Review of: Personal Best 3 by Sean Michael

TITLE: Personal Best 3
AUTHOR: Sean Michael
SERIES: Personal Best
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: March 22, 2019


Personal Best: Book Three
Swimmer Mike Gauliet is on his way to an Olympic berth, sitting on the edge of fulfilling his potential and achieving the dreams his coach and lover, Jessy Turner, has for both of them.
All Mike wants to think about is swimming his laps faster than anyone else. Too bad things aren’t going exactly according to plan. Mike’s getting threats, and he’s afraid to tell Jessy and determined to handle things alone.
When the threats escalate to the point where Mike can’t hide them, though, Jessy takes over, moving Mike to a new training location, promising to keep him safe. Mike and Jessy try to go on with business as usual, but someone has such hatred for Mike that it seeps into their everyday life, straining their relationship, making Mike wonder if he even wants to swim anymore. Danger lurks around every corner, in and out of the pool, and while Mike and Jessy work with the police to discover the culprit, one attack leaves their life in shambles. Can Mike and Jessy find their attacker and get Mike back on track to a championship?

Personal Best 3 is the third book in the Personal Best series by Sean Michael. This is my favorite book in the series so far. I loved the plot and all of the explicit sex. The book is best if you read the first two books in the series first since the series is about one couple. This series just keeps getting better and better. I loved all of the tropes in the book. It has May/December, hurt/comfort, Dom/sub dynamic, light BDSM, Breathplay, and attempted murder all with a sports theme. I happen to love all of those so of course, I loved the book. I have read the other two books in the series, and I couldn’t wait to see what happened in this book.

In this book, Mike has recovered from all of his injuries in the previous book and is back to training to win his upcoming swim meets and the National Championship so he can qualify for Worlds and make it onto the Olympic Swim Team. However, since he’s been back to competing, he’s been receiving threatening letters. He tries to take care of it by himself until he isn’t able to hide it anymore from Jessy. He shows Jessy the other letters and Jessy does what Jessy does best. He protects his boy. However even with upgrading the security system on their house and increased police patrols, the attacker is still able to get to them, and so Jessy ends up moving Mike to a new training location, keeping it secret from everybody and it works, until they have to show up for a meet. With the things that happen in the locker room at the meet, Mike and Jessy are pretty sure they know it’s one of the other competitors, but without proof, the police can’t do anything, and so after the meet, they go into hiding again until the next meet. They can’t wait until the police can catch the attacker, and things can go back to normal, but before they can, the attacker escalates to attempted murder. Luckily the attacker’s caught, but the damage’s been done. Will Mike and Jessy be able to recover and continue with their dreams or will the attacker win and keep Mike from competing again?

I love Mike. He’s normally so vibrant and energetic, and Jessy usually has his hands full keeping him in line, but poor Mike’s put through hell in this book. At one point he even retires when his coach and lover, Jessy, is injured saving his life and he ends up taking care of him. With his retirement, he stops his diet and goes back to the unhealthy eating habits that make him ill. This is a dark and traumatic time for Mike and Jessy both. For Jessy it’s hard because he isn’t used to being cared for, he’s used to caring for Mike not having Mike care for him. It’s also very hard for Mike because he doesn’t have the Dominate/sub dynamic in his life while Jessy’s recovering and so he’s feeling adrift without the much-needed structure and rules to his life. Both are feeling stressed and out of sorts, and it puts a strain on their relationship. And the guilt that Mike feels isn’t helping. He’s convinced that what happened to Jessy is all his fault and won’t believe anything different, no matter what Jessy says.

I loved Jessy also. He’s determined to protect Mike and will do anything to make that happen including almost dying to do it. The one thing that he won’t let happen is for Mike to give up his dream of winning Olympic gold. I love how he’s able to fix their relationship after healing from his attack. Mike doesn’t make it easy though, and I love how he slowly works Mike back into training, dieting, and resuming their sexual relationship, giving Mike the structure and rules that he needs to flourish and continue with his dreams.

I can’t wait to see what happens to Mike and Jessy next in their quest to get onto the Olympic Swim Team and win the gold medal.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Amber Krogh

Review of: Tit for Tat by JS Harker

TITLE: Tit for Tat
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Fantasy
RELEASE DATE: December 18, 2018


Cold has never been so hot.
College sophomore Derek is busy working over his holiday break—but his shifts at the toy store are no hardship if they mean more opportunity to dream about the sexy new guy working as an elf in Santa’s Workshop. When his mother gifts him a bag of cookies, Derek regifts them to Flynn as an excuse to get to know him. Flynn has presents to offer as well, and soon they’re dating, with Derek finding out his comfort zone is bigger than he imagined.
But Flynn is hiding a secret—he’s really a winter fairy whose magic is bound to the season. He can’t stay in the mortal realm, and Derek doesn’t want to lose contact with his family. Can they find a way to hold on to each other when the snow and sugar plums melt away?

I really enjoyed this short read from this author. This is my first read from this author, and I will definitely seek out more books. I felt a part of this holiday love story and really connected to the MC’s. I want to go to this other realm and be a part of it.

Derek is a college student who’s working at the toy store during Christmas break. His hours are long, but he doesn’t mind as he loves ogling over the elf at Santa’s shop across the way at the mall. Derek’s self-confidence is on the low side and he just wishes he had the guts to talk to this sexy little elf. One problem is Derek’s ex works at the shop also, and that does nothing to boost his confidence. One day, his mom stops by with a bag of cookies, and he gifts them to this elf and receives a gift back.
Flynn is a winter fairy that can only be in this realm in the winter. Flynn loves the mortal realm and comes to it every winter. When Derek offers him the bag of cookies, he is so excited. Flynn has a thing for sweets. All sweets and eats as much as he can. He gives Derek a candy cane with some magic and ends up taking care of Derek until the magic wears off. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

And don’t let me forget to mention Lulu, Flynn’s tiny fairy sidekick. She cracked me up so many times with her tiny little antics to her love for fudge. This is such an enjoyable short story, and I’m sure you will read in one sitting like I did.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: My Regelence Rake by J.L. Langley

TITLE: My Regelence Rake
AUTHOR: J.L. Langley
SERIES: Sci-Regency
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
RELEASE DATE: Nov 23, 2018


A Sci-Regency Novel: sequel to The Englor Affair
Sebastian Hastings, Viscount Wentworth, is captain of the Royal Guard by day and scandalous rake by night. To protect the royal family of Regelence from the plots of the Intergalactic Navy, Sebastian makes it his priority to personally oversee their safety.
Prince Colton Townsend is done pining after the roguish viscount and focuses his attention on his second love—horses. Following his dream of owning a racehorse breeding farm distracts Colton from his heartache… until Sebastian begins shadowing him.
When a good deed at a horse auction sparks public rumors, Colton just might get the man and the marriage he’s longed for. But Sebastian’s duties and secrets keep him walled off from those who would get close.
To reach Sebastian, Colton takes one last risk that might break his heart….

As I told you before, this is one of my favorite series. I will not repeat myself, as you can read in my previous review, so let it be enough that this series brings back good memories, memories I will never forget.

We continue with the story of Prince Colton and Captain of the Guards Sebastian the Viscount of Wentworth. We learn that Colton has had a serious crush on Wentworth since he was 13 years old, but it seems that he’s ignored by the Captain.

Sebastian has quite a reputation. He’s not as suitable as a chaperon as it seemed. He’s widowed and he will never marry again. His days are filled protecting the royals, and his nights are filled with games and paramours. When Colton, the poor bastard, witnesses one of the infamous viscount’s romantic escapades, he realizes, with heartbreak that it’s time to move on.
Suffice it to say, when the next day Colton ignores Sebastian, suddenly the tables are turned. Sebastian’s not used the cold shoulder from Colton and that intrigues him.

Then it comes to Colton’s father, King Steven, who we learn is a matchmaker. I love this book, particularly because we get glimpses into the King and his Consort’s life. The burning love for each other and the King’s mischievous ideas regarding his son Colton and The Captain of the Royal Guard.

But then not everything goes smoothly. As Colton plans to open his barn, turning his love of horses to his life mission now that he has moved on from Sebastian, and Sebastian’s past that threatens both their lives, we will not have one dull moment.

And now…I hope, from the bottom of my heart that this series doesn’t stop here! We need to find out what’s going on with the IN, and we defiantly need to read Rexley’s and Trouble’s story as well!!!


***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Keeping Them Unseen by Michele Notaro

TITLE: Keeping Them Unseen
AUTHOR: Michele Notaro
SERIES: Reclaiming Hope
GENRE: Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: Feb 12, 2019


I used to think vampires were extinct, but it turns out, they’re merely hiding. When my pack stayed with some vamps a while back, I couldn’t believe how prickly and rude they all were… all but one: Dregan. I met him and my wolf went crazy, wanting to be close, wanting to rub up on him, wanting to bite him. It makes no sense. Vampire blood and shifter blood don’t mix. In fact, I’d never survive if I ever get a taste of what I so desperately desire. But I can’t get that vampire out of my head, even weeks and months after we left him.

When a little wolf caught my attention, I was surprised but intrigued. The more time he spent in my den, the more I wanted him to stay close. This little innocent wolf was driving me mad, making me want a little taste. But there’s a reason my den has been hiding for hundreds of years, and no matter how badly I crave that little wolf, I can’t have him. I couldn’t risk him getting hurt just to satisfy my needs, so I let him go. Though, nothing I do will make me forget how good he smelled, how delicious I know his blood would taste.

With something cruel and dark hunting Dregan and with Chris’s pack hiding from an evil force, will they ever be able to come together and help one another? Or will they let the evils of the world overtake them and let fear overshadow their desires?

Dregan is a vampire, an Elder. He’s the oldest vampire in the world and suffered a life of pain and loss because of the Dark Witch until he meets a certain wolf. Christopher is a member of the Airlin pack. He’s quiet and overprotected by his pack mates. Until he meets a certain Vampire. When the Dark Witch tracks Christopher down in order to hurt Dregan, the pack will be separated from them, and Christopher and Dregan will start a journey together to find Chris’pack and maybe themselves in the process.

Keeping them Unseen by Michele Notaro is book 3 of the Reclaiming Hope series. I adored this book, just like I adored the two previous.

Dregan is an Elder vampire, he’s the oldest among his kind. He seems to be cold and standoffish except when he’s with Christopher. The young wolf brings out the best side of Dregan, one that no one knows except maybe his fledgling Jael. I completely melted for Dregan, he lived a life full of pain, suffering and loss. He broke my heart. I loved how, despite all his pain and sorrow, he still has hope for the future. His meeting and relationship with Christopher is what will save him really. I loved him.

Chris is quiet with a big heart. Because of what happens to him at the hands of the SOB of Gregory (“How we Survive”: Reclaiming Hope #1), his pack mates overprotect him. But when Chris meets Dregan, he will have to stand up against his pack and the other vampires. Christopher is one of my favorite members of the Airlin pack with Zeke and Felix (can’t wait to have their stories btw). He’s quiet and sensitive with a big heart. I adored how he is with Dregan. He’s sassy, fights back without hesitation and very protective of him. I was rooting for them since the beginning of their journey.

I really loved this book and this series. Michele Notaro is brilliant and talented. She created a complex world between the humans, vampires, shifters, spellcasters and the worst, the Dark Witch. Each book is about a couple in the main plot, but all the books are connected together with the war in the background and Felix’s quest about his curse. She brilliantly merged all of it together without getting confusing for the readers. The characters are fabulous, well developed and complex. They are humans even if they are supernatural.
This series is, in my opinion, one the best paranormal series in this genre. A series that we should have in our PAL if we’re fan of this genre. I gladly recommend this book and the whole series. You won’t regret it at all.

5 OptimuMM for the Vampire and his little wolf.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Sei by Catherine Lievens

AUTHOR: Catherine Lievens
SERIES: Gillham Pack, book 20
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
GENRE: Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2017


Rushing into things isn’t always wrong, no matter what everyone says.
Sei has had enough of dodging his mother’s and his aunt’s attempt to arrange a bonding for him since Clea mated with Christian. They don’t see a reason for him not to bond with someone they choose, but he doesn’t care about traditions. He wants the real deal when it comes to mating—love, lust, and a happily ever after.
Donovan is the liaison between the pack and the government. His job isn’t running around Washington rescuing street kids, but he wants to help the pack, and those kids. The last thing he expected from his impromptu mission was to meet his mate.
When Sei is overwhelmed by a crowd of reporters who have come to Gillham to find out more about shifters, he’s rescued by a bear shifter. He recognizes Donovan as his mate only once Donovan shifts, and he doesn’t let the occasion slip away. They mate within hours of their first meeting, but Sei hadn’t considered the complications that would come with it.
The attacks on the pack are escalading, Donovan’s son is vehement about his dislike of Sei, and Donovan doesn’t know what to do. Will he have to choose between his mate and his son? What can he do to keep the pack safe? Will this be the time when everything falls apart?

Sei is the twentieth book in the Gillham Pack series by Catherine Lievens. Each book is about a different couple who find their mates but they do have a storyline and plot that thread them all together so reading them in order isn’t necessary, but I do find it enhances the reading experience when you know who the sub characters are that they are talking to. The book was well written and had all of the elements that I have come to expect from a Catherine Lievens’ book.

Sei is twenty-nine, a nix, and a nurse. He’s been dodging his mother’s and his aunt’s attempts to arrange a bonding for him since his cousin Clea mated with Christian, leaving the female that Clea was supposed to be bonded with available. The only problem is that Sei is gay just like Clea is, and he wants the real deal when it comes to mating—love, lust, and a happily ever after. When he’s overwhelmed by a crowd of reporters who have come to Gillham to find out more about shifters, he’s rescued by a bear shifter. At first, he isn’t aware that Donovan, the bear shifter, is his mate until after Donovan shifts into his human self, and he doesn’t let the occasion slip away. They end up mating within hours of their first meeting.

Donovan is eighty-five, a bear shifter, and the liaison between the pack and the government. His job isn’t supposed to be running around Washington rescuing street kids, but when a call comes in from the hotline, he ends up being the one to go and pick them up. Little did he know that he would end up rescuing his mate also. But now he needs to decide what to do about his job now that he has a mate and how to introduce him to his kids. And he already knows that that’s going to be a lot of fun, not. Since his kids, even though they’re grown, still have hopes that he will get back together with their mom. They also won’t be crazy about the age difference between him and his mate.

With the escalation of the attacks on the pack, Donovan will do all that he can to keep his mate and his new pack safe.
I loved the book. It had just the right combination of heat, angst, action, and drama. And since I actually started reading this series with the next book in the series, I already know what’s going to happen. I wasn’t disappointed, and I’m sure that you won’t be also. Now I just need to read the first twenty books in the series.

***The ARC was provided by eXtasy Books. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis