Review: “Heart Untouched” by Andrew Grey

TITLE: Heart Untouched
AUTHOR: Andrew Grey
SERIES: Hearts Entwined
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 9, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 – e-book/ $14.99 – paperback


A Hearts Entwined Novel
An accident crushed Duncan’s Olympic dreams and landed him in a chair, but he knows it’s time to get his life back on track—and he has a plan in mind. Working with his friend Todd, an Olympic skeleton racer, on a promotional campaign will not only help Duncan regain some direction, but it’ll give Todd the financial boost he desperately needs. The sport Todd loves is draining his resources—so much so that he’s thinking of giving up racing just to make ends meet.
As the two men work together, their friendship blossoms into much more, and suddenly the future is looking brighter than it has in a long time. But just when love, happiness, and success seem within their grasp, the USOC steps in with plans to stop their campaign. That’ll mean an end not just to Duncan’s business, but to Todd’s dreams… and Duncan isn’t about to let that happen to the man who means everything to him.

Heart Untouched is the third book in the Hearts Entwined series by Andrew Grey. I greatly enjoyed the first two books in the series. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first two. I just couldn’t connect with the main characters as much. The writing was just as good as the first two, and it had a good storyline, but for whatever reason, I just didn’t like the characters as much. But it won’t keep me from reading the next book in the series which I’m hoping will be about Dean and Lee.

I liked Duncan, but he sometimes comes off as whiny, negative, and self-loathing. Not that he didn’t have every right to be when his Olympic dreams were crushed by a bad accident that left him in a wheelchair. He has to relearn how to do everything again, including being independent. He lost most of his friends after his accident. He does still have his friend Todd, who’s also an Olympic skeleton racer, and a couple of people that he made friends with during physical therapy. Since he can’t fulfill his dreams of being on the podium, he’s determined to help his friend Todd achieve his. When Todd mentions that the garage he works at is interested in an advertising/promotional campaign, it’s right up Duncan’s alley since he went to college for marketing and promotion. He has the brilliant idea to use Todd as the spokesperson for the garage chain. Not only will the campaign help Duncan regain some direction in his life, but it’ll hopefully give Todd the financial boost he desperately needs.

I liked Todd more than Duncan. He refused to give up on having a relationship with Duncan even when Duncan refused since he didn’t know if his equipment down south would ever regain its function. I loved when Todd said that loving somebody was more than just the physical side of things. I loved that he loved Duncan unconditionally. He also set up a couple of go-fund-me campaigns to help with expenses. I really enjoyed when the book was in his POV. He was such a patient, sweet, kind, and generous person, which was definitely needed as Duncan needed lots of reassurance.

I also loved how supportive everybody was when they ran into opposition during the campaign. I also like getting to see the other characters from the first two books and how they were doing. I’m hoping to see more of Todd and Duncan in future books as well.

I can’t wait to see if Todd manages to get a medal at the Olympics and I can’t wait to see who Lee ends up with. Overall, Heart Untouched is a great addition to the Hearts Entwined series.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Beautiful Boy” by Grace R Duncan

TITLE: Beautiful Boy
AUTHOR: Grace R Duncan
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
LENGTH: 280 pages
RELEASE DATE: November 20, 2015
PRICE: $6.99 – e-book/ $16.99 – paperback


Malcolm Tate hung up his flogger when his submissive sought out another Dom and landed in the hands of a serial killer. Convinced his lack of dominance sent his sub away, Mal has spent two years blaming himself for what happened. But when his best friend finally convinces him to go back to the local dungeon, Mal’s grateful. Especially when he wins beautiful, submissive, firmly closeted Kyle Bingham in a charity slave auction.
College grad Kyle hasn’t earned enough to move out of the loft his conservative, homophobic parents bought, much less to buy any of the other things still in their name. When he’s won at auction by the hot, amazing Mal, he’s shocked that anyone would want him. No one else seemed to—not his parents, his former Doms, or any of his disastrous dates.
But Mal does want him and Kyle lets his guard down, only to be outed to his parents. With his world crashing down, he must find a way to trust Mal—and their developing relationship—or risk losing everything.

One Dom out of the game, and a Sub in the closet. When a Dom couldn’t give his sub the pain he wanted, he found it in the hands of a serial killer. After two years of blaming himself for not being the Dom his former sub needed, he’s finally ready to hit the scene again if only to get his friends off his back. What he doesn’t expect to find is a beautiful sub that has him wanting to pick up his flogger, and make the beautiful boy his. A sub in the closet to keep his wealthy family from making him homeless can’t help but want the sexy older Dom. No other Dom has made him fly. After being rejected so many times without any explanation, he starts to doubt that he’ll ever find his perfect Dom let alone the perfect man. Until now.

Malcolm Tate has never doubted himself as a Dom until his former sub died at the hands of a sadistic serial killer. Mal has questioned every decision he’s ever made as a Dom and starts to believe he shouldn’t be one. His charismatic best friend who happens to be a sub finally talks some sense into him, so Mal heads to the dungeon to see if he can finally reconnect with his inner Dom. He didn’t expect to find his future posed beautifully in a cage waiting to be auctioned. Gosh, I loved this part. After one scene Mal knows he’ll never be able to let this sub walk away unless he’s wearing his collar and marks.

Kyle lives in a condo paid for by his wealthy parents. He can’t come out to them as gay in fear of becoming homeless and disowned. All Kyle wants is to find a Dom that won’t reject him and give him what he needs. The Dom that trained him was straight and the Doms that he played with after rejected him after one scene. Why would Mal be any different? Except he is. He not only makes Kyle fly as a sub, he also makes falling for the man a temptation he doesn’t think he can refuse, despite the consequences. He wants the Dom’s collar and the man’s heart. He just has to learn to trust that he’s worthy of both.

I loved this book. The characters were fantastic. Mal, the poor guy, is a swoon-worthy man that had me wanting to kneel saying yes, sir. I love when authors of BDSM show that a Dom can be just as vulnerable as a sub. Kyle growing more confident with the help of Mal throughout the book was some of the most emotional moments for me. I was cheering that cutie on. This was my first book by Grace Duncan, but it certainly won’t be my last.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: ” Caged Sanctuary” by Tempeste O’Riley

TITLE: Caged Sanctuary
AUTHOR: Tempeste O’Riley
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 204 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2014
PRICE: $6.99 – e-book/ $14.99 – paperback


Kaden Thorn, a dental surgeon who lives a quiet life, has no hope of finding the love he craves. A vicious gay bashing cost him the use of his legs and confined him to a wheelchair. He has given up hope of finding a Dom or even a nonkink partner to love him. When his best friend practically forces him to attend a dinner party, the last thing he expects is a strong Dom who can see beyond his wheels.
Deacon James is an architect and a demanding Dom, but he has spent the past couple of years without a sub or partner. When an employee invites him to a dinner party to meet his girlfriend, Deacon smells a setup but agrees anyway. He prides himself on being an excellent judge of character, and when he meets the younger dentist, he sees past the chair and finds a sweet submissive man who more than piques his interest.
Kade’s fears and demons continue to haunt him, challenging Deacon to use everything he’s learned as a Dom to earn Kade’s trust and submission. Deacon’s determined, though, willing to battle all of it to have Kade by his side and at his feet.

Caged Sanctuary is a Contemporary romance and healthy dose of BDSM. One man’s life changed forever when a gay bashing outside a nightclub left him paralyzed. He never imagined he’d find a Dom willing to look past his disability to the submissive within. How can a Dom want him when he can’t even kneel? When his best friend invites him over for dinner, he can’t say no like he wants to and often does. He never expects that the man greeting him at the door will be the one person he’s waited for his entire life.

Kaden Thorn was born to kneel at another man’s feet. Being a submissive is who he is. After his accident, he visits the BDSM club where he once thrived. He never thought the Doms he’d serviced and his fellow submissives would shun him like they did. Losing the most fundamental part of himself, he became a recluse. He was just going through the motions in life never really living. He has adapted his life around his disability. He can even perform surgeries as a dental surgeon in his renovated office. Now all he wants is a Dom who wants the submissive even if he’ll never kneel again.

Deacon James is a Dom and a very successful architect. As soon as he met Kaden, he wanted the other man, regardless of his limitations. He starts slow with Kaden, but the other man’s quiet vulnerability has his Dom nature taking the reigns pretty quick. He knows what he wants, and he’s determined to adjust his life and his home for the man who is everything he’s ever wanted.

I enjoyed some aspects of this book. The storyline was good. I had issues with the way the other Doms and submissives were portrayed. If they were that shallow then why would Kaden have gone there even before the incident? I know Kaden is a submissive, but he’s also a successful surgeon. The book had him portrayed as a meek and timid guy who in real life I would have feared for him because he would have just taken any ole Dom that showed him attention. You can have a disability and still be a strong person. I really liked Deacon’s character and the secondary characters. All in all, it was a good book and I enjoyed the read.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Three Bears” by A. Nybo

TITLE: Three Bears
SERIES: World of Love-Western Australia
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Alexandria Corza
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; M/M/M
LENGTH: 82 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2018
PRICE: $3.99 -e-book


At Three Bears surf break, the attraction between a group of friends is anything but “Luke warm….”
Dan goes to stay with his best friend Josh in Margaret River, the surfing capital of Western Australia, to sort out his sexual confusion. But his best friend is the source of that confusion. Having never been attracted to a man other than Josh, Dan fears risking their friendship just to discover men aren’t his thing.
Within the first few days, Dan meets Luke, a local barista who offers him surf lessons. Dan soon finds himself emotionally coveting not one, but two men. When they go to Three Bears, his hidden desires begin to emerge. As the ambiguity of Dan’s mixed signals clears, it becomes apparent both of his surfing companions want him—badly.
It is only when Luke and Josh hook up that they formulate “Operation Three Bears,” an adventurous plan that might lead to a satisfying outcome for all of them.

This was a fun and enjoyable read. This author did a great job building up each of the three characters and putting me right in their heads. This is the first book I’ve read from this author, and I love the whole opposites attract. We are our own worst enemy, and this is proven here. As well as the fear of coming out as gay, lusting for your best friend and new surfer guy and the fear of losing the relationships. What a combination for a stressful guy but these two guys pull him out of his shell very, very slowly.

Dan has been best friends with Josh since they were younger. Josh is openly gay, but Dan just ended an engagement with a woman and has come to stay with Josh. Josh has been in love with Dan for years, but Dan has no clue. Dan thinks he’s gay and wants Josh but he’s to chicken to tell him. He doesn’t want to lose him as his best friend. They’re both struggling with their feelings towards the other but damn if either will do anything about it.

Dan meets Luke, the hot surfer, when getting coffee one day. Luke is his barista, and the moment Luke touched his skin, tingles went through his body. This confuses Dan even further, but he agrees to surfing lessons with Luke. Dan introduces Josh and Luke, and they hook up. As Dan watches this, his poor brain can’t handle everything. Josh and Luke come up with a plan to bring Dan out and enjoy each other as the three bears.

Now, I admit, there were times I wanted to reach out to Dan and strangle him or hug him. I wanted him to find happiness and quit worrying so much, but it just isn’t in his DNA. Will Josh and Luke be able to pry Dan away from his brain? Will Josh and Luke keep hiding their relationship if things don’t go their way? Will Dan be able to use his wood other than for himself? All very good questions and I had to read the rest of the book to get my answers. Enjoy this fun read and three-way love story.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: ” Gyrfalcon” by Anna Butler

TITLE: Gyrfalcon (Taking Shield Book 1)
AUTHOR: Anna Butler
SERIES: Taking Shield
COVER ARTIST: Adrian Nicholls
GENRE: Sci-fi
LENGTH: 334 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 5, 2016
PRICE: $Free – e-book/ $12.50 – paperback


Earth’s last known colony, Albion, is fighting an alien enemy. In the first of the Taking Shield series, Shield Captain Bennet is dropped behind the lines to steal priceless intelligence. A dangerous job, and Bennet doesn’t need the distractions of changing relationships with his long-term partner, Joss, or with his father-and with Flynn, the new lover who will turn his world upside-down. He expects to risk his life. He expects the data will alter the course of the war. What he doesn’t expect is that it will change his life or that Flynn will be impossible to forget.

Book one in the Taking Shield series is a very slow burn romance with a cliffhanger. This is an action-packed science-fiction that takes place in space. The last known earth colony is in a war with an unknown alien race. All the Albions know is that the aliens use drones to fight and they seem to have an endless supply. A team of highly trained special ops have been given the task of infiltrating the aliens bases and blowing them up. They have a reputation, and throughout the book you’ll find that it’s definitely warranted.

Shield Captain Bennet has been tasked with a mission that he hopes will forever change the outcome of the war against the alien race hellbent on annihilating the last of the human race. What he wasn’t expecting was to be sent to his estranged father’s ship and having to work with the man to complete the mission. The men in Bennet’s life are difficult, to say the least. Bennet’s longtime boyfriend would rather he stay on their planet and pursue academia than fight in Shield. His father doesn’t approve of his choices either, being a gay man and a Shield agent. The guy can’t catch a break. Until he meets the arrogant and somewhat charming fleet pilot Flynn.

Flynn plays by his own rules and never worries over the consequences. He’s currently in a tumultuous relationship with his former lover and fellow pilot. Everyone on the ship is talking about the infamous Shield agent joining them for what they don’t know, and few will find out. Of course when Flynn has the opportunity to make a first impression, he sasses off at the Captain. Something big is fixing to go down, and Bennet needs the fleet but especially Flynn, and it’s life or death. Will the cocky pilot be the man and pilot Bennet needs and knows Flynn can be?

Definitely a slow burn. It was a fun read, and I really enjoyed it. The action was intense and very well written and thought out. I liked that it had real family and relationship issues. It wasn’t cookie cutter by any stretch of the imagination. I was anxious for some parts to get moving so I could find out what happened next. The book ended in a frustrating yet perfect place. It definitely had some real-world drama that I found refreshing. I recommend the read.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis