Review: “The Nerd and The Prince” by B.G Thomas

TITLE: The Nerd and The Prince
AUTHOR: B.G Thomas
SERIES: Small-Town Dreams
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Alexandria Corza
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 264 pages
RELEASE DATE: Sept 18, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book / $9.99 paperback


A Small-Town Dreams Story
Prince Charming is the man next door.
Small-town business owner Jason Brewster has big dreams: world travel, adventure, and most of all, a passionate romance worthy of a fairy tale. But he doesn’t believe fantasies can come true….
Until Adam moves in next door.
He’s handsome, cultured, European, and best of all, interested in Jason. It’s like something out of the stories Jason loves.
But Adam—whose real name is Amadeo Montefalcone—has a secret. He’s royalty, prince of the small country of Monterosia. Only he doesn’t want to rule, and especially doesn’t want the loveless marriage waiting for him at home. So he ran away in search of true love. With a man. And with Jason, he finds it.
But Adam can’t run forever. The truth will come out. If Jason can forgive Adam’s deception, they might find their happily ever after.

Jason Brewster is a small-town guy who dreams of adventure and epic love. Gay, out and proud, he dreams of his own prince charming that will love and adore him like in his dreams.

Amadeo Montefalcone, aka Adam, is a prince on the run. The pressure of the court and his family forced Adam to run away to live his life. He’s gay, in the closet and scared to come out to his royal family and people of Monterosia, his country.
Adam and Jason will start a beautiful love story, but, Adam has to come out to Jason about his real identity before his former life came back to bite them.

Is it possible that all your dreams can be true? That’s what Jason and Adam will have to find out, and most of all, fight to keep.

The Nerd and The Prince by B.G Thomas is a sweet candy book!
Jason is a young man who lives in his head. He grew up with all the stories that his mother told them (with his twin sister) about mythology and epic loves. Jason dreams about it for years, and he wants his own epic love story with his own prince charming. I liked Jason, he’s sweet and funny, and he cracked me up with his sister.

Amadeo or Adam is lost, scared, and broken at the beginning. He’s torn between his duty toward his country, and his wants of freedom to be whoever he wants. When he met Jason, he realizes that maybe he can have a real true love, but he’s scared to lose everything. Adam pains me; he’s so scared to live his life, so scared to love a man in the eye of the public that he chooses to live in the shadows of the world. But I liked that when he met Jason, he couldn’t deny his desire and despite his fears, he chooses Jason above everything else.

This book was a mix between fairy tales and mythology. It was sweet, full of love with an epic declaration of love and bravery with a great fight for the love of his beloved. B.G Thomas did an interesting mix of these two subgenres and added his own style with our pop culture.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “The Second Time Around” by Rowan McAllister

TITLE: The Second Time Around
AUTHOR: Rowan McAllister
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Adrian Nicholas
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: Sept 11, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $14.99 paperback


Though born into wealth and privilege, Jordan Thorndike can’t keep pretending. He’s never going to become the lawyer his parents hope for or provide the daughter-in-law and two-point-four grandkids they expect. Faced with an ultimatum—carry on living the lie or get out—Jordan leaves with only what he can pack in his BMW. Homeless, jobless, directionless, Jordan heads to one of his mother’s pet charities: Better the Second Time Around Rescue Ranch. With his family name and charm, he has the staff eating out of his hand in no time—except for one man. Russ has never been handed anything, and he resents the spoiled rich brat using the ranch to live out a fantasy. Though Jordan is determined to prove himself to Russ through hard work, family and old wounds complicate matters. Will Jordan realize that what he sees as an escape is real life for most people? And can Russ accept that Jordan can grow—and that he wants him?

Jordan is 24 years-old, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had never had to worry about money, health care or everything else since Mommy and Daddy had always taken care of it… Until Jordan comes out to them and his family rejected him. Jobless and homeless, Jordan only had his shiny car and his backpack when he came to B STAR, a rescue ranch for animals where he used to visit when he was younger.

Russ is the right-hand of Phyllis, the owner of the ranch, when he meets Jordan for the first time. He only sees a spoiled, rich brat who doesn’t know what real work means.

Jordan is at a crossroads in his life and he has to decide what kind of life he wants…one like his parents want for him, or one really for him. With the help of Phyllis, the horses and especially Russ, Jordan will have to make the right choices for his own happiness.
The Second Time Around by Rowan McAllister is my second book by the author, and like for the first time, I wasn’t disappointed and really loved it.

Jordan is completely lost when he comes to B STAR. He’s an emotional mess and only wants to forget his situation. He tries to avoid thinking of it by diving into work and seducing Russ. It works for one, but Russ is another subject, and the man always reminds Jordan how useless he can be. Until Jordan speak his mind and call Russ on his shit. That’s when things change for them. It was sweet and hot, like super-hot and I completely melted for them.

Russ is over 40 years-old, but the two are a very good match. Jordan is young, immature and a drama queen, but he’s also very smart and kind with a big heart. He tries to avoid thinking of his situation because he doesn’t really know how to deal with it, that’s when Russ came. With his care, gentleness, experience, and love, Russ helps Jordan to figure out what he really wants in his life. They were perfect for each other.

Rowan McAllister has a super good writing style that I like. The book and plot are captivating, and the feelings are very well written and developed without plot holes or inconsistency. That’s what I love here—the plot is simple—a young man trying to know what he wants in his life who meets an older man who knows what he wants in his life. But it was so well written with the feelings developed so well without being forced on us that you can only read the book and hold on it until the HEA.

I gladly recommend this book, It’s a good May-December book, with adorable MCs that you will love as much as I have.

It’s 4 OptimuMM for the Cowboy and his fallen Prince.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Somebody To Die For” by Kris T.Bethke

TITLE: Somebody To Die For
AUTHOR: Kris T.Bethke
SERIES: Requiem Inc
PUBLISHER: Dreamspun Beyond
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
GENRE: Paranormal;
LENGTH: 218 pages
RELEASE DATE: Sept 4, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book / $9.99 paperback


Dying is easy. New love is terrifying.
Avery Wagner quit ghostwalking when he lost his beloved anchor to cancer. Now teaching others who have the ability, he’s beginning to live again—but he’s not looking for another lover, not now, maybe not ever.
But then he meets Jameson… younger, talented, dedicated, almost perfect, even though his mouth sometimes opens ahead of his brain. And Jameson wants Avery desperately, though he’ll settle for friendship if he can’t have more.
When an emergency demands they work together in the field, Avery discovers just how perfect Jameson is. But he had a perfect love once before, and he’s scared to even consider that he might have a chance at another. Can he trust Jameson with his newly healing heart?

Avery Wagner is a retired ghostwalker since he lost his anchor and bonded love, Luke. He doesn’t ghostwalk anymore but gives lectures for young ghostwalkers and anchors.
Jameson doesn’t have the gene of an anchor, but he’s meant to be an anchor, and he’s a natural caretaker in need of a ghostwalker.
When Avery and Jameson meet, an instant connection burns between them, but Avery is still recovering the loss of the love of his life Luke, and Jameson still needs to learn more about his tasks and how to really take care of Avery.
Is it possible to love again when you were lucky to have it once? That’s what Avery, with Jameson’s help, will have to find out.
Somebody to die for is book 3 of the Requiem Inc series.
Avery is an experienced ghostwalker, even if he hasn’t done it since Luke’s death, he’s still a good teacher and helps the young ghostwalkers in their training. He didn’t expect to feel something for Jameson when they met. Avery is lost between his past and his possible future with Jameson. I loved Avery, he broke my heart, and brought tears to my eyes, his pain and fears broke me. I also loved his maturity, his ability to name his emotions, to admit his fears and to accept his weakness.
Jameson is an anchor. He’s meant to take care of others and especially a ghostwalker. He’s a trainee, and he still needs to be paired with a ghostwalker. He doesn’t have the gene, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good anchor because he’s a natural and taking care of others is something he loves doing. When he meets Avery, he could see the sadness in the eyes of this beautiful man, and Jameson will spend all his time and energy taking care of him, maybe without really knowing it at first. I loved Jameson. He’s maybe 23 years old, and younger than Avery, but he’s very mature, sensitive, smart and very kind. I completely melted for him. He’s completely devoted to Avery and put his needs before himself.
This book was a good addition to the series. We met Avery in book 1, and his story, how he lost the love of his life, his anchor with whom he was bonded. It broke my heart back then, so I was very happy to read this book about him.
The plot was focused on Avery’s “recovery” and how he moves on with Jameson’s help. We still have a glimpse of the former couples, Dex and Blake as well as Michael and Sam; I liked it.
I was completely caught up in the story and this universe. I really like it, and I’m hoping to have a book about Tyler (he sooo broke my heart in book 2).
I gladly recommend this book it’s sweet and adorable love story with with a beautiful rainbow of feelings.

4 OptimuMM for the Widower and his future.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “For You I Fall” by T.N Nova & Colette Davison

TITLE: For You I Fall
AUTHOR: T.N Nova & Colette Davison
SERIES: Angels & Misfits #1
COVER ARTIST: Colette Davison
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 239 pages
RELEASE DATE: Aug 28,2018
PRICE: $4.97 e-book


Despite having had a rough life, Seth has a big heart. After spending nearly ten years sleeping rough on the streets of New York, he’s managed to get himself freelance work and a place to live. But his new found security is about to be torn apart, as the horrors of his past come back to haunt him in the worst possible way.
Dante was sent to watch over a young Seth when his mother died. As an angel, he had many rules to follow. The most important of which was to never fall in love—especially when it involves a human who is your charge. For the last ten years, Dante has kept his feelings for Seth hidden. That is until the night Seth’s past catches up with him.
When Seth is murdered, their destinies are changed forever. Feelings and emotions come to the surface, but will the rules that govern the afterlife keep Dante and Seth apart for eternity, or will they be able to find their happily ever after together?

Dante is an angel who watches over his human charge Seth. For 10 years, Dante helped Seth to reach his path, and protect him, until Seth is murdered and has to make a choice for his afterlife.
Dante and Seth will have to find a way to find justice for Seth and be together for eternity, but time and other paranormal forces are against them. An eternity with the man they love is at risk if they fail.

For You I Fall is the first book in the Angels and Misfits series, and the first book I’ve read by the authors.

I liked this boo, it was a sweet love story.

Dante has been an angel since he was created, he belongs to the caste who watch over humans, he has his charges and helps them in their destined paths. But everything changes when Dante falls madly in love with Seth. Rules, in the angelic plane, are strict, love is forbidden, and the angel can be kicked out and live an eternity on earth as a fallen angel. Dante knows the risk, but he’s ready to take them all for Seth.

Seth is a good person with a big heart. He had a rough life but never stopped helping others and love people in need. When he’s murdered, Seth refuses to be at peace and wants justice. He didn’t plan to fall in love with Dante, and he’s scared to lose him for eternity after their mission is accomplished.

I liked them both and they complemented each other perfectly. Dante is protective of Seth. He wants him to be happy, safe and loved, and for that Dante is ready to take all the risks. I really liked this about him. Seth is a sweetheart and he wants to help people. He did it when he was alive, always ready to help the homeless in his city. I liked how kind, smart and devoted he was. They were a very good match, and I couldn’t love one more than the other.

The plot and the story were good. We alternate between Seth and Dante’s pov, but sadly sometimes it was too repetitive. Some chapters were practically the same as the previous one, but with Seth or Dante’s pov and inner thoughts, but even with that, sometimes it was difficult to hold my attention and still be in the story.

All in all, it still was a good story, and a pleasurable book.

It’s 3 OptimuMM for the Angel and his Protector.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review: “Liam for Hire” by A.Zukowski

TITLE: Liam for Hire
AUTHOR: A.Zukowski
PUBLISHER: Beaten Track Publisher
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 280 pages
RELEASE DATE: Aug 24, 218
PRICE: $4.96 e-book / $14.40 paperback


Liam Murphy has kicked his drug habit and now pays for the high living costs in London as an escort. His life is finally in balance. His only problem is that he obsesses about the minimum number of times he has to bend over to make ends meet. As long as he has his emotions under control, it’ll be fine. That’s what Liam keeps telling himself until he meets the young widower Alastair, also known as Ali, whose emerald eyes remind him of Ireland.
“I…I want us to have sex as though we’re making love.”
Making love? Jaysus.
I scratch my head. “Okay. You mean more kisses and shit?”
Ali laughs.
“And shit.” His face lights up and he looks about ten years younger. “Like cuddles.”

Liam is a junkie and an escort boy. After an OD, Liam decides to take back his life, but when you’re homeless without any family who supports you, the options are limited. Liam began as an escort boy. For 18 months, Liam counts his clients in order to pay his rent, fifteen that’s the number of tricks he has to do to pay his rent. Until Alistair. He wants Liam, not the escort boy, just Liam.

Is it possible? Can a junkie in recovery who sells his body for a living find love? That’s what Liam will have to find out while trying to figure out how to live his life without drugs and tricks.
“Liam For Hire” by A.Zukowski features Liam from The boy who fell to earth. It can be read as a standalone. It was my first book by the author, but won’t be my last.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book, well, no I lied, I expected a gay modern version of Pretty Woman, with Liam as Julia Roberts and Alistair as Richards Gere. That’s what I expected, and it wasn’t what I had. It was better, beautiful, and profound. I loved this book.

Liam had a shitty life, but that’s an understatement. I didn’t read (yet) The boy who fell to earth, so I don’t know exactly how Liam was in this book, but we have a glimpse of his past, his guilt, what he’d been through, and he broke my heart. He had an awful life, and he’s only 22 years old when the book starts, for 4 years he was literally in hell. When he met Alistair, Liam couldn’t believe that a man like him wanted a boy like him. He tries to push Ali away, but it almost destroys him.

Alistair is a widower, who at 45 years old decides to experiment with his sexuality. He knew he was gay but never act on it. He was married and too scared to come out to his wife. When she passed away, Alistair decides to experiment and hire an escort boy, Liam. Their age gap wasn’t a problem for them, Liam may have only been 22 years old, but what he’d been through gave him maturity sooner than other kids of his age. Their connection is automatic, and they fit perfectly together, but Ali will have to fight hard to prove to Liam that he’s serious and wants him.

The story is told from Liam’s Pov and it was very well written. We were deep inside his thoughts, fears, traumatic memeories and hope. It wasn’t simple to read, and I may have had some tears during my read. Liam is a tortured soul, and the author shows us this perfectly.
This book was full of feelings, good and bad, but never forced. The author wrote it with sobriety, it wasn’t too much or not enough, it wasn’t forced on us. I liked it. I liked how the author wrote it and tackled those difficult topics.

I completely loved and melted for this book and the characters. I will read the next book about Chris, and I just bought The boy who fell to earth.

5 OptimuMM for the Geek and his Flutist

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis