Review: “His Consort” by Mary Calmes

TITLE: His Consort
AUTHOR: Mary Calmes
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 284 pages
RELEASE DATE: Nov 20, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $16.99 -paperback


A new life in New Orleans is all Jason Thorpe had hoped: his quaint little store attracts a devoted staff and his warm, loving heart grants him a loyal circle of friends. He’s perfectly content, having left behind the chill of a confusing and danger-filled night in Washington, until he discovers something unbelievable lurking in the steamy darkness of the shadowy streets of the Vieux Carré, something that turns out to be terrifying… and utterly mesmerizing.
The prince of the vampyrs, Varic Maedoc, is visiting New Orleans when he finds out the man who once helped his counselor is there in the Quarter. He thinks to simply meet and thank Jason—until he lays eyes on him. Varic’s devoted himself to protect the honor of his race, and he’s never wanted a mate before… but he immediately knows he must have this man, and no one else will do.
Varic may want to bring Jason safely into his world, but someone who doesn’t like the human’s soothing influence on vampyrs has deadly plans that would disrupt Varic’s dreams. Now, unable to tell friend from foe, Jason finds himself wondering how to hold on to the prince’s heart when he’s fighting for his life.

Jason Thorne is a former Marine who lives in NOLA where he runs a shop with his friend Ode. Jason loves his life in the French Quarter, he loves his city and doesn’t suspect that another world is right in front of him until he meets Cooper, a vampyr. Jason enters into a new world, but he doesn’t forget his values and Jason tries to help the vampyr community in the French Quarter.
Varic Meadoc is the prince of the Vampyrs. He’s the high authority of his kind, the enforcer of the king’s laws. He comes to visit New Orleans after hearing about this human who helped his people to find a truce and lives peacefully in the French Quarter. Varic doesn’t expect to meet Jason, doesn’t expect to meet his mate. But someone wants Jason dead, and things get a little bit complicated for Jason, Varic and their friends.

His Consort by Mary Calmes is a paranormal standalone that I enjoyed a lot…no wait, I ADORED it.
I loved Jason. He’s funny, smart, kind and strong. He’s sensitive with great values. He’s a good man. When he comes to lives in NOLA and meets Cooper, he tries to help him, to help his community. I loved him, he’s very kind and sensitive. He’s also a real badass and refuses to take S*** from anyone, including the vampyr’s prince.

Varic is the prince, he’s powerful and he’s used to have people bow at his feet. Varic doesn’t expect Jason, a human who isn’t at his feet, who fights his authority and doesn’t hesitate to talk back to him. Varic doesn’t expect a mate. I liked Varic, he’s completely lost with Jason and I adored it. He’s so strong and powerful, but he has this gentle and kind part of him that only Jason can see. I loved this with him.

The story is only from Jason’s point of view. It was well written with a touch of humor here and there. I laughed during my read, especially when Tiago is involved.

Mary Calmes doesn’t write an umpteenth vampire book. She took all the codes of this genre and broke them in order to create her universe. She creates a very complexed and elaborate universe brilliantly. The plot is very interesting, between Jason and Varic meeting, what they really are for each other, the interesting secondary characters with a great dimension, all the subplots about the supernatural world, and their rules and codes. It’s not just a simple love story between a Vampire and a human, the characters and the story have layers of secrets and unknown parameters that makes this book captivating.

This book is a standalone for now, but I do hope and wish, and pray, that the author will write a sequel, because Jason, Varic and their misfit family are only at the beginning of the journey. I highly and happily recommend this book, they’re worth of your time.

5 OptimuMM’s

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Hawaii Five Uh-Oh” by Z.A. Maxfield

TITLE: Hawaii Five Uh-Oh
AUTHOR: Z.A Maxfield
SERIES: Plummet to Soar
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: Nov 13, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $14.99 paperback


Sarcastic cop Theo Hsu returns home to Hawai’i after realizing he wants more from his life… and also less. He hopes to reconnect with his past and make amends with his mother, who’s remarried to a cool, distant man, leaving Theo unsure where he stands.
It doesn’t take him long to figure out where he wants to stand, though: right next to his childhood best friend, tattooed detective Koa Palapiti. Theo would like to upgrade their relationship, but Koa is putting out some seriously mixed signals. It’s a mystery Theo can’t let go, but just as they start to connect, kidnapping, murder, and a deadly game with international stakes get in the way. Koa wants to keep Theo out of it, and if it comes to a choice between him and Koa’s partner, Freddie Ortiz, Theo doesn’t like his chances.
But even if Koa wants to push him out of the investigation, and his life, Theo still has a few tricks up his sleeve. It’ll take all his special gifts, ingenuity, risk-taking, family ties—and even some kinky undercover work—to save the day… and the man he never should’ve let get away.

Theo Hsu comes back to Hawaii, his home, after twenty years on the mainland. He doesn’t know where he stands with his mother and her new husband. He doesn’t know where to stands with his job, his life. But he knows one thing: he wants Koa Palapiti, his childhood best friend, his first (if not only) love.

Koa Palapiti is a dark, tattooed intense detective. With his best friend and partner Freddie Ortiz, they are the hot bad boys of the precinct. But Koa seems to have a lot of secrets and sends a lot of mixed signals to Theo.
Theo doesn’t know what to do? Can he pursue his dream to be with the man he loves? Does he have to move the past behind him and go on with his present? That’s what he’ll have to find out.

Hawaii Five Uh-Oh by Z.A Maxfield is book two in the Plummet to Soar series, but it can be read as a standalone.
I was happy to read this book, and I enjoyed a lot Plummet to Soar ( where I met Theo the first time.

Theo Hsu is a cop, and after twenty years on the mainland, he’s come back to Hawaii. Theo is disconnected from his island, his people, his family. He walks on eggshells around his mother, his step-father, and his new colleagues. He tries to forget his past and move on with his present, like a good plummetee, but it’s easier said than done. Everything gets complicated when he reconnects with Koa, his childhood best friend and first love. Koa is trouble, with a big T. Something is wrong with him, and Theo knows it, but he doesn’t know how to help him, and Koa sends him a lot of mixed signasl, like a looooooooooot.

I adored Theo. I completely melted for him. He’s funny with a little tendency for craziness, but he’s also very smart and kind with a good heart. Even if he has a lot of doubt about Koa, he doesn’t give up on him, and until the last minute, the last moment, Theo tries to save them, to save their relationship and maybe their future. I really adored him, he’s so funny and smoking hot especially with Koa.

The story was told from only Theo point of view. We make this journey with him between his past and present. In my opinion, there were two plots. The first one is about how Theo can reconnect with his past and make up for the lost time. The second one focuses on Theo and Koa’s relationship and Koa’s secrets. The author was brilliant with her writing because through all the books we alternated between plot 1 and plot 2 until she makes them merge. It was very well done.

If you want to read a good contemporary romance, with suspense, mystery cops, some dirty secrets with kinky-crazy situations like only Z.A Maxfield can do, Hawaii Five Uh-Oh is for you.
I gladly recommend this book, it was fun, kinky and fresh.

4 OptimuMM’s for Te and Woody

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Push” by BL Morticia

AUTHOR: BL Morticia
SERIES: Music in Motion
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: April Martinez
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 246 pages
RELEASE DATE: Oct 23, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $14.99 paperback


Music In Motion: Book One
Malakei Oakley, aka rapper M. Prophet, is at the top of his game—but deep in the closet. Handsome, wealthy, and successful as the head of 315East Entertainment, Malakei should be on cloud nine. Despite his awards and a Midas touch that has every musician clamoring to work with him, something is missing.
Seth “Reaper” Davies is ready for stardom. His band High Stakes plays to small, packed houses all over Birmingham and London but has yet to get their big break. But Seth isn’t giving up on his dream—no matter what it takes.
A viral video prompts a message from a person he doesn’t expect—the talented M. Prophet. Their musical styles are worlds apart, and Seth has no desire to change his style to sell records. But his curiosity—and his attraction to Malakei—wins out.
Malakei can’t get Seth out of his mind. He also can’t come out without ruining his reputation. No matter how much he wants the sexy singer, his only option is to push Seth away. But he’s about to find out Seth isn’t one to give up on what he wants—and he might be just what Malakei needs.

Malakei Oakley, aka rapper M. Prophet, is at the top of the music world. Successful rapper and producer, Malakei is young, beautiful, talented and very rich. He seems to have everything in his life except love. Malakei is gay and deep, deep in the closet. He’s too scared to come out, too scared to lose everything he’s built.

Seth “Reaper” Davis, is the lead singer of his band, High Stakes. They start to make a name around their town Birmingham and London, but they still need the little push to be known by the world.
When Malakei discovers them on YouTube, he knows things will never be the same for him. Seth will come into his life like a tsunami and will change everything for him.
Push by BL Morticia is book one in the Music in Motion series. It’s also the first book that I’ve read from the author.

I adored this book. I completely melted for the characters and the story.
Malakei is rich, talented, smart and beautiful, but he’s lonely and deep in the closet. Seth is out and proud, and he’s also stubborn, loud, and speaks his mind without thinking. They are polar opposites, from their origins to their music, everything seems to be a total contradiction between them, but it works for them, their differences don’t push them apart, on contrary, that’s what puts them together.
I completely adored them, Seth is definitely my fav because he’s funny, loud and crazy, totally my type. I adored how they were together, how Seth pushes Malakei onto the right path. I also adored that they were a mixed-race couple, I love a book that shows love in all its forms, no matter gender, race or religion.

The writing was good, fluid, and dynamic. The story takes place in front of us easily, and we follow it without difficulty. They were some twists in the book, but nothing crazy, and it serves the plot and the story right. The story focuses on Malakei and Seth, their meeting, their almost insta-love moment and how they became THE couple that the world wants to be.

I happily recommend this book. If you’re in the mood for a good love story, with 2 adorable MCs, this book will do the job, nothing crazy, nothing too heavy just love and music.
I will definitely follow this series and the author.

5 OptimuMM for the Reaper and his Prophet!

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Handle with Care” by Cari.Z

TITLE: Handle with Care
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Alexandria Corza
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 194 pages
RELEASE DATE: Oct 16, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book / $9.99 paperback


A fragile heart needs extra care.
Burned-out social worker Aaron McCoy is on vacation for the first time in years–boss’s orders. Road-tripping to his brother’s wedding with his best friend, Tyler, seems a fun way to spend the mandatory two-week leave, and they set out for Kansas–and a difficult homecoming.
Aaron’s mother was a drug addict, and his adorable younger brother was quickly adopted, while Aaron spent his childhood in foster care. As Aaron mends fences, Tyler hopes to show him that this time, he won’t be left behind to face his problems alone.
Aaron’s opening up to how right it feels to be with Tyler and to the possibility of taking the leap from friends to lovers. But along with the wedding celebration comes a painful reminder of the past. Aaron’s heart is still breakable. Can he put it in Tyler’s hands?

Aaron is a social worker who cares for his children. He was one of those children himself, and he understands better than anyone what they need. But Aaron overworked himself too much, never taking a vacation and working all the time, including on a Sunday night. That’s why his boss decided to take matters in her own hands and sent him on two weeks’ forced vacation.
Without anything to do, Aaron and his best friend, Tyler, decided to go to the wedding of Aaron’s little brother, Zack.
Aaron and Tyler have been best friends since high school. Where Aaron is over-dead-serious all the time, Tyler is a child stuck in an adult body.

Handle with Care by Cari.Z was a sweet romance book that I enjoyed to read.
Aaron has been hurt and traumatized by his childhood. A father in jail and a junkie as his mother had put Aaron and his baby brother Zack on the CPS radar. Then, Zack was adopted when Aaron was sent away. After being moved from one foster family to another, Aaron ended up with Tyler’s family and finally found a home. I liked Aaron; even if he’s too serious, I liked him a lot. He wears the stigmata of his rough childhood on him, but he tries to overcome it. I liked his sensitivity and humanity.

Tyler has taken care of Aaron since they were teenagers. He always puts him first, even if he acts like a child most of the time (if not all the time). But when it comes to Aaron, Tyler is an overprotective warrior ready to fight for him. I adore Tyler, he’s immature and super fun, but he’s also very smart, loyal and perceptive. He knows Aaron better than Aaron knows himself and knows how to talk to him, to take care of him.

The book is a journey in Aaron’s life. While he revisites his past with Tyler by his side, Aaron also realizes that he can have the future he wants, with the person he’s wanted for a long time.
The writing and the plot were good. It was a good read, fluid and dynamic, full of humour and feelings, not too deep, but not too superficial either.

If you want to read a sweet, funny romance, Handle with Care will do the job.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “The Librarian’s Ghost” by Sean Michael

TITLE: The Librarian’s Ghost
AUTHOR: Sean Michael
SERIES: The Supers
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Alexandria Corza
GENRE: Paranormal; Ghost/Spirits
LENGTH: 210 pages
RELEASE DATE: Oct 2, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book / $9.99 paperback


Can love survive the perils of MacGregor House?
The Supernatural Explorers are back and looking for their next big paranormal case. They might’ve found it in a plea from Payne, a mild-mannered librarian who has inherited the family mansion—MacGregor House. Since moving in a few months ago, Payne’s exhausted the list of ghost hunters and experts in his quest for help. The Supers are his last chance.
So why does normally good-natured cameraman Will take an instant dislike to Payne? For that matter, why has he felt irritable and angry since they arrived at the site? It soon becomes clear that the answers they seek will be found in the basement—where nobody has gone since Payne was a little boy. As the haunting grows deadlier, things get sweeter between Will and Payne, but all hell’s about to break loose when they breach the basement door.
Will they be ready?

The Supernatural Explorers are back with a new case.
Payne MacGregor had inherited the family manor. The family manor that passes between the MacGregor men. Payne invested everything he had to remodel the manor but unnatural things happen, and Payne calls the Supers to help him with his ghost problem.
He didn’t expect to meet Will, the cameraman of the team and who seems to dislike Payne on sight.
But what or who haunts this house decided otherwise, and Will and Payne would have to work their differences out if they want to stay alive. The Librarian’s Ghost by Sean Michael is book 2 of the Supers series.

This book was good, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Will is the cameraman of the team and the more skeptic about ghosts. He does believe in it, but only because he witnessed unnatural things and because of what happened to Blaine and Flynn (The Supers book 1). With his biker look, Will seems to be rude, and his first meeting with Payne doesn’t help him, and he acts like a big class A asshole. Even if things are tense between them, Will wants Payne and tries his best to make him forget their first meeting.

Payne is a librarian; he’s shy and a little bit of a hermit. He’s completely exhausted because of the inhabitants of his house, his supernatural roommates, who make his days and nights a nightmare. When he calls The Supernatural Explorers, he doesn’t know what to expect from them but certainly not Will’s rudeness and sexiness too. Despite a rough beginning, Payne will find more than answers about his house.

I loved Payne and Will, they are adorable, different but complementary. Will looks like a rough biker, but he’s very sensitive and protective of Payne. Payne looks like a boring librarian, but with a wild side. I completely melted for them; they are adorable, funny and very hot.

I loved the book and the plots. Yes, plots—plural. The main plot is about the investigation in the haunted manor. It’s was creepy and spooky, exactly what I expected from this book.

The second plot is about Will and Payne’s love story. It’s an insta-love but that didn’t bother me because it was well done and sweet and hot.

It’s a good book to read during this autumnal season, and even if it’s part of the Supers series, this book can be read as a standalone.

It’s 4 OptimuMMS for me.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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