Review: “Olivier” By TJ Nicholas

TITLE: Olivier
AUTHOR: TJ Nicholas
SERIES: Order of the Black Knights
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
GENRE: Mystery/Suspense; Urban Fantasy
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2017
PRICE: $8.32 -e-book / $14.99 -paperback  


Olivier Merlo works for a dangerous man. He does what he’s told without asking questions because he needs to protect his sister and niece. When someone gives his boss trouble, Olivier does what he does best. It’s a routine hit—until the victim’s brother starts poking around.

Cody Anders left his family behind a decade ago—along with their wealth and influence—to live on his own terms. Still, he knows his twin didn’t die of a drug overdose, and he’ll do anything to find the truth. What he uncovers is a conspiracy that will topple his family and leave him staring down the barrel of a gun.

Olivier must decide if he’s going to obey orders or free himself from the curse that has guided his hand for centuries. Cody, who challenges Olivier’s notion that no one can love him, holds the key to breaking his chains. But when the truth finally comes out, it might be more than Cody can accept.

I have been of fan of this series, and this book continued to feed my love of it. This author has a great sense of writing a hot and steamy read but also has me thinking throughout the whole book. The men in these books have lived many lives and die, just to start all over. They have made a deal with the wizard centuries ago and continue to fight. It’s pretty simple what they have to do to not to have to continue this cycle, but it always takes a few lives to figure it out. Forgiveness…

Olivier is no different. He has loved, killed and died for a very long time now. Olivier thought he might have had something with Finn but then…betrayal is a hard slam on the ego. And, Olivier is not able to do the one thing to end this cycle. Forgiveness. That’s all it would’ve taken, but then again, that would have been a short read. LOL

Then there is the twins. Always twins for Olivier but no matter, Olivier always falls for the sweet one. Cody is trying to piece everything together that happened with his twin, Connor. As soon as he spots Olivier, he can’t help but stare at him. The chemistry is so apparent but, of course, nothing is that easy.

There are the other characters that help the story. There are the bad families and bosses. Who can be trusted? Who should you watch over your shoulder for? And who gets to live and die?
I loved this book and really enjoy the way it makes me think. Don’t sweat the little things and grab ahold of that spark of life and run with it. Forgive and be forgiven. We all make mistakes. Be the best person you can be and love with all your heart.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Dark Silence” by Katze Snow & Susanna Hays

TITLE: Dark Silence
AUTHOR: Katze Snow & Susanna Hays
SERIES: The Bound Subject
GENRE: Dark; Erotica; Thriller
LENGTH: 288 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 29,2017
PRICE: $2.99 -e-book


Fans of FLESH CARTEL will enjoy reading this book because it is ALL kinds of messed up. Not a romance. Humanity does not belong here.

Claude Galen was brought into this world to train slaves, not to want them.

When his latest victim, a twenty-one-year-old boy named Tristan Kade, begins to see Claude for who he truly is, only one thing can be done to stop Tristan from escaping: punish him.

Trapped in a padded white room with no windows or doors, all Tristan can do to stay alive in this world is to obey Professor Galen.

Submit to him.

Yield. Break.

But what happens when Tristan’s body is trained to work against him? When he starts to crave the pleasure instead of fear it? When he begins to see the man behind the monster?

Warning: This story is DARK. It is not intended for those who are seeking a happily ever after. This psychological, erotic MM thriller is meant for those who enjoy the darker side of life. It is NOT a romance and it contains graphic scenes of sexual torture in which some may find upsetting. Other possible triggers include abduction, torture, non con, manipulation, and enslavement. Please consider these warnings before entering the professor’s world.

WARNING. This is a very dark book about kidnapping, torture, brainwashing and this is not for everyone.

Now, with that said, if you like very dark reads with hot sex, then I recommend this book. These authors are very dark and twisted in the way they tell a story. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but let me tell you, I’m a bit twisted because I loved it.

Claude went through excruciating training by his own father to train slaves. He was raised with this theory that his father had that can change a person into someone totally different by torturing them and make them a better person in the end. Claude has known nothing else, and he does his best to impress his father. Claude has finally worked hard enough and gets his own boy to train.

Tristan is a video geek and travels to go to a gaming convention. He tells his aunt he’s going to check out a college. He was sought out for this college, so he agrees to go meet the professor, then will go to the convention. Well, when Tristan meets the professor, he doesn’t realize he will never make it to the convention. Instead, he’s kidnapped and put in a white room with no windows and is kept there for days. Tristan’s life will never be the same.

Claude knew he wanted Tristan from the first time he saw him. He has been obsessed with getting this boy and doing things right this time. Yes, this isn’t his first. Claude had another, but it ended badly as Claude let himself have feelings and dad took care of that situation after the escape attempt.

Tristan is finally released from this white room of hell, but the rest of the torture that this young man endures is unspeakable. But, after a while, Tristan craves Claude’s touch. Can this theory be true? Will Tristan ever be able to escape or, the better question, will he want to?

Can Claude keep this boy from escaping? Will Tristan submit to this evil man? Will they each accept their roles and be ok with who they are in the end? This is not a love story and does not promote happiness. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I got angry, felt empathy and want more.

***I would like to thank the authors for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Power Play” by A.J. Marcus

 TITLE: Power Play
AUTHOR: A.J. Marcus
SERIES: Dragon Elite
PUBLISHER: Extasy Books
COVER ARTIST: Angela Waters
GENRE: Paranormal; Erotica
LENGTH: 84 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 26, 2017
PRICE: $4.99 -e-book $5.25 -paperback


Can an average man end up landing one of the hottest dragons in Denver?

Naga Industries wasn’t Calvin’s first choice of a place to intern. It wasn’t even his tenth. But when every other internship spot is taken, he finds himself at the mercy of Draeke Lindwurm and he’s way over his head.

Draeke doesn’t want an intern, but his go-to man is threatening to revolt if he doesn’t get them both some help. Calvin is everything Draeke doesn’t like in men. He’s too young, too average, never on time, doesn’t dress well, and worst of all Calvin is human which makes things complicated between them when he becomes a pawn in a power play with the world’s dragon elite.

I love powerful dragon stories, and this author did not disappoint. I so want to have a dragon fall in love with me and take me flying and then make love to me *daydreaming*. This is the first time reading this author, and I definitely look forward to reading more. Better yet, I can’t wait to read book 2 of this series.

Draeke is a dragon that runs Naga Industries in Denver. He’s happy with the way things are going but his sidekick, Arach, threatens him if he doesn’t get them some help. Draeke doesn’t want an intern, but he must make Arach happy. And the workload is heavy. Most of Draeke’s employees are fellow dragons, and he likes it that way. He definitely does not want the human intern that’s coming to start work.

Calvin is a human going to intern at Naga Industries, and he’s already running late for his first day. He’s greeted by Arach and is already warned he may not make it through his first day. He’s not sure if Draeke is gay, but he thinks it might help if he flirts his way to his heart. He’s trying to be helpful, but nothing seems to matter. He can’t seem to get on the good side of his boss.

As the intern, he has to go on a business trip with his boss. On the flight, Calvin learns that Draeke is gay, but it’s made clear that Calvin is not Draeke’s type. This is not good for his ego, but he’s there to do a job. When the job gets ambushed, and Calvin is kidnapped, it’s then that Draeke realizes that this intern has gotten under his tough dragon skin. The dragon world is being hit at all angles, and the tiger pack is out for blood.

What is the tiger’s motive? Will Calvin survive the torture he has to endure? Will Draeke be able to save Calvin and tell him how he really feels? These are all the questions I was asking myself. And guess what? I had to read it to get my answers, as you will have to do the same. Enjoy this book.

***The ARC was provided by eXtasy Books. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Collars & Cuffs Vol 2” by K.C. Wells & Parker Williams

TITLE: Collars & Cuffs Vol 2
AUTHOR: K.C. Wells & Parker Williams
SERIES: Collars & Cuffs
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
GENRE: BDSM; Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 1,144 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 16, 2017
PRICE: $9.99 e-book


The Collars & Cuffs club has room for all types of men to find healing and love. In Damian’s Discipline, Dom Damian Barnett welcomes damaged Jeff into his home after Leo and Thomas save him from the streets. Jeff may not be a submissive, but Damian may be able to offer him the structure he needs to rebuild his life. In Make Me Soar, self-proclaimed “pain slut” Dorian Forrester is chasing the ultimate high into dangerous places. When he goes missing, Alan Marchant is determined to show Dorian that there are better way to fly.

