Review of: My Boss’s Boss by R. Cayden

TITLE: My Boss’s Boss
AUTHOR: R. Cayden
SERIES: Taught by Two, book 3
GENRE: Contemporary Romance, MMM
RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2019


Three men, one office, and a summer internship that is about to get very spicy…
A rough-and-tumble guy like me might seem out of place in the corporate world, but that doesn’t mean I can’t succeed at my summer internship. I just need to make sure I’m not too distracted by the hot office manager, bossing me around and making me deliver the mail every day.
But then I meet the drop-dead gorgeous owner of Carwell Tower, too…
I know there’s no place for my submissive tendencies in the board room, but I feel like I was born to serve these men, and I can’t deny my heart.
Working as his office manager, it’s hard enough to keep my relationship with Warren a secret. The owner of Carwell Tower, he’s powerful and handsome, and I want nothing more than to tell the world that he’s my dominant boyfriend.
I can keep our love a secret for the sake of the company, just like I can keep the office running without a hitch to make him happy.
But with a new hot intern demanding my attention, the line between work and play keeps getting thinner.
When I inherited the company after my father’s death, Carwell Tower was falling apart the seams.
It’s playing with fire to carry on a secret relationship with the office manager at a time like this, but I love Terrence, and can’t imagine my life without him.
When a new intern shows up at our door, looking hot as hell and submissive to boot, I know indulging our fantasies is a bad idea. I need to keep acting like the straight and macho head of the company, and can’t let anything get in the way of success.
Not even passion, and especially not love.
My Boss’s Boss is a standalone, 60,000 word MMM romance novel. It features secret office relationships, dominant businessmen and submissive interns, and three characters who find a happily-ever-after together. Like all of the Taught by Two books, it is filled with heart, lots of heat, and a little bit of kink. Enjoy!

My Boss’s Boss is the third book in the Taught by Two series by R. Cayden. I loved reading this book also. I love reading books with interoffice relationships that have to be kept hush-hush. It’s even better if one of the main characters is in the closet. And then to find out that they also have a Dominant/submissive relationship. Yep, it’s a home run for me. The cover and the blurb hooked me, and then I started to read the story. I got sucked in, and the story just wouldn’t let me go until I’d gotten to the end.

Warren inherited the company after his father’s death. Only then did he realize that Carwell Tower was falling apart at the seams. His grandfather had been a progressive thinker, and the company had been flourishing, his father, however, was more conservative and took the company in a different direction, catering to bigots and homophobes. It is for those reasons that Warren has never come out of the closet to his father and later when he takes over the company. He does have a secret boyfriend, Terrence, that he’d made the Hub office manager when he took over the company. They also have a Dominant/submissive relationship that they sometimes indulge in at Warren’s office. They have an open relationship because Warren feels bad about how busy he is and doesn’t want Terrence to feel neglected.

Terrence is the office manager for Carwell Tower. His boyfriend is the owner of the company. He would like nothing better than to tell the world about his dominant boyfriend, but he has to keep their relationship a secret. Terrence is also a switch, but he never gets to express his dominant tendencies with Warren since Warren is strictly a dominant. Terrence also is in charge of the new summer intern, Tony. Tony, who just so happens to be a complete submissive even if his body type says that he should be a top/dominant. He brings out all of Terrence’s dominant urges, and he can’t help but want to play with him. And it’s not against the rules because Warren has given him the okay to play outside of their relationship.

Tony is a rough-and-tumble guy. He grew up with blue-collar workers and so felt out of place in a suit and tie. But he dreams of owning his own business and is going to college to get a business degree. And for him, Carwell Tower is the place to work to learn about running a business. So he takes a summer internship there and manages to be late and drench the owner of the company with coffee on his first day. But Tony isn’t a coward, and he shows back up the next day. He has no idea what he’s doing and doesn’t get a lot of help from Terrence, his boss. He does get some help from a coworker, Dominique, and they build a fast friendship of going out for a drink after work. Dominique also happens to be best friends with Terrence. So sometimes Terrence comes along also. Tony also has a huge crush on his boss and makes a couple of passes on him. And so their relationship begins.

I loved how they all interacted with each other, and their chemistry was off the charts. My favorite scene was when Warren told Terrence that he could do whatever he wanted to do with Tony and that then Warren would do what Terrence had done to Tony to Terrence. It was so hot. But the book isn’t just sex. There is a really good plot, too.

I thought it was a great book, and I can’t wait for another book in the Taught by Two series to be released so that I can devour it just like I did this one.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis


Review of: Like Shadows in the Night by Mary Durante

TITLE: Like Shadows in the Night
AUTHOR: Mary Durante
SERIES: Shadows #1
RELEASE DATE: May 16th 2019


In an alternate universe where BDSM is an integral part of human culture, and every individual’s life is shaped by whether they were born as a Dom, sub, or switch, one man has daringly broken the rules of the game.
Matt Steels—sexy, powerful, mysterious, filthy-rich president of the hottest IT company in the country—refuses to play his assigned role. Despite enjoying the company of numerous subs, his private life is a solitary one.
That abruptly changes when he foolishly decides to intervene in a street brawl, saving a man from a savage beating. Little does he know that the man he’s saved is a wanted criminal, a lethal assassin who hides behind a Biblical alias and whose tools of the trade include sharp knives and an even sharper tongue.
But the assassin known as Lucifer has discoverd Matt’s most closely guarded secret, and decides to pay him a surprise visit. And as unlikely as it may seem, he might be exactly what Matt so desperately craves.

Matt is one of the most powerful men in North America. He’s powerful with his company Steel Tech and a pure genius with technology. He also has secrets—a lot of secrets—but one is more important than the others and can put him in danger.
Lucifer is the assassin of the Sons of Adam, one of the most dangerous gangs in the world. Lucifer is dangerous. He’s a wanted man by the police, the FBI, and his own clan.
Matt and Lucifer have nothing in common. They don’t live in the same social circles, but their paths cross, for the better or the worst, that’s what they will have to find out.
Like Shadows in the Night by Mary Durante is my first book from this author. It’s actually her first book in English. She’s a popular MM author in Italia.

I’m not a fan of the omega verse or sub verse genre, but the blurb of this book intrigued me, and I wasn’t disappointed.
The story is in an alternate universe where people are divided into 3 genres, Dom, Sub, and Switch. After years of fighting, they all have the same rights. In the eyes of the law, they are equal, but in real life, discrimination and abuse against Subs is common.

Matt is powerful—he isn’t scared of his board, a Dom or even an assassin like his lover Lucifer. He’s brilliant—a genius and very rich—he is powerful…in appearance. Deep down, Matt is afraid to be hurt and mistreated like in his past, so he keeps people at a distance. And it works, until Lucifer walks into his life and changes everything. I liked Matt. He was funny, smart, brave, and sensitive. I liked his sassy mouth and his fierceness when he needed to protect the people he loves.

Lucifer is more mysterious, more enigmatic, so at first, I didn’t know if I’d like him or not, but the more I read about him, the more I started to like him, until, like Matt, I completely melted for him. He’s more than an assassin. He’s more than a Dom. He’s just a man with a broken past and traumatic secret, too. I really liked him.

The book is written from Matt’s POV; we follow him on his journey with Lucifer. It wasn’t too long or too boring, it was just right, well written, and interesting.

I would love to read more about Matt and Lucifer.

4 stars

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Four by Tia Fielding

AUTHOR: Tia Fielding
SERIES: Love by Numbers, Book 2
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: July 23, 2019


A Love by Numbers Story
When unlikely attraction blossoms between a twentysomething genderqueer tattoo artist and an older, small-town veterinarian, both are forced to face their pasts for a chance at a loving future.
Four years ago Padraig Donovan lost his husband, the only man he’d ever been with. Now his life consists of the work he loves, a big empty house, and the possibility of a lonely future.
Kaos’s experiments with makeup landed him in the hospital at the hands of his disapproving ex. With nowhere else to turn, he flees to Acker, Wisconsin… and runs into a sexy widower and the kindest man he’s ever met.
Padraig and Kaos know there’s something worth exploring between them, and as they raise a puppy and deal with the ups and downs of their respective jobs, they fit into each other’s lives in ways they never expected. Being with Kaos—who is so different than the guys he’s always been attracted to—opens up an exciting new world for Padraig. But can he convince Kaos to trust another man with his body… let alone his heart?

our is the second book in the Love by Numbers series by Tia Fielding. I haven’t read the first book in the series, Ten. The stories seem to take place in the same town, and each book is about a different couple. I love series that are like this cause I get to see cameos from the characters from the previous books. So I missed out on knowing what had happened between Makai and Emil and so the parts where Emil gets triggered by something that Kaos accidentally does just makes me want to go back and read there book so that I can appease my curiosity. They were great secondary customers in this book and great friends to Kaos. This is the second book that I have read and reviewed of Tia Fielding’s. I loved Four just as much as I loved Like Breathing. I like the author’s style of writing and attention to details, but I also liked that I felt like I was in the book and living each of her characters’ lives with them, sharing their happiness, joy, hurts, sorrow, loneliness and at times jealousy.

I loved Padraig “Doc” Donovan. He had lost his husband of twenty-five years four years ago and is still mourning his loss. He and his husband had grown up during the AIDS epidemic, met in college, knew they were meant to be, and got married. So Padraig has never been with anybody else but his husband. He fills his days with his small-town veterinarian practice. As is typical of small-town life, everybody knows when somebody new comes to town. But when Padraig sees the new guy, Kaos, with Makai and Emil, he doesn’t expect to be so fascinated and attracted to him. I was really moved by how much he missed his husband and also his heartache when he had to put down the bunny for a client. Nothing like bawling your eyes out when you’ve only made it to 9 percent of the book, luckily I only cried off and on until about the 30 percent mark. But loss is one of my personal triggers, so unless it is one of yours, it probably won’t make you cry as much. I always love it when a book makes me cry. It lets me know how invested I am in the characters.

I also loved Kaos. He is a twentysomething, genderqueer tattoo artist. He’s just gotten out of an abusive relationship with his best friend’s brother. His ex couldn’t handle that he is nonbinary and that he would have days when he dressed more femme and would wear makeup. He is also a convicted felon and did four years in prison for dealing drugs when he was nineteen. In prison is where he meets his “brother,” Makai. So when he needs to move because of his abusive ex, Makai and Emil tell him to come and live with them until he can get back on his feet and so he does. But the place where Makai and Emil live is barely big enough for them, and their two cats and so Kaos feels awkward living there especially when he notices that Emil has some pretty big issues that Makai said it wasn’t his story to tell him. This is where it would have been helpful if I had read the first book. I would have known what had happened to Emil.

After accidentally triggering Emil, Kaos runs to the only other person he feels comfortable with, and that happens to be Padraig. Padraig who happens to live in a giant three bedroom, two bathroom house. Padraig invites Kaos to live with him, and then they end up adopting a puppy together. And from there their relationship and friendship blossoms. But it isn’t all sunshine and roses, especially when one of Padraig’s friends comes for a visit. They had been estranged ever since his husband’s death but had recently reconnected over the phone. I found Francis to be fascinating, and I hope that his book is going to be next.

Overall, a lovely story about two men that are trying to find their way in the world and manage to find each other.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: A Pocketful of Stardust by P Barnaby, Rowan Speedwell

TITLE: A Pocketful of Stardust
AUTHOR: JP Barnaby, Rowan Speedwell
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary, Ghost, Spirits
RELEASE DATE: Jul 30, 2019


Noah Hitchens loves the New York City life he worked hard to build. But when his father dies and leaves him a bankrupt bookstore in their sleepy Georgia hometown, Noah knows he has to save it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know anything about business. He finds unlikely help in Henry, the man who owned Stardust Books before his 1966 murder, and Kyle St. James, a shy but kind-hearted out-of-towner with a past almost as mysterious as Henry’s.
Kyle came to Aster, Georgia, looking for redemption. On the run and out of hope, he’s just trying to get on with his life. Then he meets Noah, a ghost, and a big sloppy lab named Jake who redefine his idea of living. But his past is closing in, and when it finds him, they could lose everything.

Noah is happy with his life in New York until a phone call from his hometown announced that his father had died, and he has to get his father succession and inheritance in order.
He left New York suddenly and went back home to bury his only parent. Soon he realizes that his father’s bookstore is almost at bankruptcy and Noah doesn’t know how to save it or if he wants to save it. Meeting Henry, the ghost, and Kyle his hot and shy neighbor might help him, but when the time comes, Noah will have to make a decision between the nostalgia of his childhood and the reality of his future.
A Pocketful of Stardust by JP Barnaby and Rowan Speedwell was my first book by both of the authors.

It was a sweet and beautiful story, with a rainbow of feelings. The book was told from Noah’s POV, and we follow him in his journey. We’re with him at each step, and we share his pain with him, along with tears, love, and happiness. I really appreciated how the authors had described all the emotions of the MCs well.

Noah and Kyle are made for each other. Noah is confident, but Kyle is stronger, he has a horrible and traumatic past that he struggles to deal with, until Noah helps him. I loved how they’re different but also how they’re similar. I loved Kyle. He touched me with his shyness, and his purity moved me. They are very sweet and adorable, two kind souls who met and recognized each other.

The authors transcribed very well, also, all the small town atmosphere, with a strong community ready to help and support each other. I loved it, in the crazy world where we live nowadays, we need that reminder that there’s still good people around us.
The writing was good, even if sometimes a little bit repetitive, I was still hooked in the story.

Even if it wasn’t all candies and rainbows, this book was sweet, beautiful and I really had a good time with them.
4 Stars for them

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

Review of: Digging Deep by Jay Hogan

TITLE: Digging Deep
AUTHOR: Jay Hogan
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: Aug 6, 2019


Drake Park has a complicated life. As a gay male midwife, he’s used to raising eyebrows. Add Crohn’s disease and things get interesting—or not, considering the sad state of his love life. Experience has taught Drake that most men are fair-weather sailors when it comes to handling his condition—gone for dust when things get rough. Staying healthy is a full-time job without adding in any heartbreak, so a little loneliness is a small price to pay. If he says it often enough he might even believe it. One thing for sure, the cop who arrested him isn’t about to change that.
Caleb Ashton does not have a complicated life. A senior detective with the Whangarei Police Department, he likes his job and is good at it. He works hard and plays hard, happy to enjoy as many men as he can while he’s still young enough—or at least he was. These days he feels adrift for the first time in his life, and the only thing sparking his interest—a certain prickly young midwife.
But can Drake find enough faith to risk opening his heart again? And does Caleb have what it takes to cope with the challenges Drake’s condition presents?

Drake Park is a young gay midwife who lives with Crohn’s – a chronic disease. His life is dictated by his disease, every simple thing like eating out, going to the theatre or traveling needs to be carefully prepared. Drake is single, his last relationship was a disaster at the end, and Drake is determined to never have to live that again – until Caleb.
Caleb is a hot gay cop, a bachelor who jumps from bed to bed without doing any repeats and running away from everything that might look like it’s a relationship. Everything was fine like that until he meets a sparky, bossy, hot midwife who gives him a run for his money.
Caleb doesn’t know if he can be in a serious relationship without messing it up, and Drake refuses to have a repeat of his last relationship. What are the odds that these two men succeed together?

Digging Deep by Jay Hogan is my first book by this author, and I liked it.
I loved the plot about a chronic disease, especially Crohn’s. I have friends who suffer from it, and I was glad to read a romance where one of the MCs has it. The author did her work well, and I appreciated that she took the time to research about it. Every disease is different from one person to another, but she sums the main aspects of it pretty well, and I liked it.

I loved the MCs. Drake is funny, sparky, and bossy. He refuses to appear vulnerable in front of everyone, especially Caleb. He pushes him away a lot from fear of the rejection when he will have a bad Crohn’s flare. He appears mean sometimes, and I found him pretty rude with Caleb, but I understand him and his reasons. Besides, when he realizes his mistakes, Drake works hard to make it up to Caleb, and I really love it.

Caleb is funny, sincere, and honest from the start with Drake. He admits knowing nothing about the relationship thing, and he admits not knowing anything about Crohn’s disease. But he refuses to let Drake judge him or assuming the worst about him. He fights hard for Drake, and for them. He wants a real chance to prove to Drake who he really is. I loved Caleb and his weird sense of humor.

The plot and the story were good, but there was too much repetition. All throughout the book, we read Drake pushing away Caleb, and Caleb doubting himself about their relationship. It was necessary at first when they started to date, but at some point, it was too much, and I had the feeling of turning in a circle with the same issues each time. It’s the only thing that bothered me during my read, and I admit I had to skip some passages from time to time.

Excepting this point, I really loved the story. The MCs, including the secondary ones, especially the awesome and wonderful Carmen/Daniel. I secretly hope to read a book about them and also about Aaron, Drake’s BFF.
Even if everything wasn’t perfect, it was a good book that I enjoyed.

4 Stars for them.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis