Review: “Ghost of a Chance” by Kris T.Bethke

TITLE: Ghost of a Chance
AUTHOR: Kris T.Bethke
SERIES: Requiem Inc
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
GENRE: Paranormal; Ghosts; Spirits
LENGTH: 216 pages
RELEASE DATE: January 16, 2018
PRICE: $4.99 e-book / $9.99 paperback


Only love makes life worth living—over and over again.
Ghostwalker Blake Jones dies every day. It’s his job and how he helps trapped souls cross over. But to return to life, he needs an anchor. His new partner, Derek Scott, is a surprise. Not only is he male, but his appearance belies a caring and gentle heart. Despite attraction and a strengthening relationship, they know they shouldn’t take things further.
But there’s a big difference between knowing and doing.
Their growing love presents a problem, though not the one they expect. Blake and Derek have to decide if they should take their relationship to the most permanent level—an unbreakable metaphysical bond. Doing so offers both risk and unimaginable reward. Can Blake let go of his fears and put his complete trust in Derek in order to have the happily ever after he’s always craved?

Blake Jones is a ghostwalker. That means he dies every day, goes to the spirit plane (or afterlife) and helps lost souls to cross into the light, and he comes back to the living plane (us) and needs his anchor to take care of him. It’s his job.

Dereck Scott is the new partner for Blake, he is also his anchor, and he has the gene. That means he’s a powerful anchor.
Blake and Dereck work very well together, and they start to form a bond together. But there’s rules about fraternization. Are they going to risk everything and try to be more than co-workers? More than ever, Blake and Dereck will have to trust and believe in each other.


It was a super original book.
Blake dies every day to help lost souls, when he comes back it’s hard for him, he cries, he’s physically and mentally weakened, and his anchor needs to take complete care of him. He’s gay and refuses to have a man as a co-worker because he doesn’t want to be judged by him like all his ex-boyfriends did with him.
I really love Blake. He’s so sensitive and strong, he needs to be taken care of, that doesn’t mean he is a selfish person. Not at all, quite the opposite actually. His sensibility when he comes back from the dead is sad and beautiful. He’s so human even if he can’t die for good.

Dereck is perfect for Blake, and the fact he has the gene is even better. Dereck is a natural caretaker, and he wants the best for Blake. Despite the fact he’s madly in love with him, Dereck puts Blake’s needs before his. They are a good match and clearly made for each other, soul, heart and mind.I really loved this book.

The story is super original, the plot’s very good and the characters and backgrounds are very well built.
The words are fresh and fluid. It’s the first book of the series, and the author explains everything very well.
All the book is, in my opinion, a beautiful metaphor for life and death, I really loved it. it was a beautiful and poetic love story.
I recommend this book. If you want to read something different and original this book is for you. I’ll definitely follow this serie.

5 OptimuMMs for the Ghostwalker and his Anchor.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***


Review: “Beneath This Mask” by Victoria Sue

TITLE: Beneath This Mask
AUTHOR: Victoria Sue
SERIES: Enhanced World
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Brooke Albrecht
GENRE: Paranormal; Sci-fi
LENGTH: 206 pages
RELEASE DATE: January 16, 2018
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $14.99 paperback


Gael Peterson has spent years hiding behind the enhanced abilities he wears like a mask, even though he is an important, confident member of the FBI’s exclusive H.E.R.O. team. The hurt and betrayal of his mom’s abandonment and his father’s fists are secrets buried deep beneath the ugly scars on his face, and he doesn’t trust Jake, his new regular human partner, with any of them. In a world where those with special abilities like Gael’s are regarded as freaks and monsters, it won’t be easy for him to rely on Jake to have his back, especially when the abilities of a vulnerable, enhanced, nonspeaking child make that child a murder suspect.
Tempers rise and loyalties are challenged, and when the serial killer targeting the enhanced finally sets his sights on Gael, not only will Gael have to trust Jake with his secrets, he might have to trust him to save his life.

Gael Peterson is an enhanced. He’s a member of the first enhanced team H.E.R.O. He’s confident…on the surface. Deep down, Gael is hurt, traumatized and alone.

Jake Riley is the new member of the H.E.R.O team, and he’s partnered with Gael. Jake tries his best to be part of the team and earn their respect. Nothing is simple between Gael and Jake, and their team investigation on a series of murders inside the enhanced community doesn’t help them much.
What Gael and Jake need is to take off their masks and trust each other.

Wow. Victoria Sue did a great job with this book.
I knew I’d love Gael’s book, but I didn’t know I’ll love it so much.

Gael is perfect, absolutely perfect. He seems confident and strong, but inside he’s still the little boy who was abandoned by his mom. He sees himself as an ugly man who can’t be loved. My heart broke for him and with him so many times in my read. I found him so beautiful.
Jake is what Gael needs—he’s sensitive, strong and honest. He loves to take care of Gael, loves to be there for him and give him comfort. And together they are so good, lovely and beautiful.
And then comes Derrick. I cried all the time for Derrick, happy tears, sad tears, all the tears that can exist in the human emotions, I give them to Derrick. I’m team Derrick.
The plot and the story were good and well-built with a good twist.

I loved how the author wrote about them, how she did the exact opposite of what people must have thought or expect of Gael or Jake. I loved how she presented Gael to us, just a human. And yes, it’s not because he’s huge, an enhanced, with an incredible gift and an amazing strength that he has to be like that all the time. What we see outside isn’t always what we can find inside. It’s easy to wear a mask and pretend to be someone else. It’s harder to be one’s self.

I can only recommend you for to read the two previous books of the series first, it’s better to have the full ride and you’ll enjoy it a lot.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cry again, because I have to wait I don’t know how much time for the next book with Vance, I hope it’s Vance.

It’s 5 OptimuMMs for Gael, Jake, and Derrick.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***


Review: “Santori” by Maris Black

TITLE: Santori
AUTHOR: Maris Black
SERIES: The Santori Trilogy #1
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; Mystery/Suspense
LENGTH: 230 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 15, 2017
PRICE: $5.99 -e-book


Michael Kage Santori has just inherited a thriving hotel and millions of dollars. He’s poised to become an MMA champion. Things couldn’t be better between him and his college boy lover, Jamie Atwood— especially in the bedroom, where Jamie is more than eager to let Kage take out his aggressions on him.
Kage seems to have it all, but success and happiness have come at a steep price. After all of the childhood trauma he endured at the hands of his controlling uncle, Peter Santori, it’s a miracle Kage has any shred of sanity left. And now, because of him, Jamie is a murderer.
More than anything, Kage wants to be good. He wants the be the kind of man who is worthy of Jamie’s love, but fate has other ideas. His uncle’s legacy has a stranglehold on him, and it keeps dragging him further and further down a rabbit hole from which there seems no escape. Worst of all… Kage knows he’s going to pull Jamie down right along with him, and he would rather die than let that happen.

Michael Santori aka Kage has just inherited the empire of his uncle, Peter Santori. Kage has to face some new responsibilities with the hotels and other business, and he has his relationship with Jamie, the love of his life. After everything they’ve been through together, now they have to face a new threat, one who can destroy them and what they have together.


I loved this book. I was so happy to have the guys back.
This book starts right after the end of Kage Unmasked, after Peter’s death, we follow the aftermath of his death and how Kage and Jamie deal with it. They are still amazing together, crazy in love and completely devoted to each other. But Kage has a goal in his life, protect Jamie from the world and the danger and to make his life full of happiness, and because of that, he decides not to tell Jamie everything, every doubt, every threat. Yeah, yeah, that’s stupid, and dear Jamie will have to teach him this, but for now, Kage thinks he does the right thing, and I can’t blame him for that.

The book is divided into two part, in my opinion, the first part is all about Jamie and Kage, and the second is about a third character. Nooooo, I won’t tell who he is, just read the book, and you’ll meet him. All I can say is that Maris Black punched me in the gut with this part. I didn’t see that coming at all. First I didn’t see that she would dare to introduce a new character and that I would love him…

What’s wrong with me? I’m not supposed to love anyone but Kage and Jamie, but she made me feel things for this new character.
The plot and the story are super good, well built, and captivating. The writing is fluid, fresh and dynamic.

Well done, dear author, you really got me with this one.
5 OptimuMMs for my Fighter

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***


Review: “A Tangle Of Secrets” by R.G Thomas

TITLE: A Tangle Of Secrets
AUTHOR: R.G Thomas
SERIES: The Town of Superstition #4
PUBLISHER: Harmony Ink
COVER ARTIST: Tiferet Design
GENRE: Urban Fantasy; Teen Fiction
LENGTH: 260 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 26, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 e-book / $16.99 paperback


Sequel to The Battle of Iron Gulch
The Town of Superstition: Book Four
Thaddeus and his family and friends have returned from Iron Gulch and Thaddeus’s summer of magical awakening to a very different life. For one, he has both his parents for the first time, though his mother is still haunted by terrors and powers she can’t yet control. Teofil, Thaddeus’s gnome boyfriend, is consumed with finding Thaddeus’s evil uncle Lucian and answers about what happened to his brother, and he spends his days sequestered in Leopold’s library, pouring over the old wizard’s journals. When Thaddeus starts school and makes friends Teofil doesn’t like, there’s tension between them for the first time ever.
Thaddeus’s problems don’t end there. It’s harder and harder for him to conceal his magic, especially when facing the school bully. He’s lost, confused, and lashing out, and for once, he finds no solace in those closest to him. His enemies are hiding in plain sight, biding their time, until the Bearagon reappears and instigates a fight not everyone will walk away from.

After the battle of Iron Gulch, Thaddeus and his family and his friends have returned to Superstition.
Thaddeus and his father have succeeded, they found Claire, Thaddeus’s mother, and freed her from her curse. Claire needs some time to adjust to her new life. Thaddeus needs to return to his old life, meaning go back to school. But this time everything is different for him, he’s no longer the lonely boy he was, he has a boyfriend, he’s a wizard and his mother is back home.

Between Teofil’s quest to find his brother Fetter, the bully at school who harasses Thaddeus, and his new friend Andy, Thaddeus lives through a lot of changes and he feels more and more like an outsider from everyone, including his family.

But when the past comes back to hurt them, Thaddeus will have to make a choice and find the truth in all the lies.

It’s the final book of this series, and it’s my favorite.
Thaddeus has to come back to school, deals with a bully too, and starts to have dark and mean thoughts. He talks back to his parents, fights with Teofil and he’s angry all the times…
At first, I thought, nothing is wrong with him, he’s just a teenager. But the more I read, the more I understood that there’s something really wrong with him. And I had to wait for the end of the book to have my suspicions confirmed or not.

This story was more focused on Thaddeus and his family. It was interesting, and I enjoyed it a lot.
I really liked this book and how the author describes Thaddeus’s change, he makes a great metaphor between magic and the change all teenagers go through when they hit puberty.
The plot was good, and we have a real closure at the end, no more secrets, suspicions, nothing left.

I’m a little bit sad to say goodbye to them, but it was a beautiful final chapter.

4 OptimuMMs for All of them.

***The ARC was provided by Ink Harmony . My review is an honest opinion of the book ***


Review: “Sometimes the Best Presents can’t be Wrapped ” by B.G Thomas

TITLE: Sometimes the Best Presents can’t be Wrapped
AUTHOR: B.G Thomas
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 131 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 25, 2017
PRICE: $4.99 -e-book


Ned Balding used to be a decent man—until the stress of seemingly countless responsibilities changes him, and he becomes cold and driven—the kind of man who considers firing an employee days before Christmas. The kind of man who kicks a dog…. But Ned’s transgressions haven’t gone unseen. A Salvation Army Santa witnesses his misdeeds and decides Ned needs to be taught a lesson.
When Ned wakes up the next morning, he’s stunned to discover he’s been transformed into a dog.
In the past year, Jake Carrara has lost his mother, a lover… even his dog. His boss came close to firing him just before the holidays. He isn’t sure he’s ready for another pet when he’s asked to foster a dog, but Jake’s good heart won’t let him refuse. Little does he know, this isn’t just any dog.
Through a twist of fate, two people with little reason to be friends might teach each other to rediscover the good—and the love—in life.

Ned hates Christmas, people and animals. When he tries to hit a dog in the street, Santa Klaus himself, cursed him and Ned wakes up the next morning as a dog.
Jake has a kind heart. He lost everything this year, but when his friend asks him to foster-home a dog, he accepts.

What Jake doesn’t know is that the dog is actually his boss who tried to fire him a day ago.
This book is a pure Christmas tale.

Ned is Scrooge 2.0, the guy hates Christmas, Santa Klaus and dogs. He’s cold, hard, and heartless. Even when his husband left him and asked for a divorce, Ned blamed him. A real Scrooge. It was funny to see him as a dog. He was kind, very attentive to Jake, and very protective of him. He shows kindness, love and he understood what went wrong in his life. At some point, I can say that Ned was more human as a dog than as a man.

Jake is a saint. No really, the guy is a saint. In 1 year, he lost his boyfriend who kicked him out of their flat, then his mother passed away, and then his best friend of sixteen years, his dog Coco, died and his boss tried to fire him. But even with all of this, he foster-home an abandoned dog (Ned), and was worried about his boss (still Ned) who disappears. The guy is a saint, I have no other word.
I really liked this book, it was funny and sweet. It’s the perfect book for this holidays, you’ll have a smile on your face reading it like I had.

It’s 4 OptimuMMs for them.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***