In Dom of Ages, Eli has found his perfect submissive in Jarod, but their age gap has Jarod waiting for the other shoe to drop. A visit to Collars & Cuffs gives the struggling couple hope that their relationship just might stand a chance. And in Endings and Beginnings, barman JJ Taylor didn’t expect to find himself drawn to wannabe Dom Darren Fielding, but as the members of Collars & Cuffs face an event that will make them stronger or break them, JJ finds his life going in a direction he could have never guessed.

As a huge fan of Collars & Cuffs, I’m really excited about the second volume. The thing I love about these books is that they have the BDSM that I love but also that they have the true love aspect also. These books touch on real life stuff and grab hold of your heart. These authors are not afraid to touch on some of life’s sensitive subjects that affect people’s everyday struggles. I do warn you that these can be very sensitive subjects for people that have went through such things but do know, there is hope for everyone out there. There is hope to get through the struggles as a stronger person and to find your own happiness.

What I love about these characters is the cheekiness of the subs and how they can bring these big, bad Doms to their knees, yet be the perfect subs for the ultimate joy of belonging. There is such love, compassion and raw need between these couples. The connection is amazing and how the Doms can read their subs without a word spoken. There is such commitment and connection that help each of these couples conquer anything life wants to throw at them. And let me tell you, life has some wicked curve balls. We all have fears and handle situations differently and don’t handle everything gracefully but we can all learn from our mistakes and move forward.

Damian’s Discipline is the first book of this bundle. Damian is a Dom that lost his sub 2 years ago to cancer. He’s been living life but not with any real purpose. That is until Leo and Thomas ask him to house a troubled boy named Jeff until they can find him a permanent residency. Jeff is someone that has suffered at the hands of the jailed man named Curtis Rogers. Yes, he’s back as the evil man that is jailed for torturing young men and murdering them. This time it’s Jeff. Jeff was so abused by this waste of a man, that he doesn’t even trust anyone with food and drinks. He won’t let anyone prepare anything of the sort for him. Even though Jeff is not a sub, Damian learns about Domestic Discipline and knows this is the structure that will work for Jeff.

Make Me Soar is the second book of the bundle. If you have read the first of these series, then you will remember Dorian as the pain slut that had a thing for Leo. Well, for six years, Dorian has been looking for subspace but has had no luck. No matter how much pain that’s inflicted on him, he can’t reach it. He believes pain is the only way to reach subspace. He hears about a club in Berlin and goes there to see if the change will help him find what he’s looking for. Alan is the Dom that has been watching Dorain at the club for a while now but doesn’t understand his need for pain. When Dorian disappears, he asks another sub of his whereabouts and discovers where he went. Alan and Leo head to Berlin and what they discover is horrific. This is the start of a wonderful and loving story and how pain can be something as gentle as a simple touch.

Dom of Ages is next. This is such a powerful story and my favorite of the series. These two MC’s don’t even meet at Collars & Cuffs but end up becoming a strong part of the family there. Jarod is the epitome of a sub. He is old school and was with his Dom and love of his life for 24 years before he was taken from him in a heroic act. For the last four years, Jarod has done nothing but mourn the loss of his master and kept their home clean. Jarod’s mother begs him to try to live again but Jarod is scared because he’s almost 50. But he takes her advice and goes to this horrible BDSM club where he’s laughed at and made fun of by both subs and Doms. Eli is a 30-year-old Dom that is sick of the wanna be subs that he keeps seeing in the very same club. Eli has almost given up hope when he sees him on his knees in the perfect sub form. Jarod can’t believe his luck to be able to serve again. These two have some struggles at first, but a suicide attempt brings them to such a wonderful start to a new life. Eli finally takes Leo’s advice and takes Jarod to Collars & Cuffs and they both feel at home immediately and build friendships that they both needed.

Endings and Beginnings is the final book in this bundle. Here we meet Darren that witnesses the perfect intimacy between Thomas and Peter. After Darren’s lover moves on in a different direction, Darren wants to see where his life can go. He finally takes the card Thomas gave him and goes to the club. He loves the whole Dom aspect and wants to learn more. This is also where he meets the barman, JJ. This barman is working at the club under false pretenses but soon discovers he wants the relationship he sees over and over again. These two discover how to be Dom/sub together with the training of Thomas. This is a wonderful wrap up of all the Doms/subs/lovers in this ending of the series. I had so many emotions in this book. I got angry, felt hurt and cried.

If you enjoy getting lost in a series, I strongly recommend this series. There is love, heartache, abuse, raw emotion, and raw erotica in these books with that backdrop of BDSM in the mix. I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Troy Into the Light” by JJ Harper

TITLE: Troy Into the Light
SERIES: Troy Duology
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 218 pages
RELEASE DATE: November 26, 2016
PRICE: $2.99 e-book / $9.99 -paperback


Troy – Into the Light Book One
Troy grabs his bags and, shoving in as much of his belongings as he can, he clambers out of his bedroom window. He can hear the shouts and arguments starting up and his name being called. Not able to face his parents, Troy runs away.
Leaning against the wall of the club, Troy’s eyes are drawn to the dark-haired man dancing fluidly with another man. Their eyes meet and Troy’s life changes in the blink of an eye. Inexplicably drawn to each other, they meet on the dance floor. Tremors course over Troy’s body as the handsome stranger touches him.
“I’ve been waiting for you. I don’t know how or why, but I know that you are mine.” As he leans in, he whispers in my ear, “I’m Franco; I am the man you’ve been waiting for, too.” Troy’s life alters irrevocably in that instant as he falls for the handsome, Italian man.
As they build their life together Troy and Franco discover true love, a love so deep they can’t be apart.
I hold his head against my body and, no longer able to hold back my emotions or my words, I stutter, “I love you,” into his hair as my lips cover his head with kisses. “I love you also, Troy. I never knew such a feeling was possible.” Franco whispers against my chest as I hold him.
When illness strikes, Troy has to discover a new part of himself as he struggles past the pain. A new, stronger, braver man emerges, taking his life in his own hands.

JJ Harper has done it again. This is the first book for Troy. We learned a little bit about Troy and Franco in the Reunion series. If you have not read them, I highly suggest them but you can read Troy Into the Light as a stand alone.

Troy was very young when he meets Franco. Franco knows immediately that Troy is his soulmate and will do anything to have him. Troy, on the other hand, knows what he feels for Franco but has a hard time trusting anything. But, as we know, Franco’s persistence won out and they are such a hot and sexy couple.

The chemistry these two have is incredible and to know that Franco gets sick and dies is devastating. The author did such an amazing job and did great justice to Franco. And the strength that Troy has for his soul mate is indescribable. This author made me ugly cry and she is very proud of that fact. I only can wish for a love like theirs and a death like it as well. Franco even describes Troy’s next soulmate in detail. RIP Franco. You will be missed.

JJ walks us through Troys grieving process. How he still feels Franco all around him. How he does not want a relationship again. How Troy has lost his true love and doesn’t know how to move on. Sure, he continues to work, he continues to sleep around to fill that void. But he has no interest in commitment.

Now, we meet Logan. Logan is sexy and thinks Troy is the sexiest thing to walk this earth. Is Logan the one? Is he the one Raphael talked about? Will Troy give him a real chance? I can not answer these questions for you. Please, grab a couple boxes of tissues, curl up in your favorite blanket and enjoy the emotions of this book.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Enrapture 2 Noah’s Tryst” by Pierce Smith

TITLE: Enrapture 2 Noah’s Tryst
AUTHOR: Pierce Smith
SERIES: Enrapture
COVER ARTIST: Kimberly Cortez & Julie Beckford
GENRE: Paranormal; Erotica
LENGTH: 286 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 17, 2017
PRICE: $3.49 – e-book


BA sexy and spicy sequel to our sizzling saga of Noah and Ethan’s story.
Someone has been suspiciously sinful, but who can blame him? Our lusty lads, Noah and Ethan, are led into licentiousness, by a libertine of a spooky spirit.
Driven by Noah’s desire to protect his partner, Ethan, from this depraved demon, Noah enlists the talents of a Paranormal professional to solve his elemental problems and we meet the mysterious Marvel but is he a Master or Masquerade? Friend or Foe? Specialist or Spurious?
As they deal with despondency and despair, testosterone and tears, in determining their destinies to be loyally loving and tenderly together. Resentment runs rampant and as the intensity increases, it adds fuel to the fire. Will the deceit be discovered before it destroys? Will they be rewarded with retribution or repercussions? Will the truth be triumphant and the visitor vanquished?

This is the second book of the series, and I do recommend you read the first book to get the basis for this book. This author has a way of pulling you into the paranormal world in such an erotic way. He had me thinking that a ghost might be fun, but then I kept reading.

So, Noah and Ethan are lovers and live together. They are very happy with each other and can’t seem to get enough of each other’s bodies. They have great chemistry as we learned in the last book. But, Ian the ghost, loves messing with them. He gets to Noah in a sexual manner and gets to Ethan on an emotional level. It’s all fun and games for Noah until he realizes that Ian is making Ethan question their relationship and he becomes fearful of losing his true love.

This is where Dan, Noah’s work buddy comes in, and he learns all this crazy paranormal stuff from Noah. Low and behold, Dan knows Uncle Marvel, a man that communicates with the paranormal. I absolutely love this character. Marvel is a different character because he can follow these spirits with his mind and be where they are and see what’s going on. He’s good looking and charismatic, and Dan is head over heels for him.

My heart goes out the Ethan because Ian has him believing that Noah is being unfaithful. But, how Ethan deals with all this is soooooo hot and sexy. Eventually, Noah figures it out and asks Marvel and Dan for help. This is where more spirits come after him, and these are not friendly at all.

This book really encompasses the characters in this second part of the series. It left me with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I wait for part three. Good job Pierce and could you hurry up with that please? LOL. A good read.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “How I Hurt” by Bazan Kay

TITLE: How I Hurt
AUTHOR: Bazan Kay
SERIES: The Temuba Stories
PUBLISHER: Sugarbones
GENRE: Abuse; Dark; Erotica
LENGTH: 111 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 27, 2016
PRICE: $2.99 -e-book


Pirates off the coast of a dangerous tropical island have captured Riley Geller and his friends. There is no end to their cruelty — especially once they discover that Riley is an immortal. Riley’s pain becomes a journey, one that is artfully orchestrated by his warden: an infamous, stoic assassin with a few secrets of his own. It is up to Riley to master his own suffering and discover his greater purpose in life, even if it costs him everything he’s ever known.

“My colleagues believe that you like it when they hurt you,” Chavez said.

“Sick fucks,” Riley croaked, but he was breathing too hard with excitement and betrayed himself. He knew Chavez could pick out the light in his eyes. It was like a second wind. Riley tried to move again, so Chavez pressed the hand on his chest down harder, disturbing his fractured ribs.

“I’ve made a small fortune off addicts of all kinds,” Chavez continued. Once again, Riley was captured by his stare, pinned and motionless, unable to look away from his dark eyes. “I know one when I see one.”

Warning. I feel I must give readers a warning that this is not BDSM. This story is about human trafficking and the extreme abuse and beatings that go along with that. This is definitely a dark, paranormal, horror read with some erotica. I am not saying any of this to deter readers from reading this story, but as I am one that lives the BDSM lifestyle, I don’t want readers thinking that this is that kind of story.

With that being said, the author did an incredible job with the reality of human trafficking. An American group of friends were kidnapped by pirates and taken to the island Temuba. We meet Chavez, who is like the ringleader of the group and a true anarchist king. Chavez and his men are excited about the money they will get for this group of people they have.

One of the captives, the runt of the group, Riley, was the boogeyman’s brother. Chavez was very adamant that he not be marked up at all. The boogeyman is Gringo Loco, and everyone is afraid of him. Riley is set on escaping with his friend, Adam. The story that follows is gruesome. There is brutal beatings that Riley has to deal with that are so realistic and sent chills through me.

There’s a lot to the story, and I don’t want to give too much to away. My heart went out to Riley, and I found myself holding my breath on more than one occasion. If this is your kind of read, you will enjoy the reality this author brings.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Two Natures” by Jendi Reiter

TITLE: Two Natures
AUTHOR: Jendi Reiter
PUBLISHER: Saddle Road Press
COVER ARTIST: Don Mitchell
GENRE: Come To Age, Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 376 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 15, 2016
PRICE: $4.99 -e-book / $22.00 -paperback


Jendi Reiter’s debut novel offers a backstage look at the glamour and tragedy of 1990s New York City through the eyes of Julian Selkirk, an aspiring fashion photographer. Coming of age during the height of the AIDS epidemic, Julian worships beauty and romance, however fleeting, as substitutes for the religion that rejected him. His spiritual crisis is one that too many gay youth still face today.

This genre-bending novel couples the ambitious political analysis of literary fiction with the pleasures of an unconventional love story. Vivid social realism, enriched by unforgettable characters, eroticism, and wit, make Two Natures a satisfying read of the highest sort.

Perry Brass, Amazon bestselling author of The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love and the novel King of Angels, says of Two Natures: “If you want to know what life is like in Nineties New York, when Style has become God, sex has become a contact sport, and jobs, money, and survival are always around the corner someplace else, then this late coming-of-age novel is a good place to start.”

This was one of the most difficult books I’ve read. I’m not a religious person, so I found it hard to empathize with Julian’s struggle with the religious faith of his childhood but the description of the LGBT scene in New York City in the mid-1990’s is spot on. Set against the early days of AIDS. Julian’s story takes us from his college days through his struggle to make it as a fashion photographer, with all the shame and glamour of that world. He’s already escaped his narrow-minded and abusive father and his family crop up regularly in his life. We witness a hilarious scene when they come to visit, and he throws an impromptu dinner party with some friends. He engages in an open relationship with Phil, a gym monkey who he falls for, who turns to…well, an alternative career. I’m not going to give the plot away.

Julian’s career slowly builds as his personal life descends into a nightmare. He indulges in a drug-fueled night which ends up with him deciding whether to take an AIDS test or not. He’s persuaded by Peter a ‘friend’ with an alter ego, who comes to mean a lot to Julian. But it’s not Julian who succumbs to AIDs, and he ends up as a carer for someone he loves. I wasn’t keen on the open attitude to unsafe sex and drug taking but I recognize it was honest and reflective of the culture and time in which the story is set, it’s integral to the story and not at all gratuitous. It also gives the story a gritty realism that I found compelling.

This is a very detailed orientated and wordy book. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a deep look into the spiritual, political and sexual impacts of that era.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Come and Get Me” by Nicholas Bella

TITLE: Come and Get Me
AUTHOR: Nicholas Bella
SERIES: Odin Chronicles
COVER ARTIST: Nicholas Bella
GENRE: Dark, Erotica, Paranormal
LENGTH: 151 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 24, 2017
PRICE: $3.99 – e-book / $8.99 – paperback


Noel: I’m finally free and able to patrol my own territory without Marco being by my side. I really appreciated everything he’s taught me, what can I say… that big, brutal bastard grew on me. However, before I can embark on my new life as a General, I have to fulfill a debt my Father owes to the dragon king, Evander. This should be interesting. At least I’m not going alone. Dante, newly-mated to Josef, will be going with me.

Elijah: Today is the day our plan finally comes to fruition. I’m praying that everything falls into place just as we have designed it to. But you never know with these sort of operations. Humans can be as unpredictable as supes. I do know one thing, Deacon better come and get me.

Vex: As a reward for my loyalty and service, my King has given me permission to pick the human I want to have turned into a werewolf. I’ve had my eye on the perfect guy, too. Whether he wants to be a wolf or not doesn’t matter to me. Once it’s done and he’s mine, he’ll learn to heel and obey.

Kendrick: It’s been a long time coming with years of strategic planning, from the night I killed my Alpha to the day I killed the dragon king, making me a ruler in my own league. I’ve had my eye on the Odin Colony for over a decade, but I knew I needed to wait until the right moment came to strike. They should fear me, because when the dust settles and the streets are flowing with blood, I will be standing victorious.

Warning: This series is highly addictive, and fans have complained that it’s all they can think about, oftentimes re-reading each book until their next fix. Be further warned: This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes as each episode will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up. This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings, either. You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here. The vampires are not misunderstood, hopeless romantics looking for love. The werewolves are not cute and cuddly and the dragons aren’t the ones from your childhood. This is NOT a romance

As usual, this author has sucked me into his dark, erotic and unapologetic paranormal world. If you have not read Nicholas before, I strongly suggest you start with The New Haven Series. This is where it all began. This is a new season of the series, and you will want to understand everything up until now. This author has created a world of vampires, werewolves and dragons and it’s not a world for the weak. There’s a no holds barred with this author and if you’re offended easily, by all means, look elsewhere. But, if you like dark, taboo, M/M sexual paranormal and forceful situations, then grab hold of the seat of your pants and enjoy the journey.

Theoden’s boys are taking to their new roles beautifully and are just as sexy as ever. Noel and Dante have a hot date with the Dragon King, Evander, and holy hell. This ménage is super-hot and sexy and had me panting. This happens before the mating of Josef and Dante is to happen. Deacon and Elijah are getting ready for the day they’ve been planning to take over the wolf territories. Elijah is hoping everything goes as planned with Dominic’s human gang and that his mate, Deacon, shows up for him. I really missed all my boys and was happy to get caught up with them. But, there are new and exciting new characters to meet.

Meet Vex, a dragon, which is one of King Evander’s right-hand men. He has been a very loyal dragon and has been given the gift of a human. He has his choice of any human to turn into a werewolf and to be his little puppy. Vex has the perfect man, Isaiah, and brings him home to begin the change. You see, dragon venom will kill a human but not a werewolf, so Vex will have his way with his new pet and will enjoy every last minute of it. He will train him to please Vex whether he wants to or not.

Then there’s Kendrick who has already killed his alpha. Now, he’s waiting for the perfect moment to kill King Evander. Once he does this, he believes he will rule all the worlds of the paranormal. Kendrick can cause some real problems, BUT I do not believe he’s as prepared as he thinks. He has no clue to the strength of Theoden’s boys or the rest of the pack’s alphas. He also has his right-hand man, Monroe. I love Monroe, and I hope he you do too. He’s flamboyant and adorable.

Of course, Nicholas has left me wanting the next episode, and like a good little reader, I will wait as patiently as I can. He loves to make us readers suffer just like his characters. I warn you now, you may want to alone with yourself to read this book. ENJOY

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “The Werewolf’s Resolution” Caitlin Ricci

TITLE: The Werewolf’s Resolution
AUTHOR: Caitlin Ricci
SERIES: Pucks Pack
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
GENRE: Paranormal,Shapeshifter
LENGTH: 21 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 18, 2017
PRICE: $1.59 -e-book


Banan was interested in Owen the moment Puck let him into the pack, but Banan is shy and Owen is anything but. Adding in that Banan is ten years older than him, and he’s sure he never had a chance to begin with. But his New Year’s Resolution is to be more outgoing and to connect with people. He’s been procrastinating until St. Patrick’s Day. Now, with a couple of beers in him, this werewolf is ready to make his move.

This was a fun, quick read where the author has brought us into a world of vampires and werewolves. Now, you’re saying this is nothing new, but it is. This author has introduced us to Pucks Pack. This pack has accepted the outcasts of these two worlds and has created a world for these two to love each other as is.

Banan is a very shy werewolf that gets tongue-tied every time he tries talking to a hot guy. I found Banan a very endearing character. I’ve never found such a hot strapping werewolf shy before. He has his sights on this hot little vampire but has never held a conversation with him. Oh, he wants to, and he imagines talking with him, but he just can’t find the words. So, he just sits and watches him dance and dreams of being with him.

Owen is this hot little vampire and also has a thing for Banan. He’s watched Banan just watch him and has waited for him to approach him, but nothing. Maybe a hello here and there but nothing more. So, Owen makes the first attempt to start a conversation. What he finds is adoring how Banan gets so tongue tied and can’t seem to speak.

I love how the author has paired these two in this safe pack. This was such a fun read even being a short read. I felt like the characters fit well together. I felt their struggle trying to get to know each other. And I loved how this pack has created a safe haven for the ones others think as outcasts.

***The ARC was provided by eXtasy Books. My review is an honest opinion of the book***