Review of: Keeping Them Unseen by Michele Notaro

TITLE: Keeping Them Unseen
AUTHOR: Michele Notaro
SERIES: Reclaiming Hope
GENRE: Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: Feb 12, 2019


I used to think vampires were extinct, but it turns out, they’re merely hiding. When my pack stayed with some vamps a while back, I couldn’t believe how prickly and rude they all were… all but one: Dregan. I met him and my wolf went crazy, wanting to be close, wanting to rub up on him, wanting to bite him. It makes no sense. Vampire blood and shifter blood don’t mix. In fact, I’d never survive if I ever get a taste of what I so desperately desire. But I can’t get that vampire out of my head, even weeks and months after we left him.

When a little wolf caught my attention, I was surprised but intrigued. The more time he spent in my den, the more I wanted him to stay close. This little innocent wolf was driving me mad, making me want a little taste. But there’s a reason my den has been hiding for hundreds of years, and no matter how badly I crave that little wolf, I can’t have him. I couldn’t risk him getting hurt just to satisfy my needs, so I let him go. Though, nothing I do will make me forget how good he smelled, how delicious I know his blood would taste.

With something cruel and dark hunting Dregan and with Chris’s pack hiding from an evil force, will they ever be able to come together and help one another? Or will they let the evils of the world overtake them and let fear overshadow their desires?

Dregan is a vampire, an Elder. He’s the oldest vampire in the world and suffered a life of pain and loss because of the Dark Witch until he meets a certain wolf. Christopher is a member of the Airlin pack. He’s quiet and overprotected by his pack mates. Until he meets a certain Vampire. When the Dark Witch tracks Christopher down in order to hurt Dregan, the pack will be separated from them, and Christopher and Dregan will start a journey together to find Chris’pack and maybe themselves in the process.

Keeping them Unseen by Michele Notaro is book 3 of the Reclaiming Hope series. I adored this book, just like I adored the two previous.

Dregan is an Elder vampire, he’s the oldest among his kind. He seems to be cold and standoffish except when he’s with Christopher. The young wolf brings out the best side of Dregan, one that no one knows except maybe his fledgling Jael. I completely melted for Dregan, he lived a life full of pain, suffering and loss. He broke my heart. I loved how, despite all his pain and sorrow, he still has hope for the future. His meeting and relationship with Christopher is what will save him really. I loved him.

Chris is quiet with a big heart. Because of what happens to him at the hands of the SOB of Gregory (“How we Survive”: Reclaiming Hope #1), his pack mates overprotect him. But when Chris meets Dregan, he will have to stand up against his pack and the other vampires. Christopher is one of my favorite members of the Airlin pack with Zeke and Felix (can’t wait to have their stories btw). He’s quiet and sensitive with a big heart. I adored how he is with Dregan. He’s sassy, fights back without hesitation and very protective of him. I was rooting for them since the beginning of their journey.

I really loved this book and this series. Michele Notaro is brilliant and talented. She created a complex world between the humans, vampires, shifters, spellcasters and the worst, the Dark Witch. Each book is about a couple in the main plot, but all the books are connected together with the war in the background and Felix’s quest about his curse. She brilliantly merged all of it together without getting confusing for the readers. The characters are fabulous, well developed and complex. They are humans even if they are supernatural.
This series is, in my opinion, one the best paranormal series in this genre. A series that we should have in our PAL if we’re fan of this genre. I gladly recommend this book and the whole series. You won’t regret it at all.

5 OptimuMM for the Vampire and his little wolf.

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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