Review: “Damien” by Catherine Lievens

TITLE: Damien
AUTHOR: Catherine Lievens
SERIES: Council Enforcers
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
COVER ARTIST: Valerie Tibbs
GENRE: Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: June 23, 2017
PRICE: $4.99 -e-book


Sometimes you have to admit you were wrong to get the happiness that’s right in front of you.

Damien is an enforcer, and he loves his job. He loves helping people who don’t have anyone else on their side, and he loves his team like a family. There’s something missing in his life, though, and he knows what it is. A lot of his friends are finding their mates, yet he’s still single.

Jake is back in Gillham, hoping to talk some sense into his father. Jake still thinks Sei is too young to be mated with an eighty-six-year-old bear shifter, but his dad doesn’t listen, no matter how many times Jake tries to tell him that.

When Damien and Jake meet, Damien’s age is a problem for Jake from the very beginning. There are only twenty years between them, which isn’t a lot for shifters, but Jake can’t see beyond it and beyond how fragile Damien looks. So he leaves.

Damien accepts a job as a bodyguard in the hope he’ll start forgetting Jake. They’re in the same city, though, and when Jake tentatively reaches out to him, Damien will have to choose whether he wants to give his mate a second chance or not. To complicate things, someone is after Hudson, the man Damien is protecting and who also is a friend of Jake’s family.

Will Damien give Jake another chance? Or will something happen to separate them before they can get over their problems?

Damien’s the seventh book in the Council Enforcers series by Catherine Lievens. I enjoyed this addition to the series. I am always wonderfully surprised at how much detail and depth of character the author manages to get into her novellas. She also does a great job of reminding us about who all of the characters are and the relationships that they have and how they relate to the main characters of the story.

I also enjoy that she uses the main characters name for the title of her books. Since there’s mention of Jake’s father, Donovan, and his mate, Sei, I know it will be easy to see if they have their own story. I found their age difference intriguing and can’t wait to read their story.

This story’s about bear shifter Jake, and ocelot shifter, Damien. Jake’s a marketing consultant who works and lives in DC. Damien’s a council enforcer and lives in Gillham. Jake, being a bear shifter, is tall and muscular. He’s also very stubborn and childish when it comes to the age difference between his father and his father’s new mate. And yeah, I can see how that would be uncomfortable for forty-two-year-old Jake when his eighty-five-year-old dad mates a twenty-nine-year-old. His biggest fear’s that with the age difference that they won’t have anything in common and with Sei’s young age that he will regret mating his father and leave him.

What he doesn’t understand is the mate bond and how strong it is until he finds his own mate while visiting his dad in Gillham and panics and runs back to DC. But neither the mate bond nor his bear side will allow him to stay away for long. And he finally understands how unfair he has been to his father about his mate. When he finds out that his mate is in DC for a job, he knows that he needs to try to fix what he did. But will his new found insight be enough to get his mate to give him another chance?

Damien’s worked hard to be a council enforcer. He doesn’t look like an enforcer. He’s small and delicately built, and he uses that to his advantage. He loves his job, though, and can’t imagine doing anything else. He loves helping people and his fellow co-workers and friends. But most of his co-workers have found their mates, and he can’t wait to find his. He isn’t into casual hookups, and he’s lonely and a little jealous of his friend’s happiness. His friend Lee wants to go out and they end up at a steak house and run into another co-worker and friend Donovan and his son, Jake. They join them for dinner and Damien realizes that Jake’s his mate.

Damien’s excited to find his mate until Jake manages to offend him and tells him that he couldn’t possibly be an enforcer because of the way he looks. Jake also can’t get over the age difference between them which compared to his father’s age gap is nothing. It’s only a measly twenty years which between shifters is nothing. And Damien’s devastated when he finds out from his friends that Jake supposedly had an emergency at work and left the next day to go back home. His friends have the perfect protection detail job for him that just happens to be in DC and involves pretending to be the fake boyfriend to Hudson who is best friends with Jake’s father and has known Jake his whole life. If this job has the added bonus of making his mate jealous, Damien is okay with it.

Damien will just have to decide if he’s willing to give Jake a second chance.

I enjoyed getting to see Jake stop acting like a child and start acting like an adult and putting somebody else before himself. I can’t wait to wait to read Donovan and Sei’s story, and I look forward to the next book in the series.

**** The ARC was provided by eXtasy Books. My review is an honest opinion of the book ****


Review: “Tea or Consequences” by KC Burn

TITLE: Tea or Consequences
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Brooke Albrecht
GENRE: Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 210 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 22, 2017
PRICE: $6.99 – e-book/ $14.99 – paperback


Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek… sleuth?

Maybe Riley isn’t living up to his full potential, but being a temp executive assistant suits him. He’s never bored at work, he’s got friends who let him geek out, and he’s got a carefully crafted twink exterior… which might be getting constrictive now that he’s on the other side of thirty. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s comfortable.

It all unravels when he takes a job working for a tea-obsessed cosmetics queen, the owner of Gautier Cosmetics. During the launch party for a new product, Riley finds his boss dead under suspicious circumstances, and the homicide detective is none other than Tadeo Martin, Riley’s high school obsession who never knew he was alive.

Tad drafts Riley to get the scoop on the inner workings of Gautier, and for Riley, it’s like a drug. His natural inquisitiveness is rewarded with more and more Tad. Unfortunately, his snooping puts him in the running for two other roles: suspect and victim. The killer doesn’t care which.

Riley Parker works as a temp for Gabrielle Gautier, owner of Gautier Cosmetics. Being a temp suits Riley just fine, he gets to move on to somewhere new whenever his contract finishes, so he never gets bored or frustrated with being in the same place or working with the same people, and it also pays well. But deep-down Riley is a geek at heart, he’s always been this way since high school, and loves nothing more than joining his friends for gaming days/nights. Riley may still be the same inside since high school, but on the outside, he’s made some big changes. He’s changed his style, dyed his hair blonde and wears blue contact lenses to change his eye colour, but his love-life is still practically non-existent. In the few weeks that he’s been with the company, Riley has become close to the receptionist, Alisha, and they have formed a good working relationship and friendship. And although some people find Gabrielle hard to work with, Riley really enjoys being her assistant, she’s even got him interested in her favourite drink, Tea. Gabrielle’s children, François and Floriana, are VP’s of the company and like to make clear their distaste for most of the staff, especially Riley, and some of their mother’s plans and ideas.

Riley’s parents died when he was twelve, so his older brother Jonathan raised him, but they don’t have much in common due to their age difference, and they’ve never been very close. That distance has increased over the last few years because of Jonathan’s wife, who Riley doesn’t get along with. So apart from his friends, Riley is pretty much alone in the world, but he’s okay with that.

When Riley discovers Gabrielle’s dead body in her office on the night of a launch party, he’s overcome with shock and grief, but when the police arrive to investigate, Riley is even more surprised to find that the detective assigned to the case is none other than his high school crush, Tad. In school, Riley was often picked on by Tad’s friends for being a geek, and also out and proud, but it didn’t stop him fantasising about the things he wanted Tad to do to him, even though he knew there was no way it would ever happen. Riley couldn’t be more glad that his appearance has changed since school, that way Tad won’t remember him, and he can pretend he doesn’t recognise Tad either, even though just seeing him has made all his forgotten desires and fantasies come rushing back.

Due to the investigation forcing Riley and Tad to work together to find out what happened to Gabrielle, Riley begins to crave attention, contact, and time with Tad. He thinks that if he can snoop around and try and find some clues as to what killed Gabrielle, then he has an excuse to meet up with Tad to pass on the information, without it looking like it’s because he’s attracted to him. Only, Riley didn’t plan for the fact that Tad would be the one who made excuses for them to spend time together, and in that time together, Tad seemed like he was interested in Riley’s life, not just the investigation. When their relationship makes the change from witness and detective to friends and lovers, Riley and Tad need to do what it takes to keep their liaisons secret from everyone around them, while trying to find out what caused Gabrielle’s death. But keeping feelings and relationships hidden is easier said than done when Riley gets caught up in the crossfire.

I loved this book, the story was really enjoyable and interesting and had me completely hooked. I was really impressed with how the story spun and who the killer turned out to be because I was thinking it was going to be someone completely different. The author has done a fantastic job putting this storyline together and writing realistic and believable characters. I really don’t think there’s a negative thing I can say about it.

If you want a book that will captivate you and have you thinking the whole way through, then this book is right up your street, it’s a perfect little whodunnit.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “His Cousin’s Best Friend” by Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus

TITLE: His Cousin’s Best Friend
AUTHOR: Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus
SERIES: Pack Rules
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
COVER ARTIST: Angela Waters
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 77 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 30, 2017
PRICE: $ 4.99 -e-book


Gabriel isn’t trying to constantly screw up in the Glenwood Springs pack, but it seems like no matter what he does, everything turns out to be his fault. When he lies to his alpha in order to go into town and hook up with a human, things go from bad to worse. Harlow has had enough and sends him off to a nearby pack to join their ranks. He has a cousin there, so he’s not completely alone, but being rejected by two packs in less than six months is a hard blow to his over-inflated ego.

Chris has heard a lot about Gabriel before he even gets to the pack, and none of it is good. While Chris is determined to be respectful because his best friend is Gabriel’s cousin, that’s as far as he’s willing to go, and his patience is quickly wearing thin with each of Gabriel’s crass comments. When Chris has enough and hits his breaking point, it could ruin Gabriel’s chances of ever finding his place in a pack, or it could end up being the push Gabriel needs to learn how to belong. Regardless of what happens, Gabriel’s life is going to change.

His Cousin’s Best Friend is the third book in the Pack Rules series by Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus. I have read the other two books in the series, and I really enjoyed the second book. I thought the first book was kind of rushed and needed to be longer. I also feel that His Cousin’s Best Friend could have benefited from being longer. The first part of the book glossed over the issues that Gabriel has been having in the Glenwood Springs pack. I would have liked more details about what had happened between Gabriel and his cousin and if it ever got resolved. I’m hoping that I like the fourth book in the series more, just like I did with the second book in the series. I can’t wait to see who the next book’s going to be about.

We were first introduced to Gabriel in the first book as the son of Peter, the Alpha of the Frisco pack. He’s a city wolf addicted to his phone and the internet. His father sent him to live with the Woodlands Pack, which later gets changed to the Glenwood Springs pack, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to put him more in touch with being a country wolf versus the city wolf he is.
We see glimpses of Gabriel in the second book but he isn’t really adjusting very well to being in the new pack, and that, unfortunately, is actually part of the pack’s fault for not wanting to reveal what had happened to the boys in the pack that had been under the old alpha Silvio. Gabriel didn’t understand why all of the other young unmated wolves didn’t want to have anything to do with him or his sexual advances. He just figured they were frigid and it left him feeling frustrated, and he kept getting into trouble because of his unwanted advances. And also because he has a smart mouth. At the end of the second book, he’s on probation with his pack, and Miles, the pack’s omega, is worried about him not fitting in, and he wants to help him.

In the third book, Gabriel’s been sating his unfulfilled lust with humans when he goes to town. He’s been lying to his alpha and telling him that he’s going to the library, but he’s really going to the bar down the street for hookups. However, he ends up getting caught by Miles, who went with him to get more books. Come to find out that having sex with humans is a big no-no and that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He’s sent to live with his Cousin Amanda’s pack. Unfortunately, his cousin hates him and rightly so since he did sleep with her boyfriend when he was in his original pack.

Chris is Amanda’s best friend and also the pack’s omega, but he isn’t your typical shy subservient omega. He has a backbone and is very protective of his pack. And he’s heard all about Gabriel from Amanda and doesn’t want him to be part of his pack and potentially put his pack in danger. A misunderstanding leads to a bad first impression between Chris and Gabriel. They have instant chemistry, but Chris is looking for a mate and Gabriel’s looking for fun.

Can Chris convince Gabriel of the benefits of having a mate or will Gabriel continue to search for fun?

**** The ARC was provided by eXtasy Books. My review is an honest opinion of the book ****


Review: “Resistance” by April Kelley

TITLE: Resistance
AUTHOR: April Kelley
SERIES: Roguefalls
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
COVER ARTIST: Erin Dameron Hill
GENRE: Erotica; Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: June 30, 2017
PRICE: $3.99 –e-book


Christian has never had a serious relationship in his life. He doesn’t plan to start with an alpha wolf shifter who thinks he can dictate what Christian is and isn’t going to do. Ward Malone might trigger every warning bell Christian has, but he also triggers every sexual fantasy. Christian wouldn’t mind giving in to Ward if fun was all he wanted. Unfortunately, Ward is an all-or-nothing kind of guy.

Christian Martin is a human military man. He lives on Roguefalls Island, an island full of shifters, and he’s a member of team five with his best friend, Dylan.
Ward Malone is an Alpha wolf shifter. When he decides to visit his baby brother Rudy, mated with a human military man, he wasn’t expecting to meet his own mate. Christian Martin, is a beautiful, stubborn man, and also very human.
Ok, people, I have a confession. I love shifter books (yes ok, you already know that) but I also love military’s books (ha ha, you didn’t know that). So a book with shifters AND military, and your Ivy is just happy.

I love this book, it was short yes, but it was good.
Christian is hot, strong, loyal, but he has one rule, No Relationships. So when he meets Ward, and, Ward, as alpha he is, tries to boss him around, Christian refuses it, and fights it with everything he has.
Ward is lost with Tristan, he’s used to being in charge, being the Alpha, it’s genetic for him, so when the little human pushes him, he doesn’t know what to do.

It was funny to read how they argue together, how Christian, even if he tries to deny it, is still attracted to Ward.

It was a good story, like I said earlier, it was short, so the author doesn’t develop too much, but the story was coherent. The fact that the feelings are strong from the start between them, was also coherent, it’s the bond thing between them. The author chooses deliberately to write a short story about shifters, so even if I love when we have times to understand the characters their past and all, here it wasn’t a problem for me, it was just the kind of book I needed at this time, and it was perfect for me.
And of course, I will follow the entire series, and I hope that each character of team five (and there’s a hint here for you dear author) will have their own story

3 OptimuMM for the Alpha and his human.

***The ARC was provided by eXtasy Books. My review is an honest opinion of the book***


Review: “Voyeur Vol I” by Louisa Mae

TITLE: Voyeur Vol I
AUTHOR: Louisa Mae
SERIES: Voyeur
COVER ARTIST: JC Clarke – The Graphics Shed
GENRE: Erotica
LENGTH: 55 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2016
PRICE: $0.99 e-book


Step into the mysterious world of Voyeur. A place where your deepest desires play out before your eyes. All you have to do is watch.

Brett Masters lives a double life. He’s a devoted son who put his university studies on hold, returning home to help care for his ailing father, but moving home means moving back into the closet. Unable to be open about his sexuality, a chance encounter offers him an outlet for his sexual frustration and seduces him into an entirely new world — a dark one full of temptation and exclusivity.

Brett finds himself drawn to the mysterious V Lounge and its intriguing patrons. A club where he can indulge his needs and desires, while most importantly, remaining anonymous. Inside Brett discovers a sanctuary from his normal, boring life.

Will Brett be satisfied remaining on the outside looking in, or will he one day want more?
A new short story series from Louisa Mae. Join the men of The V Lounge on a journey of exploration and discovery as we travel deep inside their hidden world.

HOT- That’s this book. This is a hot short read by this author who opens up a whole new world. I mean, I have read about clubs and things before. But, this is focused on voyeurism, which I haven’t read a lot of. I think we all have some of this in us, some more than others. but intriguing nonetheless.

Brett has been away at college and living a life away from the family that doesn’t know that he’s gay. Due to his father’s illness, he must move back home. This saddens me because no one should have to hide who they are but that’s not the reality many live with. He is nervous to be found out about who is and is scared to visit the local gay club, but he finally gives and goes.

Stephen is Brett’s best friend since they were both young and they run into each other one night. Stephen is hurt that Brett hasn’t stayed in contact with him and Brett couldn’t keep contact out of fear. Brett agrees to hang out one night with Stephen but is annoyed how him and his friends treat women, and then he watches as Stephen takes one home.

There is a scene where Brett is stuck in a bathroom stall and from that moment on, his life is changed forever. He meets Joe in the most awkward of predicaments and is handed a card that changes his future. It is for the club Voyeur.

Now, I don’t want to give any more away, but this club will have you panting and wanting more. I really wanted there to be more to the book, but guess what? There are more books. I can’t wait for the next installment.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book***