Review of: Kaidyn’s Courage by Diana Waters

TITLE: Kaidyn’s Courage
AUTHOR: Diana Waters
SERIES: Wild Magics
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
GENRE: Fantasy
RELEASE DATE: March 15,2019


Kaidyn is the son of the queen and a trainee officer in the kingdom of Sareen. He is also a Half-Blood—his father is from Iskandir, a neighboring kingdom which has been at war with Sareen for many years. Bitter and angry at the prejudice he faces, Kaidyn meets Sorin, a healer from one of Sareen’s most prominent noble families. As their relationship deepens, the war between Sareen and Iskandir grows worse. Not only will the pair inevitably become involved with the conflict one way or another, but Sorin is also hiding a secret, and time is running out for them both.

Kaidyn is the son of the queen of Soreen and a merchant from Iskandir, a rival kingdom. He’s a half-blood, so he’s disrespected by other nobles or pure Soreen bloods. He’s also a trainee officer for Soreen, preparing himself for a war against his father’s kingdom.

Sorin is a young healer at the academy who won Kaidyn’s heart, but the war is coming, and Sorin and Kaidyn’s aren’t sure about a future together. They would have to have faith in their love.
Kaidyn’s Courage by Diana Waters is book 2 in the Wild Magics series. It can be read as a standalone.

Kaidyn and Sorin are completely different from each other. Kaidyn has a fierce temper; he’s rough, rude, and impatient while Sorin is quiet, shy, and patient. He’s also brave, smart and insecure while Sorin is fierce, strong and kind. They’re also complementary, Sorin helps to ease Kaidyn temper, and Kaidyn supports Sorin in his mission. Their love brings out the best of each other.

The book is written from Kaidyn’s POV in the third person. The universe was well built, the background about Soreen and Iskandir interesting. However, the pacing of the book could have been faster, in my opinion. The main characters need to have more depth to them, and the reader needs to see and feel how they struggle to show personal growth. The author describes their struggles, but I didn’t feel it, I didn’t empathize with them. Otherwise, the plot was interesting and Kaidyn and Sorin loveable. I would have loved to see more about Luke and more about the Kingdom of Soreen and Iskandir at the end of the war.

I will read the next book in the series, who knows maybe it will be about Luke.3 Stars for them.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis


Review of: Larry Boots, Exterminator by John Inman

TITLE: Larry Boots, Exterminator
AUTHOR: John Inman
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Mystery / Suspense
RELEASE DATE: June 4, 2019


Kenny Long is living a new life. Blinded in an accident, he has taken control of his unexpected reality the best way he can, and it’s working out better than he hoped.
Of course Larry Boots doesn’t know any of that. All he sees is a beautiful man sitting on a park bench.
Larry has a few problems of his own: his mother. His job. The lack of romance in his life.
His job. In the course of that job, Larry strikes up a friendship with Kenny. The next thing he knows, he’s so head-over-heels in love, even his mother doesn’t seem so bad. Of course his career is still a problem, but he’s working on that. Hopefully he’ll have the problem resolved before the man he’s being paid to murder succeeds in murdering him first.
And before the man he loves finds out he’s a cold-blooded killer.

Larry is an exterminator. He’s paid to kill people. He’s paid to do right for all their wrong. He doesn’t like his job; he doesn’t like his lonely life either. When he meets Ken at a bench park, Larry doesn’t see a blind man, just a beautiful man that he wants to win over. Larry is ready to leave his career behind, but first, he has to survive his last job.
I adored this book, it was funny, sweet and beautiful. I had a great time reading this story.

Larry is an exterminator, he hates to be called a hitman, even if technically it’s his job. He’s at a crossroads in his life, between his job, his crazy mother and his new lover, Ken. Larry needs to move on from his old life, and Ken is the perfect motivation to help him. I adored Larry, he’s so funny, kind and smart. He’s not a cold, heartless killer, on the contrary, he’s a compassionate man and very empathic to his clients’ pain. I loved him more with Ken, how he was romantic, caring, and madly in love with him.

Ken is a blind man. He lost his sight after a car accident, and even if it was hard and painful for him, he tries his best to adapt to his new situation, and he succeeded. Meeting Larry wasn’t in his agenda, or falling madly in love with him either, but Ken makes the best of this despite his own fears. I loved him too, he touched me a lot. He was a victim of a tragic accident, but he wasn’t a victim of his condition. It shows how strong he really is. I completely melted for him.

