Review: “The Night Sky Festival” by S.A Stovall

TITLE: The Night Sky Festival
AUTHOR: S.A Stovall
SERIES: Warmest Wishes Anthologies
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
GENRE: Anthology; Holiday
LENGTH: 24 pages
RELEASE DATE: Dec 1, 2018
PRICE: $1.99 e-book


Photographer Zach is happy to pack up his gear and head to the Mojave Desert over the holidays. Ever since his ex-husband filed for divorce a day before Christmas, it’s safe to say this isn’t Zach’s favorite time of year.
Fortunately, he stumbles upon a town where the residents seem to agree. The good people of Baker would much rather celebrate the possibility of extraterrestrials as they dance under the stars in their unique “Night Sky Festival.” The locals are interesting, to say the least, and they want Zach to join them.
But is Zach ready to let go of his holiday bitterness? And if so, whose invitation should he accept: the cute cashier, the burly single dad, or the sexy fun-loving cop

Zach is a photographer sent to Baker a few days before Christmas to take pictures for a magazine.
He meets Ethan, a sexy cashier, Broden a hot single dad and Kross a super mega sexy cop. All of them seem to have interest in Zach, but only one of them will end their Christmas night with him.

The Night Sky Festival by S.A Stovall is a very short adorable story.

Zach is the Grinch; he doesn’t celebrate Christmas after his ex-husband asked for a divorce on Christmas Eve two years before. He doesn’t like the heat while he’s in the Mojave Desert, and mostly he doesn’t like people. Of course, it was without counting the 3 hot gay men.
It was a sweet story that I enjoyed as much as a piece of chocolate. You read it, find it tasty, good and want more. That’s what this sweet story did to me.

Go read your piece of chocolate before Christmas; it’s less caloric but just as enjoyable!

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Secretly Dating the Lionman” by Sue Brown

TITLE: Secretly Dating the Lionman
AUTHOR: Sue Brown
SERIES: Cowboys and Angels
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: November 27, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 – e-book/ $14.99 – paperback


Can a man burdened with family drama find his way into the arms of a happy-go-lucky stripper called Lionman?
Cris likes a drink at the Cowboys and Angels bar after his shift at the strip club—until one night when a trashed young guy named Mikey tries to kiss him. He’s not Cris’s type, but Cris is good enough to see the kid home safely. There he meets Mikey’s handsome older brother, Bennett, and there’s an immediate spark between them.
But Bennett might not be in a position to start a relationship, let alone with the carefree Cris. He’s trying desperately to hold his family together, with a younger brother who’s running off the rails and hostile parents who will never accept not just one, but two gay sons.
When Cris is unexpectedly fired and Bennett’s family drama escalates, they turn to each other for support. But can a shoulder to lean on develop into something much closer, something they both deserve?

Secretly Dating the Lionman is the second book in the Cowboys and Angels series by Sue Brown. This is the first book that I’ve read by this author, but it won’t be the last. I wasn’t able to read the first book in the series before reading this book, but I don’t think that I missed anything that would have affected this book. I think reading the first book would have enhanced my reading experience and I can’t wait to read it to find out more about how Gideon and Dan, who are the owners of Cowboys and Angels bar, met and became a couple.

I really enjoyed Cris. He works as a stripper at a straight strip club called Forbidden Nightz because it pays more than stripping at a gay club. His stage name is Lionman, and he dances to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” He enjoys his job but can’t stand the new club manager who keeps changing his shifts without notifying him which is screwing up his dating life. After work, he likes to get a drink at Cowboys and Angels where he runs into Mikey who he met at a gay speed dating event held at Cowboys and Angels. The attraction isn’t mutual because Mikey is so far in the closet he just might be in Narnia. But that doesn’t stop him from hitting on Cris when he gets drunk. When Cris does a good deed after taking home a very drunk Mikey, he meets his older brother Bennett. Bennett is everything that Cris is looking for in a guy. He’s older and has some mileage on him just the way that Cris likes them.

I liked Bennett. What makes him happy is making sure that the people that he cares about are happy. And so his big focus is making sure that his younger brother Mikey is happy. And if it makes his brother happy to continue to pretend to be straight and have a fiancé, then that is what Bennett is going to help him do, and if that means that he needs to make sure that Cris isn’t interested in his brother than that is what he will do. But Bennett didn’t expect to fall for Cris himself. Now not only does he have to worry about his brother coming out of the closet to his strictly religious parents but he will have to fight his own feelings to come out also in order to keep the man that he wants.

When Cris ends up getting fired, he will end up bartending at Cowboys and Angels until he can find another job that pays as well as stripping so that he can continue to pursue his first love, painting.

To enjoy this book, you don’t have to have read the first book, but I would recommend that you do so that you can enjoy all of the cameos from the other characters in the first book that are in the second book.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Quenched in Blood” by Ari McKay

TITLE: Quenched in Blood
SERIES: Asheville Arcana
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
LENGTH: 228 pages
RELEASE DATE: Nov 20, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book / $9.99 -paperback


Will love mean rebirth… or death?
Vampire Julian Schaden has been warning the Asheville Paranormal Council of an impending demonic incursion for more than two decades. Over the past two years, he and his friends have fought as hard as they can with little help, since Micah Carter, the demon hunter who should have led them, shirked his responsibility and then perished.
Desperate for anything that might aid the fight, Julian enters the Carter property and finds something he never dared hope for: young Thomas Carter, the heir to a long line of demon hunters.
Thomas knows nothing about the supernatural world. But the prospect of a real life, outside the sheltered, isolated farm where he grew up, calls to him, and the idea of fighting the Unholy feels right.
Julian agrees to train Thomas even as he struggles against an unexpected, unwanted attraction. Thomas is too young and innocent to get involved with Julian, but opposites attract, and this is one battle Julian seems fated to lose. A prophecy from a dying mage comes with a bleak warning: the upcoming battle will claim Thomas’s life. To keep his home and friends safe, Julian may have to sacrifice the only love he’s ever known.

Julian Schaden is a reclusive three-hundred-year-old vampire and a member of the Asheville paranormal council. For the last two years, with his two best friends, Arden and Whimsy and their mates, Eli and Harlan, they fight against evil forces who want to bring a powerful demon to earth.

Thomas Carter is the last heir of a long line of demon hunters, but he doesn’t know that. He was raised by his grandfather, Micah, a demon hunter too, who had to hide the truth to Thomas. Micah raised him on an isolated farm, without friends, TV, Internet…nothing. Thomas was completely cut off from the outside world.

Julian agreed to train Thomas and to teach him everything about the paranormal world and his legacy. Thomas is eager to learn with Julian, and not only about his destiny. But when a prophecy reveals that Thomas must die in order to save the world, Julian will have to choose between the world’s safety or his only real chance of love.

Quenched in Blood by Ari McKay is the third and final book in the Asheville Arcana series.
Julian is a vampire—a broody vampire. He’s fought against the evil forces for centuries now, and with the help of his two best friends and former lovers, Arden and Whimsy, Julian tries to protect the world. He has a lot of guilt in him, and he blames himself for Thomas’ parents and grandfather’s deaths, that’s why he tries to trained him to be the best.

Thomas is eager to discover the world or the worlds around him—the human world and paranormal world. He’d lived sheltered from the outside all his life, and he has a lot to discover. He also wants Julian, not only as a mentor, but also as a lover. He’s young, but eager to learn, he’s brave and kind and accepts his destiny even if it’s terrifying.

I loved these two characters. Julian is the archetype of the broody, moody vampire who reveals himself only to the people he cares about. He can be technically undead, but he’s more human than what people think. He’s strong, brave, fierce but also sensitive, kind and very smart, I loved that about him. Thomas is young but not stupid. He takes his duty as demon hunter seriously, and he’s also brave and doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind when necessary. I liked that he wasn’t a little puppy following and obeying his master.

This book is the last one in the Asheville Arcana Trilogy. We finally know who the demon is, how they’re going to fight it, and if they’ll survive. It was captivating, and I was a little bit sad to have to say goodbye to them.
I had a great time with them, and this final episode was super good.

4 OptimuMM’s for the Vampire and his angel.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “My Kind of Man” by AG Silver

TITLE: My Kind of Man
PUBLISHER: Self Published
COVER ARTIST: JC Clarke & The Graphics Shed
GENRE: Daddy; ABDL; Age Play
LENGTH: 240 pages
RELEASE DATE: Oct 23, 2018
PRICE: $3.99 e-book / $10.99 -paperback


An M/M age-play romance.
Michael knows what he wants. He wants a daddy.
When yet another attempt at a relationship fails, Michael decides to find himself his daddy. The one man that will care for him, nurture him, and love him for who he is. Twenty-six-year-old and successful in his career, Michael knows he’s missing out on life. He’s a quiet, introverted man with desires that seem too far out of his reach. Until he goes to Escape one night.
Callum is tired of being lonely. He has everything to offer the right man.
When forty-year-old Callum is encouraged to visit Escape, his hopes are high, but his expectancy of finding the perfect man is low until he sees a young man nervously looking around the club. Everything about him ticks Callum’s boxes. Shorter than his six-foot frame with blond curls that cry out to be stroked, and a look of anxious longing on his face. Callum is transfixed.
With only a few words exchanged, the two men are hooked, eager to explore everything they have ever dreamed of. Is this a life they can fulfill, or will they find too many obstacles in their way?
My Kind of Man is an age-play story and contains M/M sexual content, spankings, age play, ABDL.

Michael is a Little who wants a daddy. He doesn’t want just a role play; he wants to live ABDL lifestyle 24/7. He decides to take his chance at Escape, a private club where he hopes to find his daddy.
Callum is a daddy who wants a Little, one who wants to live the lifestyle 24/7. His last relationship ended up bad, and Callum doesn’t know if he will finally find the Little meant to be his.
Michael and Callum are meant to be together, but fantasizing over something and living it, are two different things, and Michael and Callum will have to find if they really want this life, together.
My Kind of Man by AG Silver is my first book by this author and my first ABDL’s book. I can say that AG Silver had popped my cherry with her book.

Michael is 26 years old and a wealthy businessman. But Michael is lonely, and although he knows what he wants in a relationship, he can’t find it. He wants a Daddy; he wants someone who will take care of his every need, who will have control over him, and most importantly, who will help him to forget his adult life and all the problems that goes with it. I like the paradoxes in Michael. He’s very smart, strong and very independent, but he’s also a Little, he needs to be taken care of, he needs to be controlled. I liked this duality.

Callum is 40 years old, he owns his own publicist company, and he’s a daddy. He seems to have everything he needs, except his Little. He craves the need to take care of someone, to attend his every need. He’s a natural nurturer, and he needs someone who will understand it. I like Callum. He’s very sensitive and smart. He’s kind and soft with a dominant side too.

Like I said earlier, it was my very first ABDL book, and he was an interesting journey for me. I won’t lie, at first, the diapers’ scene was out of my comfort zone. I love a good Daddy kink, but more in an adult way, so reading and discovering the ABDL world through Callum and Mickey was really challenging for me and that’s where the author’s talent is important. AG Silver pushed the kink gradually throughout the book. The reader evolved with Callum and Mickey’s relationship, and at the end of the book, I ended up with an agreeable feeling and a smile. She wrote it well, introducing us in this universe with talent, creativity, and sexiness. She did it brilliantly.

The book focuses on Michael and Callum’s relationship and all the difficulties they meet. The characters are well developed and consistent with their kinks, especially Michael. His reactions sometimes can be seen as childish, but it makes sense with who he truly is. Callum is a soft daddy, not a big bad intense Daddy/Dom, and I liked it too. And the sex is hot, really hot and kinkyyyyyyy.

If you’re into this genre, this book is for you and you will enjoy it. And if you want, like me, discover the ABDL Kink, My kind of Man is a very good book to start it.

4 OptimuMM for Daddy Callum and his Little Mickey.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Blood for the Spelling” by TJ Nichols

TITLE: Blood for the Spelling
AUTHOR: TJ Nichols
SERIES: Studies in Demonology
PUBLISHER: DSP Publications
GENRE: Fantasy; Paranormal
LENGTH: 280 pages
RELEASE DATE: Nov 27, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $16.99 -paperback


Sheets of ice are spreading across the human world, ushering in an ice age as the magic drained from Demonside turns that world into a desert. Angus and reluctant warlock Terrance have defected from Vinland to the Mayan Empire—a land of dark and potent magic. But the Mayans aren’t offering sanctuary for free.
Nor is the world willing to stand back as Vinland attacks, and the backlash will affect all magic users.
Mage Saka has no tribe. He is now just another refugee fleeing the dying Demonside. He knows the conflict brewing now will be worse than the first demon war. Countries are banding together—not just against Vinland, but against all magic. Where will the powerful Mayan Empire stand?
Angus might have the power to fight Vinland and the Warlock College, but the cost will be terrible. Saka is torn between helping Angus and stopping him. And Terrance would do anything for Angus, but he’s terrified of the man Angus is becoming, even as Saka is warming to the idea of a relationship between the three of them.
No matter what choice they make, victory will be bittersweet, and when the ash settles and the snow melts, nothing will be the same.

Angus, Saka and Terrance finally arrived at the Mayans Empire, but they don’t find the shelter and help they were hoping for.
The whole “human” world is at the edge of a war, while demonside is at the edge of extinction.
Saka tries to convince other demon mages to close the doors between these two worlds to gain time while Angus tries to find a way to save both worlds. He might have a way, but it will cost blood, love, and life.
Can they take the risks? Can they choose to lose everything to save their world? No matter the end, blood will be spilled.
Blood for the Spilling by TJ Nichols is the third and last book of the Studies in Demonology trilogy.

I was thrilled to read the last chapter of Angus, Saka and Terrance’s journey, and TJ Nichols didn’t disappoint me. This final was fabulous, and I was completely hooked in the book.

Angus wants to save his world and demonside. He’s ready to do everything in his power for that, but the Mayans Empire isn’t as welcoming as he’d hoped, and after everything he endured in Vinland, after almost dying in the demonside’s desert, Angus has to prove himself again while finding a way to save them all.

Saka is as desperate as Angus to save the world, his world. He keeps trying to reach other tribes and find a way to united them to save their world, meanwhile, he wants to protect Angus, to save him too. Saka is torn between his duty for his people and his love for his Mage.
Terrance hopes to finally find a home, to finally be able to be with the man he loves even if he has to share him with Saka. But Terrance’s past with Vinland—what they forced him to do to Angus—comes back to bit him, and the Mayans see him as a traitor, as someone who can’t be trusted, and they threaten his life and his future with Angus.

Throughout the book, we follow Terrance, Saka, and Angus on their last journey. The point of view alternates between the three of them. The sacrifices they are forced to do, their fears, their doubts and most of all their love. This book is the final chapter, and it’s the darkest of the trilogy in my opinion. The atmosphere is dark and heavy, I felt the fears and the angst, I felt their despair, I felt their love. I was completely hooked in the book and couldn’t put it down until the end.

This final episode is my favorite in the series, and the end was epic.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series. if you haven’t read it yet…Angus, Saka, and Terrance worth it.

It’s 5 OptimuMM for The Mages and their anchor.

***The ARC was provided by DSP Publication . My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis