Review of :  In Safe Keeping by Victoria Sue

TITLE: In Safe Keeping
AUTHOR: Victoria Sue
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Contemporary Romance
GENRE: Sept 3rd 2019


He can’t save everyone…
Firefighter Lucas Attiker is mired in guilt by his inability to save his young son, who perished in a fire three years ago. When he rescues a troubled young man and his baby daughter from a Colorado forest fire, Lucas finally begins to forgive himself. But the wildfire is only the beginning of the dangers facing them.
Hell-bent on saving his daughter from his crime boss ex, Owen Michaels is on the run with the baby in tow—fleeing both the killers who are after him and the US Marshals Service deputies assigned to protect him. When his desperate flight lands them in the midst of an inferno, the man who saves them offers hope for more than just survival.
They might have escaped a blazing forest and a hail of bullets, but both men will need to risk their lives—and their hearts—to give a little girl a loving family… if they can make it out alive.

Lucas Attiker is a firefighter living with the guilt of losing his son in an explosion. He’s lived in a sort-of-stasis for the last three years, between his job that he loves with passion, and his painful memory of his baby.
Owen is on the run with his 7-month-old daughter. His ex-boyfriend, a cruel mob boss, is ready to do everything to find Owen. Lucas saves Owen and his baby from a forest fire, but he doesn’t know that it marks the beginning of a clock running against the mafia and the US marshals that are compromised with a mole.
Lucas and Owen will have to survive together if they want to explore the spark that ignites each time they’re together.

In Safe Keeping by Victoria Sue is book 2 in her Heroes and Babies series. This book is a standalone. I really loved In Safe Hand (book 1 in the series), and I was happy and excited to read this new one.

Lucas is a firefighter; and he’s blinded by his pain and guilt about his family death. He wants to save everyone at any cost even with his life, but Owen and Mia brought back memories to Lucas, painful memories that Lucas doesn’t know how to deal with it. I loved Lucas. He broke my heart a million times. He was so hurt by his family’s death—by their loss and his pain—that he didn’t realize what was going on between him and Owen at first. I really loved him. How protective he was of Owen and Mia but in the meantime, how fragile he was facing his past and guilt.

Owen is lost and scared when he meets Lucas. He’s ready to do everything for Mia, at only 23 years-old, he embraces his fatherhood with all his heart and his life. He refuses to give up, but despite his traumatic past, he didn’t hesitate to help Lucas to find closure and peace. Owen is kind with a big heart and sassy mouth. He wasn’t just a victim in all the mess of his life, he was smart and always thinking of Mia’s safety.

They were a perfect match for each other. Lucas was the protector that Owen needed. Owen was the heart that Lucas was missing.

Victoria Sue gives us a beautiful and emotional book. The story and the plot were good, dynamic, funny, and full of feeling with a lot of actions. It was a straight-to-gay book, but realistic. I mean, Lucas realised that he was attracted to Owen when he thought he was straight all his life, and he didn’t jump in bed with him immediately. He didn’t suddenly deep throat him with success or go all the way with him. I loved that, I loved that the author makes her characters evolve slowly, step by step, admitting that he was bisexual and how to approach it carefully for both Lucas and Owen’s heart. It put a deeper connection between Lucas and Owen, more authentic. I loved it.

It was a good read, a very good book that I gladly recommend.

5 Stars for them.

***The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review is an honest opinion of the book ***

Review edited by : Laura McNellis

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