The book was written in the first person. Larry is our narrator. I loved it, it was well done, funny and dynamics. The writing was very good, I was captivated from the beginning and hooked in the story throughout my read. The story has a rainbow of feelings. Like I said, Larry isn’t a cold killer, he isn’t incapable of love and compassion, and the author highlights it in his character. I appreciated it as it changes from the stereotype killer incapable of love until he meets the right person blah blah blah.

I had a pleasurable time with them, and I gladly recommend it.

5 Stars for them.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: His First Time by Tal Bauer

TITLE: His First Time
AUTHOR: Tal Bauer
SERIES: Erotic Romance Bundle
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2019


Three scorching high heat stories that will leave you sweating and breathless!
“It’s my first time…”
In this erotic bundle, take a walk on the seductive side as you watch three men succumb to their deepest homoerotic desires:
In Spring Break Fever, meet Kevin, who finds a gorgeous and captivating stranger on the beach during Spring Break.
In Business Class, meet Luke, who falls under the seductive spell of another traveler while stuck in an airport during a blizzard.
And feel your way through a man’s first time in a small town as You uncover his secret.
His First Time is a scorching, high heat, erotic bundle, suitable for adult readers that crave seeing a man submit to his deepest homoerotic desires. If you’re hungry for blistering scenes of breathless, man-on-man action, this bundle is for you!
If not, turn back now…

His First Time by Tal Bauer is a bundle of three short erotica stories. I adored this book.

Spring Break Fever: Kevin is a young student going to Florida for spring break. He’s in the closet and made a vow to himself to never indulge in his secret desires to have sex with men. He meets Michael on the beach during a volleyball game and decided to keep up their encounter in Michael’s room. Kevin will have his first time with an experienced and talented lover.

Business Class: Luke is a young millionaire, a shark in business and he’s ready to go back to his place when a storm strands him at the airport. At the lounge bar, he meets Tyler. Luke has always seen himself as straight, but Tyler awakes a burning desire inside Luke. During the next few hours, Luke will enter a world of pleasure and bliss that he would never have thought possible.

You: A young man, deep in the closet, meets Justin, a student in a bar. Both in the closet, they hide all night in the bed of Justin’s truck and made love with only the moon as a witness. It was hot and sexy.

I adored this bundle. These 3 stories were hot, like burning hot. It was well written, dynamics and very explicit. It wasn’t vulgar—it was beautifully erotic. Each story told us the first time for nearly all the MCs and how they embraced their deepest secrets and freed themselves in a row of passions. I love the last story “You” because it was like I was the MC; it was written in a way that gives me the feeling I was him.

I had a very good and pleasurable time with those men, and I recommend it, like gladly recommend it. You will really love every story, and Tal Bauer shows us another layer of his talent. I was happy to read something as light and sexy from him and wasn’t surprised to adore it.

It 5 burning stars.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: The Mage on the Hill by Angel Martinez

TITLE: The Mage on the Hill
AUTHOR: Angel Martinez
SERIES: The Web of Arcana
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2019


The Web of Arcana: Book One
A young magic user who wants desperately to live. A jaded recluse who has forgotten what living means. They’re each other’s only chance.
Toby’s wild magic is killing him. The mage guilds have given up on him, and it’s only a matter of time before he dies in a spectacular, catastrophic bang. His only hope is an exiled wizard who lives in seclusion—and is rumored to have lost his mind.
The years alone on his hilltop estate have not been good for Darius Valstad. After the magical accident that disfigured him and nearly drowned Pittsburgh, he drifts through his days, a wraith trapped in memories and depression. Until a stricken young man collapses on his driveway, one who claims Darius is his last chance. For the first time in fifteen years, Darius must make a choice—leave this wild mage to his fate or take him in and try to teach him, which may kill them both. The old Darius, brash and commanding, wouldn’t have hesitated. Darius the exile isn’t sure he can find the energy to try.

Toby is a young wizard with wild magic. The guilds can’t help him, and Toby will be sent to a hospice to finish his days peacefully full of drugs to indulge him in sleep until he dies. But Toby wants to live, he doesn’t want to die like that, and he’s ready to fight hard and try everything to live, even reach an old hermit wizard, Darius Valstad.
Darius doesn’t want another student, not after what’s happens with the last one, and what he lost–his job, his eye, and his self-esteem. But Toby is desperate and on the verge of dying if Darius doesn’t help him.
Darius and Toby will start a journey between past and present to find a future together.

The mage on the hill is book one of The Web of Arcana series by Angel Martinez. I adored this book.
In the Web of Arcana, every wizard has a major or minor arcana (meaning affinity), that helps them to settle and control their magic and the guilds teach them how to do that. Some wizards can’t channel their abilities and end up in a hospice where they are drugged until they die.

Toby is a young wizard with a wild magic, meaning he couldn’t channel his ability and his magic is out of control, which makes him unplaceable. His only hope is Darius Valstad, a hermit wizard, who had helped other unplaceables in the past. Toby didn’t expect to find a man broken by his past, barely able to talk after fifteen years in complete isolation, but Darius reaches something deep in Toby’s heart other than hope. I adored Toby. He’s funny, smart and sassy. He’s also a fierce fighter and refuses to accept his faith as certain death without putting up a good fight. I loved him a lot.

Darius is broken by his past and his guilt. He’s lived alone for fifteen years without any help, friends, or human beings around him. He’s completely isolated and in a deep depression. He doesn’t want Toby in his life. He doesn’t want to have another student who he can’t help, and he refuses to have to lose a part of himself again. I loved Darius too. He’s confident in his ability but so fragile about his past that, at first, he’s scared to lose Toby until he doesn’t have another choice than to channel who he really is—a brilliant and genius teacher who can really help others starting with Toby. Then Darius is fierce and fights back.

I adored this book. It was well written, funny with good pop culture references that made me smile. The main characters are awesome as well as the secondary. I was hooked on the story from the beginning, and Angel Martinez kept me captivated with Toby and Darius’ road-trip. The end was awesome and promising for the next book. It was a good start in the series, and I look forward to knowing more about the Web of Arcana.

It’s 5 stars for the hermit and his student.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Love Conventions by Morgan James

TITLE: Love Conventions
AUTHOR: Morgan James
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2019


A happy ending worthy of a TV fantasy… in real life?
Ashland Wells is an actor of sci-fi cult fame but with little direction for the future, when handsome grad student Remy Beaumont lands in his lap at a fan convention. Remy is everything Ash ever wanted and wished he could be—including out and proud. For twelve hours they’re the best of friends. But the convention ends, and saying goodbye to Remy might be the biggest mistake Ash has ever made.
A few months later, they’re reunited on a new production—Ash as an actor, Remy a writer—and though Ash doesn’t plan to let him go twice, being with Remy means going public about being gay. He’s not sure that’s a risk he—or his career—can handle, no matter how great the temptation.
If only they could write themselves the romantic happily ever after they both need.

Ashland Wells is a sci-fi actor. He has a strong fan base with his last TV Show and was meeting them in a convention when he meets the cute nerd, Remy Beaumont.
During this convention, Ash and Remy become friends and have the time of their life, until Ash had to go back to Vancouver and Remy to his student life. Months later, Ash is hired for a new TV show, and Remy is hired as one of the writers.
They finally have time to get to know each other, but with Ash being in the closet and Remy out, can they have both the happy ending they want?

Love Conventions by Morgan James is my first book by this author and won’t be the last. I had a great time with them.
Ash is an actor. He’s hot, sexy, strong and talented. He’s also gay and Narnia deep in the closet taking the tea with Aslan. When he meets Remy, he’s off balance because Remy is everything he wants in a partner, but Ash is paralyzed by his fears. When he finds the courage to overcome his fears, he enters a world of love and happiness until reality came crushing his bubble and Ash will have to make a choice. I loved Ash. He’s funny, smart, kind, shy and insecure. He’s hot with his red hair (I have a thing for gingers) and his Scottish accent. He’s also completely paralyzed with Remy. He knows what he wants, but he’s too scared to have it until he doesn’t have another choice. I loved him because he touched me.

Remy is a student in mythological creatures. He’s a complete nerd—fan of sci-fi and all. He’s gay, out and proud, he’s confident in his sexuality, and he won’t hide it. I adored Remy. He’s so funny, kind, smart and sassy. I loved his confidence, and I loved how he helps Ash day by day to come out of his shell little by little. I loved how he refuses to be a victim and chooses himself and his happiness.

The story is told from Ash’s POV only; we follow him in his journey of true happiness. I loved the writing. It was dynamic and fluid with a good sense of humor that I appreciated a lot. The plot was easy to follow, no drama, no big twist, and I liked that a lot. It was a good read, and I had a good time with them.

I happily recommend this book, it’s a sweet candy to read.

4 stars for Dr Who and His Donna.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis