Review: “Made to Measure” by Viva Gold

TITLE: Made to Measure
AUTHOR: Viva Gold
SERIES: Under the Uniform
PUBLISHER: Aubergine Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary Romance; MMM; BDSM;
LENGTH: 84 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 24, 2018
PRICE: $0.99 – e-book


Me, Viva Gold, plus Megs Pritchard, JJ Harper, T.a. McKay, L.J. Harris, Ann Grech, Lou Watton and Brad Tanner have collaborated to write under the banner ‘Aubergine Publishing’. We decided to create a series of MM stories around the theme of UNIFORMS. We have called it Under the Uniform.
It’s a loose theme – but the main ingredients are sexy men who love men!
Made to Measure takes the idea of uniforms being used to boost the profile of the London Metropolitan Police. A special ops squad have been chosen to become insta-fame celebs in order to make the Met seem more ‘with it’ and to dispel negative opinion.
The main character who tells the story from his perspective, is Sergeant Rob Ross. He’s a big man but a natural submissive. One of his team; the rookie, Liam Ryan, is built like an oak tree and also happens to be a Dom. Another man features – his name is Sanjay and he isn’t with the police but seems to fit right in the middle of the other two!
This novella, is the story of how they met and what occurs afterwards… it’s short, sharp, sweet and sexy!
If you have read my books, Izzy’s Boy and Good Lord, this novella will hold special treats for you…

Viva Gold, Megs Pritchard, JJ Harper, T.a. McKay, L.J. Harris, Ann Grech, Lou Watton, and Brad Tanner have collaborated to write under the banner Aubergine Publishing. They decided to create a series of MM stories around the theme of UNIFORMS. They have called it Under the Uniform. I had the pleasure of reading Made to Measure by Viva Gold, but I can’t wait to read the other books in the Under the Uniform series. The book is a standalone, but there are cameos from the characters in her previous books, Izzy Boy and Good Lord. You don’t have to have read Izzy Boy or Good Lord to enjoy Made to Measure, but it will only enhance the reading experience. The book’s well written and the characters are vivid, and so is the storyline. The book is on the short side at only 84 pages, but for those 84 pages, I was locked to that book and transported into the lives of Viva Gold’s characters. Oh and do her characters get to have so much fun. This book has men in yummy form-fitting uniforms. There’s a sergeant looking for a Dom, a police rookie looking for a sub, a meddling host, and an Indian butler that brings them all together.

The story is told through Sergeant Rob Ross’ POV. Rob’s the boss of a special ops squad in the London Metropolitan Police department. The Met’s been having a problem with negative opinions, and to seem more with it, they’ve decided to update the uniforms of the special ops squad. The team’s invited to Greenall Manor, which is the home of Jason and Angel from Good Lord, and Remi, from Izzy Boy, is currently visiting while Izzy’s away, for a three-week intensive residential course to get fit for their new kits. While they are there, they’re under the care of Greenall Manor’s Indian butler, Sanjay, who just so happens to be single.

Rob’s a born leader with the heart of a natural submissive. He’s a big muscular man, who’s attracted to ginger-haired men bigger than he is who are in the Dom/sub lifestyle. So he finds himself powerfully attracted to his new rookie officer, Liam Ryan. Liam oozes alpha dominance even if he is the lowest man on the totem pole. Being Liam’s boss though puts a monkey wrench in him being able to pursue that attraction, much to Rob and Liam’s frustration. And since Rob can’t relieve his frustrated desires with Liam, he turns to Sanjay instead who’s equally attractive but in a different way.

Liam Ryan had just relocated to the special ops squad before they go for their new uniforms. He’s a Dom who has been training under Izzy and so he knows Jason, Angel, and Remi already from the lifestyle. He asks for advice on what to do about his attraction to his boss and how to get Rob to give them a chance even though they work together. In the meantime, he also ends up fooling around with Sanjay.

Sanjay’s been the long-time butler for the Greenall Manor. He loves his job, but he’s lonely and seeing how happy his master is, makes him long for a loving relationship of his own. So with a little encouragement from his boss, he seduces both Rob and Liam separately and then later helps bring Rob and Liam together to make a threesome relationship. And oh do they have some sexy times. The way the author describes Sanjay having his turban removed to reveal his long beautiful hair was beyond sexy, especially when you know that the only people that know what his hair looks like at all are the people that he sleeps with.

Overall a very entertaining short story that I would recommend reading if you liked reading Izzy’s Boy and Good Lord. I can’t wait to read the other books in the Under the Uniform series.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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