Review: “The Foxling Soldati” by Charlie Cochet


TITLE: The Foxling Soldati
AUTHOR: Charlie Cochet
SERIES: Soldati Hearts
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Urban Fantasy; Shapeshifters
LENGTH: 102 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 16, 2017
PRICE: $4.99 -e-book


Foxling Toka has served the Soldati king for centuries, and now he attends to the kingdom’s cherished Soldati prince. It’s a position of honor, and as Toka helps the once-human prince adapt to their magical realm, he finds joy in their friendship. He also grows bolder in his encounters with Rayner, Soldati warrior and the king’s second. But the laws are clear: servants and Soldati are not permitted to mate. It doesn’t matter that Toka lost his heart to the dashing cad long ago.

Rayner never imagined he would fall in love with a servant, but the clever and beautiful foxling has ensnared him, and he resents the regulations keeping them apart. When an arrogant and spiteful king visits from a neighboring realm, Rayner is in danger of losing everything. But Soldati warriors don’t surrender, and he intends to fight all the harder to keep Toka where he belongs—in Rayner’s arms.

This is book 2 of the series.

We know from the previous book from the same series that the Soldatis are tiger shifters who are fighting against demons to protect the human race and other beings.
In the Soldati’s realm is a monarchy with a well-established hierarchy that is respected for thousands and thousands of years. But then comes Riley (book 1) a human, the mate of the Soldati’s King and with him, come changes…

This second book is about the king’s enforcer, Rayner and Riley’s personal servant Toka. Toka is not a tiger he is a foxling. The foxlings always have been the servants of tigers. But Toka harbors feelings toward Rayner, and he knows that nothing is ever gonna happen between the two of them.
Rayner head over heels in love with Toka, but as he’s the right of the King, knows he will never have Toka because he is to marry someone as high ranking like he is.

Although the foxlings are respected in Soldati kingdom, we can’t say for other kingdoms in this realm.
When a neighbor King visits with his entourage, who has out for Rayner, things get a bit complicated to say at least. Time will come when Rayner, and not just him, must protect what he knows belongs to him.

This is a sweat fast read, and I can’t wait for the next in this series!

What I didn’t like? That it was damn short!

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****


Review: “The Long and Winding Road” by TJ Klune

TITLE: The Long and Winding Road
SERIES: Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 346 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 11, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / 17.99$ -paperback


Family is not always defined by blood. It’s defined by those who make us whole—those who make us who we are.

And here, at the end, Bear and Otter will be tested like they’ve never been before.

There’s a knock at the door from a little girl who has nowhere else to go.

There’s a phone ringing, bringing news they do not expect.

There’s a brother returning home after learning how to stand on his own.

As these moments converge, all of their lives will change forever.

Beginning in Bear, Otter, and the Kid, and continuing in Who We Are and The Art of Breathing, TJ Klune has told a saga of family and brotherhood, of love and sacrifice. In this final chapter, the events of the past pave the long and winding road toward a future no one could have imagined.

I just finished the last line of the story of Bear, Otter and the Kid…

The first half of the book it really annoyed me, I’m honest here!
I know I know how dare I?! …but I do because I was so damn curious what happens after the doorbell rings and the twins?!

But no, TJ had to go back in time! Okay, it was beautiful, but whatever!
So as I said, in the first one hundred or so pages, will cover about the 4 years where the Thompson’s were gone in New Hampshire. I was glad to see what these three went through in those four years, but I must say that probably belonged to the previous book better.

Then we get where we are, in the present and there a little girl and things happen. Now, before you go jumping on me demanding details, you know I can’t do that. No, no I’m not a bad person, not at all! Tease?! Well, I can’t say no to that though.
I could talk about Bear or the Kid or Otter or even Izzy, but I don’t because there is a character that it seems we all like to ignore… Yes, I’m talking about It, the little voice we are so familiar with.
It who is more constant in their life than any other person. And it’s strange that we all have It, and don’t you dare deny it that, you have it, and we are so familiar with it. Maybe it tells us different things, but there it is, a constant in our life…

So I would like to talk about It, about those whispers, the hateful things that it whispers to us constantly try to bring us down. And sometimes it is right but sometimes is so very wrong.

As Ty and Bear learned the art of breathing, we, my fellow readers who tend to create our own little universes, we need to learn to know when it is full of shit. To look beyond It, and to see the righteousness in ourselves. To accept ourselves. To love ourselves. As We Are!

And now we say good bye to these amazing characters. We may share a few tears, we may shake a bit, feel a bit of pain in our hearts, and I know you, you so do! And we…ohh we need to not listen when It says that this is just a book and you will never ever have what Bear and Otter have, we need to not listen to it, because we are a little bit like Bear or little bit like Otter and one day, I promise you, one day we will be as happy as they are!

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****


Review: “Dolphins in the Mud” by Jo Ramsey

TITLE: Dolphins in the Mud
AUTHOR: Jo Ramsey
PUBLISHER: Harmony Ink Press
COVER ARTIST: Brooke Albrecht
GENRE: Teen Fiction
LENGTH: 180 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $14.99 -paperback


Stranded. Hopeless. Trapped. No one to turn to and no way to reach the freedom just beyond his grasp…

That’s how Chris Talberman feels when his family moves to an isolated New England coastal town and leaves him alone to care for his severely autistic sister, Cece.

Chris knows how the dolphins stranded in the cove near his home must feel–he understands their struggle better than he can express. But the tragic event has a silver lining. It’s there, while chasing his sister, that Chris meets Noah, a boy his age who is as kind and handsome as he is fascinating. Not only has Chris found the friend he needed, but the possibility for love–

Until Chris’s mother abandons the family and Noah reveals his own hidden pain. Now Chris must care for the person he thought would care for him.

This teen fiction tells us about a period of Chris’s life.

Chris and his family recently moved to this isolated town near the coast. He didn’t have time yet to make new friends. He’s busy with helping his mom with his sister Cece, who is autistic. Cece is 9-years-old but sometimes she behaves like a 2-year-old. Chris loves his sister so he really didn’t mind but sometimes he just wants to be on his own, doing things like a normal 16-year-old would do.
Chris is out. He had a boyfriend back in his old town, but they broke up. So now he’s looking forward to meeting someone with whom he can be friends and even something more.
Then one day there are dolphins in their cove. His little sister Cece succeeded escaping from the house to run to see the “Dophs.” Chris takes after her, barefoot, but before he catches her, she is stopped by a blond young guy. Later he finds out that the boy name is Noah.
Noah lives near to Chris’s house, but they never met yet. He feels the connection, but he knows that Noah is hiding something. And when Noah makes a desperate thing he is not sure he wants to be friends anymore…

This book is not about Chris and Noah’s relationship. If you are expecting some teen fling, this is not what is happening.
The book is more about Chris’s emotions, how a teen boy handles the changes in his life. The constant pressure of his mother to take care of his little sister. The struggle between feeling responsible and the guilt that he would like to spend some time for himself.
The book is really from the POV of a teenager, who feels the weight of his family on his shoulders. The anger when their mother abandoned them, the impotency when it comes to a lack of knowledge of his father about his sister. And there is Noah’s behavior …

The end of the book is not what I was hoping for, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed this book, but it’s definitely an interesting read.

****The ARC was provided by Harmony Ink Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****


Review: “The Rhubarb Patch” by Deanna Wadsworth

TITLE: The Rhubarb Patch
AUTHOR: Deanna Wadsworth
SERIES: A Men of Gilead Novel
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH:  284 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 24, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $16.99 –paperback


City boy, sci-fi novelist, and recovering pushover Scott Howe doesn’t know what to expect when he inherits his grandmother’s house outside the quaint village of Gilead, Ohio—but it isn’t an enormous bald man in nothing but tighty-whities and orange rubber boots shouting at him to keep his weed whacker away from the rhubarb patch.

Scott has never met anyone like Phineas Robertson: homesteader, recluse… Republican. A tender—if unlikely—friendship grows over the summer while Phin and his schnauzer, Sister Mary Katherine, teach Scott about life in the country and the grandmother he never knew. Opposites attract, but widower Phin worries his secret will send Scott running faster than his politics, and Phin isn’t convinced he deserves a second chance at romance.

Scott is convinced—rural life, and his one-of-a-kind, older neighbor is the future he wants. Before he can settle in, his mother drops a bombshell that strains their already tenuous relationship, and a cousin who believes he is the rightful heir to the property puts Scott in danger. It’ll take a lot of compromises, and even dodging a few bullets before they’re out of the weeds, but nurturing something as special as true love always takes hard work.


The Rhubarb Patch has everything I dislike in a book, like literally everything. When I thought that there is nothing that is going to go wrong, bam! There was another thing I didn’t like.

So you may ask, why the high rating?

Just because I don’t like stuff like Mpreg (although is not actually part of the plot, Scott one of the MCs, is an MM novelist who writes about Mpreg-Sci Fi’s) or Republicans who are pro-guns (the other MC, Phineas, Phin) or knowing about the rural life, that doesn’t mean others will not enjoy it.
In my honest opinion, this book is more a textbook 101 about agriculture. You’ll find every little detail, and I mean every…little…detail about seeding, harvest, farm animals and so…(did you know that you could keep the eggs up until five months in the fridge? well I didn’t…).

Scott inherits his grandmother’s house, and he moves there, running from his past relationship. Well, he is a people pleaser, and he wants to change that. He’s a momma’s boy. Like in most parts I just wanted to shout at Scott to grow the f… up. He’s also a social media addict. Checking on his followers couple of time a day, posting about the country life and he likes googleing. He doesn’t think to find love in the middle of nowhere.

Phin is a widow. His husband passed away a few years ago and now he’s living in Gilead. (The story says that Scott’s mom was going back to his family after her husband was abusing her when Scott was a small boy. The so called hubby is the son of Scott’s grandma from whom, he inherits the house. I thought that meant that Phin was the one who moved, several years ago to the neighborhood. But in one point of the story, it’s written that the grandma moved in next door…it’s confusing I know…).

So this is a typical-not-so-typical love story with a lot of details about agriculture and jealous family, rude relatives and a lot of rhubarb.

Who do I recommend this book? Well, to everyone who likes agriculture!

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****


Review: “A Destiny of Dragons” by TJ Klune

TITLE: A Destiny of Dragons
SERIES: Tales From Verania
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
GENRE: Fantasy; Humor
LENGTH:  400 pages
RELEASE DATE: Jun 30, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $17.99 -paperback


Once upon a time, the wizard’s apprentice Sam of Wilds got his happily ever after in the arms of his cornerstone, Knight Commander Ryan Foxheart. A year has passed, and while Sam’s been captured five or six more times since then, things are pretty great. His parents are happy, Gary and Tiggy still eat sass for breakfast, Randall is somehow alive despite being older than the gods, the King rules with a gentle hand, Kevin the dragon is as gross as ever, Morgan sighs a lot, Ryan continues to be dashing and immaculate, and Sam is close to convincing Prince Justin they will be best friends forever.

Life is good.

Until it’s not.

Because Vadoma, the leader of the Gypsy clan and Sam’s grandmother, has come to the City of Lockes with a dire prophecy written in the stars: a man of shadows is rising and will consume the world unless Sam faces his destiny and gathers the five dragons of Verania at his side.

And she brings along her second-in-command, a man named Ruv.

Ruv, who Vadoma says is Sam’s true cornerstone.

The first book in the DESTINY FUCK YEAH! Trilogy (because sometimes, having a destiny is the stupidest thing ever).

And the story continues …

As we know by now when we read a Klune book that tears are inevitable. Well, in this case, tears are caused by laughter.

Sam of Wilds and Knight Commander Ryan Foxheart aka Knight Delicious Face finally got their happy ending…or that’s what they think.

Sam’s grandmother, Vadoma, comes to visit, and by that, I mean she appears in front of Sam, ending in Sam losing his consciousness. Sam has a vision. Don’t ask me, you know I will not tell…duh! Vadoma is a gypsy, trying to convince Sam to come back to his tribe. Oh and by the way, Vadoma brought Sam’s real cornerstone with her, a very attractive, and bendy, young man called Ruv. You think Ryan will be jealous? Pleaseee…khmmm, why would he? He has bigger arms, he has a bigger sword, he has a bigger d…, I mean personality, and he is more bendy than that…that…urgh! Right…Not jealous at all!

But that’s not all, Sam has a destiny. What? You didn’t know? Nor did he.

Sam finds out that almost everybody knew except him and his family. He feels betrayed by Morgan of Shadow, but one of his visions shows him that they are right, he has a destiny. Damn it! Sam must gather all the dragons of Varnia and make them his.
So they go to find their first dragon, that it’s never an easy task you know, finding a dragon who wasn’t seen in a long time.

Without giving away too much, there will be jealous Ryan, pissed of Garry, protective Tiggy who may or may not like butt sex (he hasn’t decided yet), a horny Dragon who already belongs to Sam and another dragon…man, I didn’t see this coming…! We’ll meet new characters, including star constellations, don’t ask, a villain who is out to destroy the word, and we’ll witness a kinda wizard riff-off with some threats.

Oh, and one more thing… Sam’s magic recognizes Ruv’s as his cornerstone!

What…? No, I can’t stay, I need to run…what? What do I mean by “Sam’s magic recognizes Ruv’s as his cornerstone”? … Oh sorry, I have no time for your tantrum now….bye!

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****


Review: “Coach’s Challenge” by Avon Gale

TITLE: Coach’s Challenge
AUTHOR: Avon Gale
SERIES: Scoring Chances
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH:  200 pages
RELEASE DATE: Jun 26, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $17.99 -paperback


It’s been decades since blackmail forced Troy Callahan to retire from playing professional hockey, and he’s built a successful career behind the bench. When he’s offered the opportunity to coach the Asheville Ravens—the most hated team in the ECHL—he’s convinced that his no-nonsense attitude is just what the team needs to put their focus back on hockey. But Troy is disheartened when he finds out the Ravens have signed Shane North, a player known for his aggression—especially when Shane’s rough good looks have Troy thinking inappropriate thoughts about a player, even if he’s set to retire at the end of the season.

Shane’s career in the majors never quite took off. Wanting to quit on his own terms, Shane agrees to a one-year contract with the Ravens and finds himself playing for a coach who thinks he’s an aging goon, and with a team that doesn’t trust him, Troy, or each other. Despite his determination not to get involved, Shane unwillingly becomes part of the team… and is just as unwillingly drawn to the gruff, out-and-proud coach. As the Ravens struggle to build a new identity, Shane and Troy succumb to the passion that might cost them everything.

levilogooptimummThis is the fifth book of the series, but you can read as a standalone, although after finishing the book you wanna go back and read the other character’s stories too.

The story’s about Asheville Ravens – an infamous hockey team. They are known for their bullying behavior and homophobic slurs on and off the ice. What no one knew was the bullying was ordered by their ex-coach, who now resigned and was replaced by Troy Callahan aka Coach Cally.

Troy finds the atmosphere in the locker room pretty depressing. No one speaks, no one communicates. The sight is depressing, and he has difficulties bringing them out of their funk. That’ll be a task he’s looking forward to achieving.

Troy is an openly gay man, now. But he wasn’t always, actually he was blackmailed from the very same ex-coach of Asheville Ravens to quit playing hockey, otherwise he would be outed. Now, twenty-something years later, he’s a renowned coach. But things, as always, seem to complicate when Troy finds out that the newest member of his team is non-other than Shane North.

Shane is known for his hot-tempered attitude. He’s a goon. Shane decided to end his career at 36, he’s tired of being associated as a goon, or the player who didn’t live up to his potential. When he joins the Asheville Ravens for his last season, he didn’t think that he’d be attracted to Troy.

Shane is deep in the closet, not because he’s ashamed, but he didn’t want to add more to his accomplishments. The attraction is mutual as he finds out later but other than quick-ohmygod so hot-sessions there is nothing there for them.
The story is a hot read. Troy the ever dominant and Shane, well he’s getting off on the power play. It seems that they are just made for each other, but will Shane have the courage to give in to his desire?

To know the answer to that question, I recommend reading this book, you will enjoy it!

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****


Review: “A Kind of Home” by Lane Hayes

TITLE: A Kind of Home
AUTHOR: Lane Hayes
SERIES: A Kind Of Story
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 224 pages
RELEASE DATE: Jun 23, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $14.99 –paperback


Isaac Dalton is the guitarist for Spiral, arguably the biggest rock band in the world. The band’s meteoric rise to superstardom has its perks, but fame and fortune aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Nonstop touring and performing exhaust him, and when an overzealous fan makes it imperative that Isaac travel with a clingy bodyguard, he is ready for a break from the madness. More so when his newly single first crush shows up on his doorstep. The man is strictly off-limits. He’s a memory from a place Isaac would rather leave behind. And he’s straight.

Fun-loving former athlete slash construction worker Adam McBride desperately needs a new beginning. And New York City is the perfect place to start over and think about how to rebuild his life. A short stint as roommates with his brother’s best friend from high school seems like a mutually beneficial arrangement. However, when friendship gives way to fierce attraction, both men find themselves in unchartered and possibly dangerous territory. Isaac has to decide if he’s willing to take the ultimate risk for a kind of love and a kind of home he never dreamed possible.

Even though this is the fourth of the series, you’ll have no problem whatsoever following the storyline.

Isaac Dalton is the guitarist of the famous rock band Spiral. Spiral became famous like a year ago, but even in this short time, they are rocking the whole wild world.

The story starts when the guys are back from a world tour. Isaac has a stalker, and their manager hired a bodyguard who follows every step of the guitarist. Isaac is not used to that. He’s coming from a small-town . The music is his everything, he doesn’t really care about fame and money.

When he arrives at his apartment, he’s shocked to see his childhood friend, Adam McBride, still in his apartment. Actually, Adam is the older brother of his childhood best friend, Ned, but what nobody knows is that Isaac had a major crush on Adam back in the old days. Isaac is openly bi now, but Adam is straight as an arrow.

Isaac finds out that Adam got divorced and he’s taking a break from his small-town life, and the big city helps him with his divorce. He managed to find two part-time jobs: a dog-walker and a bartender job. Adam is a bit of a slob, and that’s not going to well with Isaac.

Then things are getting a pretty much angsty with this anonymous stalker. First, he just writes on the band’s official page, every message of the stalker starts with: “You are a star, and I’m your biggest fan”. They don’t figure out who the stalker is until is almost too late.

From the very beginning, there is an amazing sexual attraction between the two MCs. Isaac is not acting upon this because he’s convinced that Adam is straight. But then, after a dare turns out that Adam is not quite that straight of an “arrow”.

This is a sweet read, if you want to spend a weekend with an easy story.

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****


Review: “The Tinder Stories – Oceanside Fire Series” by Tory Temple

TITLE: The Tinder Stories – Oceanside Fire Series
AUTHOR: Tory Temple
SERIES: Oceanside Fire Series
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Garrett Leigh
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; Anthology
LENGTH: 206 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 19, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $14.99 –paperback


Return to Oceanside Fire, where the sizzling passion between men scorches everything they touch—especially each other. For firefighter Chris Matthews and instructor Morgan Daniels, it’s dislike at first sight—but that doesn’t mean there’s any relief from the heat building between them, and it only takes a spark to set the tinder ablaze.

Will Chris and Morgan go from enemies to lovers, or will they remain enemies with healthy libidos who stoke each other’s flames? Morgan is no fan of firefighters in general, and he finds Chris especially grating. But when they’re together, the sexual tension is thick enough to cut with a knife—and there’s only one way to work it off. A battle of wills is sure to follow. Add in an age difference, and finding common ground will be an uphill battle. Even if they succeed in building a relationship, secrets and suspicion could reduce everything to ash.

Although this is an anthology of three books, I will review it as one.

For me, this was a really fast read. Why? Because it was super awesome…

Chris is a firefighter. He likes his job very much, but in order to maintain it, they have to do additional yearly courses to be updated about the risks they may face during an intervention.

Morgan teaches the firefighters course on sexual harassment, and the cocky attitude of Chris rubs him in a wrong way. He assigns Chris a homework assignment about the statistics on sexual harassment at workplace. Well, although Chris is very gathered and precise, he forgets his homework at home…but instead of being punished, after he let Morgan know about his opinion, Morgan seems to give him another chance. When Chris asked Morgan what’s his problem with Chris was, Morgan simple answer was “I hate firefighters.”

After the course is over, Chris hopes that he’ll never meet Morgan again, though he was aware of the strange connection between the two. Chris also likes to ride his motorcycle. When he meets up with his motorbike gang, he’s mortified to see that the new member is no one else than the unsupportable Morgan.

Morgan is the real jerk, in my honest opinion, and his behavior is not changing during the books. I found it difficult to believe how Chris is putting up with this man, but he falls for him. Morgan feels the same way, but he is more introverted. There is also an age gap between the two and Morgan very often treats Chris as a child even though Chris is in his thirties.

This three-book anthology guides us through their coming together. I liked it very much, even though I wanted to punch Morgan on his face. He has a reason why he behaves like he does, but the dude needs to learn how to let the past be the past. In my opinion, Chris is a saint, I wouldn’t have that much patience with Morgan…that said I think I’m more like Morgan and that is not a good thing…well, I need a “Chris” in my life…

My rating is an honest 4.5 OptimuMM!

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Dim Sum Asylum” by Rhys Ford

TITLE: Dim Sum Asylum
AUTHOR: Rhys Ford
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Mystery/Suspense; Urban Fantasy
LENGTH: 240 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 9, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $14.99 –paperback


* Novel-length expansion of original short story found in Charmed & Dangerous anthology. *

Welcome to Dim Sum Asylum: a San Francisco where it’s a ho-hum kind of case when a cop has to chase down an enchanted two-foot-tall shrine god statue with an impressive Fu Manchu mustache that’s running around Chinatown, trolling sex magic and chaos in its wake.
Senior Inspector Roku MacCormick of the Chinatown Arcane Crimes Division faces a pile of challenges far beyond his human-faerie heritage, snarling dragons guarding C-Town’s multiple gates, and exploding noodle factories. After a case goes sideways, Roku is saddled with Trent Leonard, a new partner he can’t trust, to add to the crime syndicate family he doesn’t want and a spell-casting serial killer he desperately needs to find.

While Roku would rather stay home with Bob the Cat and whiskey himself to sleep, he puts on his badge and gun every day, determined to serve and protect the city he loves. When Chinatown’s dark mystical underworld makes his life hell and the case turns deadly, Trent guards Roku’s back and, if Trent can be believed, his heart… even if from what Roku can see, Trent is as dangerous as the monsters and criminals they’re sworn to bring down.

When I started Rhys’s books, I always need like 60 pages to get in the right mindset to read her stories. Her style is unusual, and me not being a native English, I struggle a bit about the author’s poetic metaphors.
That said, I must be honest, I spent a lot of time researching on Google for this story, in order to know what certain terms meant.

The story takes place in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where Roku is an investigator. Roku’s mother was a fairy (well it’s not clear, but I suppose) and his father was the son of the head of the China Mob in San Francisco. This book has a lot of Chinese/Japanese/Korean terms. It wasn’t an easy read, half of the time I spent on Google. For all those who have more knowledge about China/Japanese culture, maybe wouldn’t be as difficult as it was for me.

This is a slow read for all those who are not familiar with those terms, but at the same time, Rhys’s sweet way of telling it makes you keep reading the book.

As I said, Roku is an investigator, and after he’s forced to shot his partner, he gets another one. Insta-desire is an understatement. Trent is an ex-solider, who was working for a secret-not-so-secret organization. Trent is tall, and muscle-built, dark-blonde, very Nordic. But Roku knows that acting on this desire is wrong.

The story is a fantasy, with fairies who are not always good. They’re either pushed by sexual desire or the desire to kill. We’ll have the chance to navigate in this mythical world oh Rhys’s. There will be Gods, and temples also will see the ins-and-outs of the low-life of Asylum.

Rhys has this cunning way of inserting romance in the middle of an angst scene. And by romance I mean lyric. I have no other world to subscribe her…lyrical…

I suggest this book to those readers who have knowledge about Chinese and Japanese mysticism.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Switch Hitter” by Cheyenne Meadows

TITLE: Switch Hitter
AUTHOR: Cheyenne Meadows
SERIES: Shifter Hardball
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Shapeshifter, Gay for you
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 -e-book / $14.99 -paperback


Tucker Wilde’s life is in a tailspin. Twenty-four hours ago, he was one of the top second basemen in the all-shifter professional baseball league. Now, he’s lost his starting spot to a rookie, been dumped by his girlfriend, and had a night of explosive passion with a man—a teammate at that. He can’t get Dixon out of his mind—even though Tucker still believes himself to be straight. With his career in jeopardy, he’s unsure where to turn or how to fix the mess.

Dixon Foxx is a baseball prodigy, though a perfectionist father stole any joy he might find in the game. He only sticks with it because it’s all he knows—and because of Tucker, the man Dixon’s wanted since they met. His dreams come true one night, only to turn into a nightmare the next morning when Tucker blows off their incredible time together as a drunken mistake, never to happen again.

The life of a switch hitter is all about mixing things up. Tucker excels at it. Only this time, the game isn’t on the line—his heart is.

Gather around everyone…closer…a bit closer…now say CHEESE! And you can say that again, cheese. But before you go and start to badmouth the cheesy romance, lemme tell you dear reader, there is nothing wrong with a good cheesy romance book, like in this case here.

While at the beginning my tooth ached of the cheesiness at the end I was glad that I read this book. Yes, its romantic. Yes, its sweet. Yes, it’s cheesy, but aren’t we all needing this?!

First of all, this is about baseball. Well, I’m European, so I know absolutely nothing about baseball. I googled a lot about terms and rules. Thanks to that now I know more about baseball, well not as much as Dixon…

Speaking of Dixon. Dixon is a veteran, with a baseball heritage that he must keep up and also the good family name in this sport. He is calculated, very dedicated…in other words, his life is baseball. Dixon is gay. Everyone knows this, and he’s not hiding it.
Dixon is also a fox shifter with silver fur. And he finds himself lusting for Tucker. But he’s lusting in secret because Tucker is the very epitome of straight until…

Tucker is a wild dog hybrid shifter. He grew up without a pack, just him and his mother. When he turns 18 years-old, she drops him at the college and goes back to her pack. All his anger goes into practice. He is now part of a prestigious team, but this goes to his head, and he starts slacking. He made friends too, like Dixon. Dixon is his buddy.
When Tucker loses his starting spot, he gets a bit desperate then his girlfriend drops him for the very same reason and that leads to booze. He is a bit drunk, and Dixon takes him home, and by home, I mean Dixon’s home.
There Tucker goes from straight to power bottom in nanoseconds (well this part was funny in my opinion as a gay man, not so realistic though, but after all, we are dealing with shifters…). The next day he regrets everything…I’ll let you figure out the rest, or better yet, read the book!

The story is a sweet read, perfect for a cheesy afternoon…

****The ARC was provided by Harmony Ink Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book****