Review: “Somebody To Die For” by Kris T.Bethke

TITLE: Somebody To Die For
AUTHOR: Kris T.Bethke
SERIES: Requiem Inc
PUBLISHER: Dreamspun Beyond
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
GENRE: Paranormal;
LENGTH: 218 pages
RELEASE DATE: Sept 4, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book / $9.99 paperback


Dying is easy. New love is terrifying.
Avery Wagner quit ghostwalking when he lost his beloved anchor to cancer. Now teaching others who have the ability, he’s beginning to live again—but he’s not looking for another lover, not now, maybe not ever.
But then he meets Jameson… younger, talented, dedicated, almost perfect, even though his mouth sometimes opens ahead of his brain. And Jameson wants Avery desperately, though he’ll settle for friendship if he can’t have more.
When an emergency demands they work together in the field, Avery discovers just how perfect Jameson is. But he had a perfect love once before, and he’s scared to even consider that he might have a chance at another. Can he trust Jameson with his newly healing heart?

Avery Wagner is a retired ghostwalker since he lost his anchor and bonded love, Luke. He doesn’t ghostwalk anymore but gives lectures for young ghostwalkers and anchors.
Jameson doesn’t have the gene of an anchor, but he’s meant to be an anchor, and he’s a natural caretaker in need of a ghostwalker.
When Avery and Jameson meet, an instant connection burns between them, but Avery is still recovering the loss of the love of his life Luke, and Jameson still needs to learn more about his tasks and how to really take care of Avery.
Is it possible to love again when you were lucky to have it once? That’s what Avery, with Jameson’s help, will have to find out.
Somebody to die for is book 3 of the Requiem Inc series.
Avery is an experienced ghostwalker, even if he hasn’t done it since Luke’s death, he’s still a good teacher and helps the young ghostwalkers in their training. He didn’t expect to feel something for Jameson when they met. Avery is lost between his past and his possible future with Jameson. I loved Avery, he broke my heart, and brought tears to my eyes, his pain and fears broke me. I also loved his maturity, his ability to name his emotions, to admit his fears and to accept his weakness.
Jameson is an anchor. He’s meant to take care of others and especially a ghostwalker. He’s a trainee, and he still needs to be paired with a ghostwalker. He doesn’t have the gene, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good anchor because he’s a natural and taking care of others is something he loves doing. When he meets Avery, he could see the sadness in the eyes of this beautiful man, and Jameson will spend all his time and energy taking care of him, maybe without really knowing it at first. I loved Jameson. He’s maybe 23 years old, and younger than Avery, but he’s very mature, sensitive, smart and very kind. I completely melted for him. He’s completely devoted to Avery and put his needs before himself.
This book was a good addition to the series. We met Avery in book 1, and his story, how he lost the love of his life, his anchor with whom he was bonded. It broke my heart back then, so I was very happy to read this book about him.
The plot was focused on Avery’s “recovery” and how he moves on with Jameson’s help. We still have a glimpse of the former couples, Dex and Blake as well as Michael and Sam; I liked it.
I was completely caught up in the story and this universe. I really like it, and I’m hoping to have a book about Tyler (he sooo broke my heart in book 2).
I gladly recommend this book it’s sweet and adorable love story with with a beautiful rainbow of feelings.

4 OptimuMM for the Widower and his future.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Love and Payne” by Charlie Cochet

TITLE: Love and Payne
AUTHOR: Charlie Cochet
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: Sep 4, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 –e-book /$14.99 -paperback


Austen Payne, THIRDS Squadron Specialist Agent (SSA) for Destructive Delta and TIN operative, has seen the worst the world has to offer, faced lethal killers, and helped bring down dangerous organizations. But nothing terrifies him more than falling in love. After years of undercover work, Austen is a master at defending himself and protecting his heart… until he meets Osmond Zachary.
THIRDS Defense Agent Osmond Zachary has a huge, doting family, yet something is missing in his life. After meeting grumpy, foul-mouthed, jittery cheetah Therian Austen Payne, Zach knows exactly what that something—or someone—is. Unfortunately Austen seems determined to avoid Zach at all costs.
When Zach foils an assassination attempt, he ends up in the killer’s crosshairs, and Austen is Zach’s best chance at staying alive. Zach hopes the crisis will bring them closer, but Austen has every intention of walking away as soon as the danger is over.
Happily ever after isn’t for guys like Austen, but Zach is determined to show him it can be….

From the very first time, actually as I remember well, it was in the first book, Zack was one of the characters that I would have liked to know more about.
And after years and years, finally, I got the chance to know not only Zack but Austen too.

If you’ve read the series up until now, you know that Dex likes to torment Zach, the bear THERIAN shifter, by snatching up the last Cheese Doodles, a snack that both Dex and Zack are crazy about.
We didn’t read much about Zack up until now, but we get some glimpses in the other books of the growing “something” between Zack and Austen the TIN agent.

I think when I say that Austen is one of our favorites, I don’t think I exaggerate. We know Austen from the previous books as the mysterious TIN agent who pops up out of nowhere and always at the right time. He’s a resourceful cheetah THERIAN shifter, with a strength that comes from his dedication and his utter cleverness.

What we didn’t know was that Austen kept tabs on Zack, a very detailed tab that is. Austen knows Zack’s family (all ninety-six of them) by name. He knows everything there is to know about Zachary, he just can’t help himself when it comes to Zack. He knows that in his line of work—about what we learn more in this book—being in love and be loved in return, is not an option.

But when Zack’s life is in danger, thanks to his caring, soft heart, Austen does everything in his power to keep the man who means so much to him safe, even if he has to face all of Zachary’s clan one by one.

I loved Zach’s family, their caring for each other. They are close, and there are no secrets. Zach knows that obsessing on Austen will lead him to heartbreak and he decided that he’s going to take as much time as he can to be near Austen, because after all it’s done, Austen will leave, and they will never meet again…as was promised by his Austen.

This is a very good sequel of the series! Angst, love and many funny times thanks to Austen being near to Zack’s family. You will laugh a lot, as we used by now when it comes to THIRDS. And one more thing…I can’t wait for the next book when Austen must manage…Well I shouldn’t say more! Just read the book!

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Shipped” by Karrie Roman

TITLE: Shipped
AUTHOR: Karrie Roman
SERIES: Until You
PUBLISHER: Ninestar Press
COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2018
PRICE: $5.99 –e-book


Ryan Lowe has been a lonely nobody all his life. The only time he ever feels the rush of living is when he’s acting. Wanting to get as far away from his small town life and alcoholic father as possible, he leaves Australia to pursue a career as an actor in the bright lights of Hollywood, never stopping to consider the fame that might come with it.
Lucas Evers understands fame. He’s been a successful actor on the small-screen for years and loves his career. Nothing comes for free though, and the price he’s paid for his success is keeping who he is hidden from the world. He married his best friend to keep both of their secrets, and until now, he has been content with the cost of his fame.
When Lucas and Ryan are cast in a new television series based on a wildly popular book series everything changes for them. The show is a worldwide hit and together they have just become the most popular ship on the planet. As they begin to realize it’s not just their characters falling in love, the cost of their fame rises. Together they must face stalkers, anxiety, panic attacks, and attempted murder.

Ryan and Lucas are both actors and meet at Ryan’s audition for a part on a popular TV show that they will both be starring in as eventual lovers. The chemistry is definitely there from the beginning. I wanted them to hurry up and get to the juicy bits, but I’m so glad they didn’t rush. The friends to lovers trope is one of my favorites, and the author did a fantastic job with it. I have to admit though, I had no idea what “shipped” meant until I read this book. At some points, I felt that the author did overuse the term quite often when it wasn’t necessary to that particular part of the story.

Ryan Lowe is such a sweet and endearing character. He’s from a small town in Australia and hasn’t had the best upbringing. His father is an alcoholic and doesn’t have much to do with Ryan. Ryan’s never really fit in anywhere, and he’s sort of a quiet loner. As a kid, he got a part in a school play, and he decided that that was what he was going to do—he was going to become an actor. As he got older, he packed his bags and moved to California. He gets the part on this crazy popular television show, he becomes best friends with the hunky Lucas Evers and even has an embarrassing fan-girl moment in front of his hero. But not everything is perfect in Ryan Lowe’s life, and he doesn’t know what or if there’s anything he can do about it.

On the outside, Lucas Evers has it all. He’s a rising Hollywood star with a beautiful wife and a loving family, but things aren’t always what they seem. Lucas is such a caring and loving character. He married his best friend to help hide both of their secrets and get her away from her abusive parents. When he became a successful actor, he moved his family into his apartment building and foots the bill for all their lifestyles. When he meets Ryan, he’s instantly attracted to him, but he’s not sure if Ryan’s gay or bi so he settles on them being nothing more than friends. The struggle is real. How Luke kept his paws off of Ryan for as long as he did is a wonder. Add a stalker and attempted murder into the mix, and it makes for one wild ride.

This is book 1 in the Until You series from author Karrie Roman. This is a new author to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s a contemporary romance with some dramatic flair thrown in. The friends to lovers trope was done extremely well. The chemistry between the characters was a well thought-out slow burn but with some extra coal on that fire. I loved the easy-going nature of the characters throughout the book. The secondary characters were enjoyable. I definitely approve of how Lucas’ wife is portrayed. She’s such a great character. In this book, there is definitely some drama happening in the background that throws the two main characters in a pretty crazy situation. I had no idea who the antagonist was until the end. So that was definitely a plus. The editing was great, and I love the cover.

***The ARC was provided by NineStar Press. My review is an honest opinion of the boo ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “A Little Side of Geek” by Marguerite Labbe

TITLE: A Little Side of Geek
AUTHOR: Marguerite Labbe
SERIES: Geek Life Book
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 306 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $17.99 -paperback


When opposite worlds collide, it’s anyone’s game.
Proud geek and comic book artist Morris Proctor wants nothing more than to live in semiseclusion with his devil cat and gamer friends. Despite what his well-meaning family thinks, he’s perfectly content with his status quo. The last thing he needs is to date another nongeek hell-bent on changing him.
Then he meets his adorkable new neighbor, Theo Boarman, who doesn’t know Star Trek from Star Wars, but who tempts him like no other.
Theo has spent the last year recovering from the loss of his parents and trying to play both roles for his teenage brother, while working to keep the family restaurant afloat. Dating is the last thing on the menu, especially with a man who thinks the height of dining is shoving a packaged meal into the microwave.
But if Morris gives him one more shy smile or flaunts that kilt he wears so well, Theo will be forced to convince him that a hot summer fling is just the recipe to let off a little steam.
When that fling gets serious fast, Morris has to decide if he’s willing to give his heart to Theo on the chance that they’re a perfect mix.

This was a fun read for me. It was nice reading how two people attracted to each other, but they live very busy lives, actually have to figure out how to spend time together. It always seems that love stories go so smoothly and no one really has to work. It was refreshing for me. This author really pulled me into the geek world. I had to look up a couple of things to understand, but it was fun learning these new terms for me. The only thing I had trouble with was a chapter that didn’t really seem to belong. But this is the first book of a series, so I get trying to build up characters for future stories.

Morris is a geek with every aspect of the word. He’s recluse except for a few gaming friends, and his con shows that he does beautiful art for. I loved his crazy cat and their relationship. I found myself cheering on the cat lol. He has neighbors that he had never met until he was arguing with his cat and he was attracted to the man right away.

Theo took one look at Morris and those long legs in that kilt and knew he had to have him. Theo was raising his brother, Lincoln, since the death of their parents a year ago. He was also co-owner of the family restaurant and head cook. His life was extremely busy and knew he didn’t have time for a relationship. As he and Morris talked, he realized Morris’ life was just as busy. They decided to try a fling, but it was very difficult to hook up. But when they do, they each want more, but life has a way of getting in the way.

How will these two wonderful men find the happiness they want but don’t say? How will the family dynamics sit with Morris? Will they ever spend enough time together to realize they are for each other?

The author did a great job with all the characters, and I can hardly wait for the next book.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Be Fairy Game” by Meghan Maslow

TITLE: Be Fairy Game
AUTHOR: Meghan Maslow
SERIES: Starfig Investigations
GENRE: Fantasy
LENGTH: 340 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 30, 2018
PRICE: $ –5.38 e-book/ $13.99 – paperback


They’re baaacckk!
When a simple ‘find & fetch’ case throws private investigator Twig Starfig and newly-minted wizard, Quinn Broomsparkle, into the middle of an EBI murder investigation, it’s just another day in the Elder Realm.
If murder were Twig’s only problem, he’d be the luckiest half-dragon in the land. Murder he can handle. Fulfilling his promise to his scheming, power-hungry father to run for a seat on Lighthelm’s city council? Meh, he’d rather face a demon with a toothache.
On top of their case going sideways, and Twig running for a council seat he really doesn’t want, Twig and Quinn are forced to face some unpleasant realities about their budding romance, while still learning how to handle the wizard-familiar bond they now share. Throw in a red fury with abysmal taste in boyfriends, a ghost pirate-parrot who drinks too much, a murderer who will stop at nothing to get what they want, a host of new friends and enemies, and you’ve got a situation where no one is safe and everyone is Fairy Game.

Book two in the Starfig Investigations series is crazy entertaining and full of excitement, and shenanigans. Twig and Quinn are caught up once again in an epic adventure. Murder and mayhem follows these two everywhere they go. Quinn is now Twig’s familiar, and they have a lot of relationship woes in this book, but the epic romance that was budding in book one is still shining bright.

Twig is just as adorable as he was in book one. The half-dragon, half-fairy is such a joy to read. He has a few changes happening and some healing that has to be done from his past, but the sassy dragon-fairy is a tough guy. His dad is still driving him absolutely crazy, and there’s a dark elf just waiting to get his head torn off. Fig and his dragon are constantly at odds. His dragon is all about finally claiming Quinn, but Fig knows Quinn isn’t ready, and it definitely causes some contention between the two.

Quinn is hilarious in this book as well as book one. I love how strong he’s become since becoming free. He’s getting the hang of his powers as a wizard, and he’s definitely not taking any crap from anyone. Book one was more focused on Quinn as a character than book two. I have a feeling book three will be centered more around him.

I really enjoyed these books. Both are absolutely fantastic. The plot in this one dragged a little more than in book one, but it definitely didn’t deter my obsessive reading. I had to know what happens and so the pages kept on turning. I highly recommend this book, and I do advise that you read book one prior to book two. It was an absolute joy to read.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis