His adjustment to being the last enchanter it not easy at all. He craves Ailin all the time, but he’s also very insecure, and he fears that Ailin only cares for him because they are each other’s “vitamin”. Seb learns about the prophecy, a prophecy he fears. Ailin is there for him all the way, supporting him.

Ailin doesn’t understand the need for Seb to be alone sometimes. After all, Seb is his vitmea viramore, and being apart from him hurts. Literally. He knows that creatures will come for Seb. He does everything in his power to protect his soulmate. As much as Seb lets him.

I loved the book. The only thing that was a bit annoying was the “mating dance” between these two. I was like “just do it already”, many times. But other than that, the book is an excellent read and I can’t wait for the next one of the series!

Congrats Michele!

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: The Return by Brad Boney

TITLE: The Return
AUTHOR: Brad Boney
SERIES: The Austin Trilogy
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: Jul 5, 2015


Music. Topher Manning rarely thinks about anything else, but his day job as a mechanic doesn’t exactly mesh with his rock star ambitions. Unless he can find a way to unlock all the songs in his head, his band will soon be on the fast track to obscurity.
Then the South by Southwest music festival and a broken-down car drop New York critic Stanton Porter into his life. Stanton offers Topher a ticket to the Bruce Springsteen concert, where a hesitant kiss and phantom vibrations from Topher’s cell phone kick off a love story that promises to transcend ordinary possibility.

Wow just wow…

The first book of the series wasn’t really for me, so I was skeptical of this sequel, but damn I was wrong.
Oh man, I cried like a baby! This hits directly into the feelings. I loved it. I was a mess when I finished, but it was worth it.
This was Topher’s story, true, but for me, it was all Stanton.

First, you must now that there’s more than a twenty-year age gap between Topher and Stanton. That’s not an issue for Topher, but it is for Stanton, but that’s really not the point!!!

OMG! This series is escalating from contemporary to paranormal fast! But I will not give you details! Trust me, if you decide to read it, you won’t regret it! Emotional angst doesn’t even cover it when it comes to this story.

It’s constantly back and forth in time from Stanton’s point of view, building up to a finale that will blow your mind. You will get the hunch to where the story might lead, but you’re not quite sure. Because stuff like this is just out of the norm!
While in general, I’m not fond of when the MC’s past love lives are mentioned in books, but this book makes a difference. I enjoyed every word of it, be it from the past or the present.

Stanton is a famous music critic, and Topher is the lead singer and songwriter of his indie band of four. The band are very close friends, coming from a small town from the middle of the nowhere. They’re like brothers, living together dreaming the big dream, but at the same time, they’re very down to earth type of guys.

When fate brings Stanton into the auto shop where Topher works as a mechanic, his life takes a one-eighty. And from there, with mysterious phone calls, Topher starts to discover himself, and his feelings toward Stanton.

Dude, just read it already!

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Hidden Powers by Tara Lain

TITLE: Hidden Powers
AUTHOR: Tara Lain
SERIES: Superordinary Society
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: March 12, 2019


Superordinary Society: Book One
Jazz Vanessen is weird—and not just because he’s a werewolf. For most of his life, he’s felt different from his alpha male brothers and friends. Since he’s adopted, he can’t even blame it on family.
Now eighteen, Jazz meets his idol, the social activist Lysandra Mason, and her breathtaking nephew, Dash Mercury. When Dash is around, even stranger things start to happen, including Jazz falling hopelessly in lust. Not only is Jazz having visions, making people disappear, and somehow turning invisible, but somebody’s following him and threatening to reveal his pack’s secrets to the world.
Together with Dash and Jazz’s equally amazing friends—Carla, BeBop, Khadija, and Fatima—they discover the danger is even more lethal than they thought, and Jazz’s weirdness may save all their lives.

Hidden Powers is the first book in a brand new series called Superordinary Society by Tara Lain. This is the first paranormal book that I’ve read by Tara Lain. I love reading her contemporary books, and so I thought that I would give this one a try. I liked it and thought that it was a good start to a promising new series. I figured with it being a young adult book that it would be light on the romantic side of things, and so it was, which is fine. I liked the chemistry that developed between two of the main characters and will be excited to see how their relationship progresses in the next book.

I normally like the author’s writing style, but I found this one to have a lot of information about Jazz’s pack and their backstory and how they were all related to each other. And I found it hard to keep track of who was who and why all of the info that was given was important to the book. I agree with another reviewer’s review about how this part could have been forgone at the beginning of the novel and would have preferred to see more background on how Jazz and his best friend Carla had essentially grown up together and how they got to be so close as friends. I agree with the reviewer that more time invested in their relationship and how it evolved would have been more beneficial to the story.

Since this is a new series, I did spend most of the book trying to figure out who were the bad guys and who were the good guys. I was so happy that some of the people that I thought were going to be the bad guys ended up being the good guys. I was also hoping that the villain in the story wasn’t going to end up being one of Jazz’s biological parents or biologically being related to him since he’s adopted and doesn’t know where he gets his special powers from in addition to being an alpha werewolf. This wasn’t confirmed in any way in the book, so I’m hoping that we find out more about Jazz’s biological parents in the next book.

I liked the storyline of the book. I liked how Jazz is starting an internship at his family’s company and is going to work his way up in the company as opposed to going to university and then coming in as a CEO or some other high-ranking individual. I also liked how he became friends with his fellow interns, Carla, BeBop, Fatima, Dash, and Khadija and how they each have different powers and abilities that complement each other. They end up forming a group that they call The Superordinary Society and vow to help others in need.

I liked how the story progressed after getting through the beginning, and I think I will like the second book in the series a lot more now that I know who the important characters are and what their goals are. I look forward to seeing more of the members of the Superordinary Society and what forces of evil they conquer next. Overall, a good start to a promising new series.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: The Touchstone by M.C. Lee

TITLE: The Touchstone
PUBLISHER: Harmony Ink
GENRE: Teen Fiction, Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: Apr 2, 2019


It’s no surprise teens Sam and Harry are inseparable. Harry’s ability to fly manifested at age ten—when he saved Sam’s life. Since then, Sam’s made it his mission to shield Harry from danger. They’re being watched by people with an unknown agenda, and their only chance is to run.
An encounter with Jonah Clayton and the group of gifted teens he’s training means a place for Harry and insight into his powers. But is there a place for an ordinary kid like Sam, or has he reached the end of his quest to help his best friend? Jonah’s group isn’t as benign as it seems, however, and the danger is far from over. Harry still needs Sam—who is far more than anyone can imagine.

Well … I LOVED IT!!!!

When I first read the blurb, it spoke to me! Hehehe, ok I’m kidding, I’m not gifted. Not like our MC’s from The Touchstone.

The book has a slow start, easing us into the story. We go through the entire book from Sam’s POV.

Sam has known Harry for as long as he can remember. They were best friends when they were kids, and that friendship developed to something more. However, when a life-shattering accident triggers Harry’s power saving Sam’s life, their lives change.

Sam noticed someone was surveilling them, so at the ages of 15 (Sam) and 16 (Harry) they ran.
Now, one year later, struggling to survive on their own, Harry joins a team with gifted children lead by Jonah.

I need to talk about this team because you will love them!

Jonah – well he is an asshole, harsh, and rude know-it-all.
Maia – the teen version of Jonah who doesn’t hold back when she “gift’s” her audience with her opinions.
Gabriel – he’s a sweet teenager who’s very protective of Alejandro, his younger brother.
Miranda — she’s very laid back, supportive and dedicated to the cause.
Alejandro — my favorite, the youngest of all. I adore him!!!

Sam has his doubts, mostly because Jonah and Maia don’t want him in the Bunker, the house where all the gifted kids are living.

Harry doesn’t want to leave Sam alone to join the team, but after their past and possible future finds them, for the sake of Harry’s and the team safety, Sam decides that it’s time to let Harry go.
Little does he know that Harry needs Sam to keep himself safe.

Since they’re teens, there are no detailed sex scenes, but there is sex. I liked it. In this age, although it’s illegal, teenagers have sex. What I would have liked is if the author would mention how important protection is when practicing safe sex…

I hope this is becoming a series! I loved every word of it! I recommend it with everything I have, guys you need to read this!

***The ARC was provided by Ink Harmony . My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis